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26 thoughts on “_melodywaynelive sex stripping with Live HD

  1. Your “ friends” sound stupid. A lot of people if they met someone and is interested on taking it further and have no intention on talking to other people they delete the app

  2. If you know for sure your husband will go NC with them, I think he's a great man. You know he loves you and prioritizes you. He deserves to know.

    Just know he loves you so much. You're his rock as well.

  3. She's very sensitive, and has been very clear that I shouldn't be liking any girls' content

    ? This is like red flag inception, honestly. First off, nobody should be telling you not to like pictures from any girl. You have friends who are girls, and that's something that can continue in a relationship. Then she's holding a double standard by liking a guy's pictures (which honestly I have no problem with the fact that she's liking his pictures, tbh it's just the standards issue)

    they're just friends who occasionally see each other in the gym, and that's why she likes his photos

    I'd bring this up with her and say since you're friends with a girl and y'all occasionally hang out or see each other at work you should be able to like pictures of your friends as well.

    my GF liking photos of him with his top off

    I see where you went with this and honestly, I don't think you understand the real betrayal of the relationship so far. You are upset because she's liking pictures of him, when in reality you should be upset she's asking you to not like pictures on social media. Just because you haven't hit like on something doesn't mean you didn't see it. Also, it's socially acceptable for guys to be topless. If she was liking pictures of someone in underwear or something, or if the content is pretty clearly sexual, I would be upset about it. I would definitely be weirded out if my boyfriend was liking pics of a girl showing off cleavage or something. It's kinda a personal preference where your boundaries are, so make sure to state what's too far online.

  4. Maybe if you guys are still dating next Christmas then yes, jewelry would be a great gift but I think what you're getting for her is perfect

  5. I second this. Worst case scenario, be prepared that you may lose both of them.

    We all have regrets but I find life favors the honest and the bold.

  6. Welp your gf cheating on you will “enhance your relationship on many ways.” Just stick it out, you two are perfect for each other. ?

  7. It's definitely something you should consider getting therapy for, to help you unpick why you feel the need to be this way towards people. But you should definitely bite back on those comments you feel the desire to make them.

  8. Yeah been in therapy a long time. I think thats kind of the reason why i voice these things now cause previously id let them stew and because i never got the reassurance i needed because no ones a mind reader id get upset, or id just shutdown so this is my way of keeping dialog open so i dont do the very hot, cold, silent treatment, walking on eggshells shit.

    I think its happening alot right now cause we are in the beginning stages and my anxiety about meeting is high. I do assume il reduce once we see each other again, but i do have insecurities so ill will prob keep sharing them.

  9. What about her respecting your autonomy? Why doesn’t she trust you? I think you need to ask her, and indicate that whilst you do respect her, she doesn’t get to randomly dictate your social life. Perhaps you need to have a discussion about what each of you considers reasonable on a night out – because if you can’t agree on that then the relationship won’t last.

  10. And I feel so shitty, I want to cry and, if I didn't have some therapy-trained self-compassion, would like to stop existing.

  11. If you trust that you're honest with each other, how would a conversation go if he wanted to hang out with a female friend and he told you that she was just a platonic friend? Would you believe him? Would he believe you if you told him that your male friend was just a friend?

    “Azul, I do trust my partner. It's them other people I don't trust.”

    As long as you trust your partner, other people's intentions do not matter. Because your partner will keep boundaries in check one way or another.

  12. She constantly posts about this guy and the same issues, she had a similar post a few days ago. Not sure if it’s trolling, karma collecting or what but it’s consistent and she doesn’t want to listen to advice.

  13. Neither one of you are petty. Your dad is the AH, and I'm sorry but a punk. I would stay with your mom and see if she will take him back to court for full custody and make him pay her child support. Good luck

  14. You think it COULD be a unilateral decision?

    And you didn’t want to discuss it because you had made up your mind. That’s you absolutely wanting to fix things?

    Idk what type of a-hole you’re married to, but a little self reflection on your part probably won’t hurt.

  15. ? I've known him for years! Never touched though. He has been pursuing me for the past few months. He rides with a friend and stays in hotel a far drive from me and insists he wants to see me…sooo, why make me pay for it ?‍♀️

  16. Ugh just divorce already. You guys don't even like each other. There's nothing but contempt, and there's no coming back from that.

    As it is, your kids are already experiencing a broken home. They are not going to thrive if they grow up thinking this is what a good marriage is supposed to look like.

    Get a lawyer, and yes you may have some claim to the business assets but it depends on the laws of your jurisdiction. Agree to NOTHING until your attorney advises you to do so.

  17. I get that. Just let it play out and focus on your own things. I would've thought with sibling rivalry that there would be comparisons made of who likes who better and things like that.

  18. He wants to go, he wants to go with her but is too much of a coward to go about it properly. He wants to shift you to being the bad guy. He wants you hanging about to come back to if they still don’t manage to finally deal the deal. But you can guarantee that 5 weeks sleeping in the same room together it’s gonna happen – they certainly wouldn’t be long distance


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