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  1. Why should I did this? He has to end his friendship. There is no need for another “close” woman in his life. Having female friends is OK but not like this.

    He’s more likely to dump you than to end the friendship with her at this point.

    Nothing you have stated points to romance. You also forget that she’s his bro’s ex.

  2. I'm not sure of her intentions.

    Uh, she wants your bf? Couldn't be more obvious about it if she tried. She's avoiding you because she knows she's out of pocket and doesn't want to get her ass handed to her by you in front of everyone.

  3. That conversation about him being in a different area should never happened in the first place. If he wants to be there, let him be there for a bit. You asked why and he gave you an answer and you should’ve left it at that. You kept pressing for a reason so now he gave you another reason that will get you to leave him be.

    Do some self reflection, maybe the reason he lies is to avoid all the back and forth from you.

  4. If you aren’t twins who dressed alike, there’s no excuse.

    It’s also bad form for him to get so smashed while you can’t. Imo.

  5. Honestly, part of being in a relationship is give and take. If he cannot do something as simple as listen when you speak, you cannot be happy with him. This is clearly important to you. Have you talked to him about this and how you feel? If so, how does he respond to that? If not, why are you posting here before having a conversation? I feel like there is some imperative information missing here that we need to know in order to be able to assist you.

  6. If he thought it was so ridiculous, then why was he willing to wait the three years without ever making it an issue?

    I'm guessing because you're clearly rich.

    You seem to be someone who seems to know very little about having healthy relationships, or a healthy relationship with your own sexuality. The problem is that you seem to not understand how your “personal choices” are some thing that will effectively destroy most romantic relationships. Like, it's totally fine if you don't want to have sex. But it's fucked up and cruel to make someone wait years with the eventual promise of sex, when it sounds like you are not sexually attracted to him and do not have much of a sex drive to speak of. You and this man are not compatible. And the very fact you don't understand just *how* important sex is to a successful marriage demonstrates again, your lack of understanding of how others view sex and their sexuality, as well as your incompatibility with what's probably a typical man who wants to have sex. You can learn a lot about people through sex. Sex is, or should be, an extension of a non-verbal expression of love, passion, and raw emotion. There's so much you can learn about someone without words and just through the expression that it's ironically naked to put into words.

    I'm absolutely not saying it's your fault, because it's not. But I'm going to guess your ex husband cheated on you because you seem to have a borderline asexual view of sex and sexuality. This means that the next marriage probably won't work either. I think you should put it on hold and get some therapy

  7. Religion is the most well-known reason but there are others. In this case (and it's not the only one I've seen) OP wants to trap the guy into a dead bedroom…. she promises him sex once married but she's not attracted to him ie she wants the security or resources of marriage, a provider for her child but not into him. Some women I know are “born again virgins” after meeting a lot of men who just want hookups. They believe this strategy will weed out the men who are only looking for sex, weed out men who lose interest after sex by being already married to them, or make themselves look more high value by not being easy.

  8. Fifa runs faster than a real football game does, you can set each half to take anywhere from 3 to 20 minute ones, or somewhere along those line. And trust me, the 20 minute ones are a slog with a ton of goals scored.

    If OP is like me and playing on 4 minute halves, he can get about 3 games in a day.

  9. Never, ever, buy major purchases like real-estate unless you are married.

    I'm in agreement with those who are telling you that giving your money to him would be a really stupid/foolish idea.

    I don't know what country you are in, but if you are in the US, not getting married is a really, REALLY stupid decision for a couple, because taxes are way higher, and you don't have legal rights to each others' welfare, and if something happens to one of you, you can't inherit without (again) a bunch of taxes.

    Don't fall into this trap, and if he presses, I would question if he's even mature enough to be with longterm in the first place.

  10. I also enjoy us just doing our own things while on a call. He feels closer to me💕 But sometimes..when we start talking. Enjoy it. I just need help (what i posted here)

  11. We say that because noone wants to be in a relationship where your partner is not attracted to you. Like how would you feel if your gf told you she doesn't find you naked? Wouldn't it hurt?

    Plus you can't really deal with no attraction, you're either turned on or not. You can't change someone else's mindset either. So what's left is….leaving. Not because of you, but because she deserves to be loved in whatever shape, just as how you'd deserve to be loved even if something happened and altered your looks forever.

    What if she loses weight but gets pregnant? Will that turn you off again? What if a car accident happened…? Would you be okay with no sexual attraction for the rest of your lives? would she? Think of these.

  12. Hey you need to show your husband that message and how it makes you feel and how it threatens your marriage. If I were your husband, I would NOT appreciate a friend I was venting to turning around and contacting my SO directly and butting into my relationship. That’s not what venting friends are for! Venting friends are supposed to be discreet and whatever you tell them is supposed to be confidential. That’s the venting code. Your husband’s friend is way out of line.

  13. You found out she was poly, she claimed to only want you but it’s obvious her actions are dictating otherwise with all these crushes and the flirting with her new friend. Your relationship cannot work, there’s no reconciling it or compromising it.

  14. I have a vagina and a student surgeon butchered it as he botched the routine episiotomy performed as I was giving birth to my son. (Nowadays episiotomy is no longer routine thank goodness). I needed almost as many stiches as for a caesarean.

    The scar was also the fragile point where I tore while giving birth to my daughter.

    For years, I could feel nothing there.

    So I reckon your BF's constant scarring would not help with sensitivity in the long run.

    He's probably embarrassed, you could perhaps talk about seeing an urologist, promise to go with him or whatever, to get real medical advice based on his condition. Google is great, it's fantastic that you managed to find a cause and a solution but you do need to consult a specialist because everyone is different.

  15. Stop dragging it out looking for more excuses to leave. You want to leave, that's enough reason. Also it's cruel to continue letting him go on thinking yall are happy and staying together. Call it off for both your sakes.

  16. Thanks the tip!!! It just feels so good to even be tricked this way sadly lmao.

    I mean my ex treated me bad but others good


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