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  1. Found out I actually would rather be single.

    Then why not do that?

    You're sticking around in a reletionship that you're not fully committed to.

  2. This happened two weeks ago , and I feel like it will plus she won’t see him ever again and if she somehow did and did it again I’m losing my Shit.

  3. I was diagnosed ADHD as a kid but taking ADHD meds before leads me to believe it's not because I do feel jittery and things but I can focus. I'm 33 and my peers are older women with kids and all. My boss is around my age. I'm in an administrative role for a Airline company so there's definitely not a lot of room for error.

    I'm good at that though, I've had a data entry, compliance background and have worked critical roles handing sensitive information from medical to legal. As I've gotten older and my mental and physical health has declined its gotten harder to do what I'm good at but I know I can do it. I am losing their faith though I think. I don't want to think I have to go on disability or go to a dead end job because of my brain and body being fried.

    I've had a lot of trauma and have done drugs in the past and I think that's a lot of the issue. I maintain it every single day so I just want to figure out more how to cope with the awkward disappointment while I try my other coping strategies and maintaining my health.

  4. It’s just weird cause why say you miss me? Why ask to call, ignore my message, never call and then just unfollow me randomly lmaooo. I’m really angry I said something but I’m debating on sending an I’m done don’t talk to me text hahah I’m holding myself back.

  5. I’m pretty sure the drama will follow him. He seems both fragile and volatile, which is an absolutely disastrous combination.

  6. Forget this guy. Totally inappropriate move. Not against sex on the first date, if both parties are interested, but it sounds like he was expecting it, and you weren’t. Don’t waste your time, also I’d be worried he’d do it again on the second date.

  7. How long have you been dating?

    I air on the side of giving your partner all the privacy in the world. Maybe she also has texts from friends about gossip or something she'd rather keep private. Maybe old people are texting her and she is just replying with thumbs up's but is embarrassed.

  8. You should just tell her, but you are missing a lot of details. Do you have a job? Go on craigslist and start looking – can you really not afford a single room in a shared apartment?

  9. A courthouse marriage is the same as a registry office marriage and I've accompanied friends to both so I don't know why you think people have to do it alone. Then go out to dinner or have a get together at home with a small group to celebrate if you like. Easy peasy.

  10. But you yourself commented it could have been family or friends. So you see a hair, go straight to he could be lying or not checking in with me? Thats not good, probably best to let this one go. If you’re that suspicious, long distance probably won’t work for you.

  11. Sorry you’re going through this especially during holidays. At the end she decided to break up and the past is now in the past. You need to find hobbies go to the gym and hang out with friends family etc. And focus on yourself. Everyone is gone through what you went through and it’s never fun. Eventually you will find the one who will respect you and not take you for granted and making you sad by break ups. Good luck op

  12. Of course she is going to say she has no interest…stop being so naive and just end things and cut contact. Why the hell are you even considering being someone's back up plan?

  13. She's using you to get into the country. She will dump you once she got in. Sorry you're not a plan B, you're the means to her end only. Stop the application. Stop being used.

  14. The gentle thing is to let him know now so he has time to prepare. Leading him on as if you guys will be together and he can keep depending on you then drop a bomb on him is kinda fucked. Assuming he doesn’t react badly.

  15. Question: have you tried to Google him with the info you do actually have so far? First name? School he’s attended? City he lives in? Or anything else you know about him or that he’s mentioned?

  16. I was hoping someone could give me advice on how long was too long to wait for that information, or perhaps how to ease his anxieties after having had some bad shit done to him. Clearly no one is interested in being actually helpful, however. They're just spamming “gee, that's unusual, HE'S GOING TO MURDER YOU” as if I'm an idiot who hasn't considered and dismissed that possibility. He has nothing to gain from catfishing me, since I'm broke and we're not currently doing much sex stuff. I'll demand to learn his last name before I come to see him–which I will do sooner rather than later, we've agreed–so the jig will be up eventually. And if he has a criminal background he can't be a lawyer, so that's not a charade he could put up for very long.

  17. I think you need to address this with him.

    I’d be afraid he’s trying to turn you into his ex (telling you about the perfume + getting you branded clothes like the ones she was wearing). Be confident and let him know you’re not his ex, you’re an awesome individual and will not turn into a copy of that girl.

    I’m also advising you to talk to him about it because you never know, maybe he likes the perfume/clothes and was the one to gift them to his ex.

    In any case, you need to make sure he loves you because you’re you.

  18. Leave. This will never get better. No matter what you do, it won't be enough. The person you should hate is not the one looking back at you from the mirror.

  19. Leave. This will never get better. No matter what you do, it won't be enough. The person you should hate is not the one looking back at you from the mirror.

  20. I’m sorry. In any case, I would focus your energies on yourself and coming up with an exit plan rather than focusing your energy on her in any way. You can’t help her, she can only help herself

  21. I didn’t have my kid until I was 31, had a stable career, house, and car with no debt other than my mortgage. It was still super hard having a baby. It totally changes your life in ways you can’t even imagine. You no longer get to put yourself first. Most people don’t talk about all the difficult parts. Please don’t have a baby at 18 years old. I know you feel like an adult right now but let me tell you, you will both do a lot more growing mentally, emotionally, and even physically over the next 10 years. By 31 I was a completely different person than I was at 18 and I think that’s pretty common.

  22. You have nothing to apologize for. At this point I would tell her that she’s going to get her chance to sleep with someone else because her behavior is going to cause a divorce.

    Side note: I love the saying rubber lips on a woodpecker. Going to have to use that.

  23. I don't wanna travel or anything like that I've always wanted a kid I've always wanted to be a mom Even if I wasn't gonna be with him I'd be trying with someone else by now and I didn't say this in there we've already been together almost a year so I have waited and it's something I want and he's on board

  24. It depends on whether or not your BF is open to changing his views. Has he changed his views on major issues in the time you have known him? If you sit down and have a serious talk, is he open to hearing you out and considering another viewpoint.

    Part of the issue may be he does not know anyone who is trans. In the US, people who identify as transgender are about 0.6% of the population, though the proportion of people who identify as transgender will vary by factors such as age, geography, religion, and education.

  25. Yeah I did tell her that it felt like we’re roommates and that both my physical and emotional needs weren’t being met. Her reply was “wtf can I do”

  26. I’m afraid he’s just saying he doesn’t care simply bc he doesn’t believe it could have actually happened… does that make sense?


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