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38 thoughts on “Try_Not_Cumlive sex stripping with LIVE Cams

  1. You could try this approach.

    Don't try to fix it in the moment.

    These pits are like a storm that will pass. Just keep him company through it. Throw on a cute movie, cuddle, grab some snacks, give him warmth. I

    Its a really comforting feeling to be reminded that this is my partner who is always here for me, even during cold storms. That reminder of I am your shelter will keep him warm.

    You might have find some production if you addressed these things once the storm passes and skies are clear.

  2. LMAO how bout you grow up? Fear is fear and age is irrelevant. You don’t know if someone has traumas so before you judge others why don’t you try being a lil kinder? Good for you that you aren’t scared of the dark, want some applause? 👏🏻

  3. That's not your problem. If it's so nude to get housing there, there must be tons of people looking for a roommate.

    By moving in with him, and still paying rent where you are, you're burdening yourself financially to benefit him. Don't.

  4. Depends on the guy, some guys like to be told how great they’re how big haha sometimes it’s nice to just hear her moan and make her own noises. That’s what I like. Some guys like dirty talk. But it sounds like he is needing something more to climax. I could be wrong but after 3 years this is just starting it’s either he needs something to help his climax or someone told him to try it

  5. Except he has gone on multi day trips one on one with another girl who was his friend. Op did not feel any jealousy/anger at that. Only trusted him. He can't seem to show her that same trust.

  6. That means she either thought it was fine to talk like that with someone in a relationship, which is a huge redflag because obviously thats not a boundarie (for her either) or she is lying, which is also a huge redflag.

    There you go. Stay away from her romantically or learn a lesson of a lifetime.

  7. Dudes planning on lying the whole rest of his life… He's not ready to get married, they need some secular premarital counciling.

  8. Thank you. People on the internet can be cruel, and I posted here knowing that. I did get some good ideas for how to go about all of this though. And then I think I'll just get some cats and choose to be alone.

  9. I’ve never seen a separate room for ladies to get ready in. The most I’ve seen is a room for the refs to get ready in.

  10. You have a trauma bond from your abusive relationship and the only way to break it is to erase this person from your life. Yes, just like this. This is the only way. By staying in contact with him, you’re only erasing the progress you’ve done so far after your breakup. Cut him out! By still talking to him you’re proving his new victim you’re an unstable and obsessive ex, just the way he portrayed you to her.

  11. Does he even want to listen to your conversations on speaker phone? Or are you just assuming he does? Personally that would drive me nuts and there's no way I'm having a phone conversation on speaker so my SO can feel included. Sorry but I don't see your side on this at all. I actually think your perspective is strange.

  12. Yeah, you need to talk about this. To her this is a 'mistake' that she lied about, buried as best she could. To you this is fresh information, and it needs to be processed and worked through.

  13. Ziplock bags come in very many sizes, some are quite small. Also if she's owned more than 1 ex-pet it's sensible to label the bags.

    You sound like you're trying nude to overdramatize the situation

  14. Nah he should not be guilt tripping you for not playing with his sexual fantasies. That's super not cool and that's not how you get comfortable enough to try new sexual things. Clearly since because of his actions you now have no want for it. You need to tell him that making you feel bad about it will make it so it never happens. And if you don't want to try anymore than that is IT. He's a complete jerk for what he's doing. All that being said when he gets his act right try butt plugs.

  15. This is some childish shit. So much he said she said, gossiping blah blah blah.

    It doesn’t matter who you believe. It doesn’t matter who is lying, who you want to support, etc etc. This is THEIR business, and they need to settle it. You continue to be friends with both of them, and if either of them has a problem with it then that’s their issue. A true friend wouldn’t drag you into their drama. If you get in the middle of this childish drama and try to solve it, you’ll likely end up losing both of them. Just continue being friends with them and when they gossip to you, tell them that you don’t want to hear it and you don’t want to get dragged into it.

  16. I asked her to stay with me while I collect a few paychecks. I would let her do that but I don't want her to be the only one contributing. I just think it's better to wait until I can do 50/50. TBH, I am a little afraid that if I let her go, she'll dump me.

  17. Dad should walk OP down the aisle. Everyone knows why. He left & didn’t say goodbye. Bio dad walked out & left the parenting to mom & the man who stepped up and became DAD.

    Roger never earned the honor of walking OP down the aisle. He threw it away.

    This is your wedding, OP… honor the people who loved, supported and cared about you for your entire life. Not simply when it was convenient.

    Grandma, nor anyone else on her/Roger’s side of family, have a say in how you plan your wedding. Don’t give in to what they think should happen. This is your day.

  18. Ummm. Why is she friends with homophobic people?

    Technically yes it is your fault they dumped her but I think they would have found another reason sooner or later…

  19. I don't want the alternative either. I have my own dream when it come building a life with someone that is compatible with me. He can't be changed and I do want him to remain who he is. Perhaps he will meet someone else, more compatible and love him for who he is. What would be the softest way to break up that he won't be hurt the most?

  20. but don't realize (or aren't willing to accept) that it's actually herpes.

    Every time a post comes up in THIS sub involving cold sores, the comments are full of people having to be told it's herpes, they didn't know they had it. It's wild.

  21. Good to hear this. My wife and I were wondering if maybe it went away because I don't have it and she disclosed having it when we started dating over 11 years ago.

  22. Don't apologize for your reaction please. Making three glasses of chocolate milk at night right before bed when you have a sleeping issue is just being inconsiderate. Especially when you got him the kind that doesn't make noise. Reminds me of more of a 16 year old than a 33 year old guy.

  23. Please don't. If my ex came and told me this .. It means nothing. What does she even gain? Insight maybe but that's a cold comfort.

  24. Sounds like you're the back up plan, if her husband never cheated on her do you really think she'd be knocking at your door?? She doesn't love you, she just wants to use you, don't let her, she is a walking red flag

  25. I didn’t read the whole thing but I caught this:

    “she disrespect[s] me continuously and when i tell her that what she do[es] affect[s] me, she just say[s] that i'm being stupid [and making a problem bigger than it needs to be]”

    “She said she hate[d] me”

    Right. So why are you still pining for someone that doesn’t respect you as a human being, who devalues your intelligence, who “hates” you? Respect yourself, and block her. You don’t need to see her again.


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