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16 thoughts on “A N T O N I N A

  1. What a chickenshit. Confront her. You know damned well you believe the guy, you're just afraid of what will happen when you know for sure. You WANT to believe its not true so that you don't have to face the consequences associated with a cheating partner. But it'll eat you alive in the long run. You can forgive her and move forward, or decide the breach in trust is a deal-breaker, but avoiding what is clearly true (There is no motivation for him to lie, and the only reason he didn't tell in the first place is because he was dating someone who forbade it, obviously) will be cancerous to your relationship regardless.

  2. Divorce!!!!! There’s no such thing as an open marriage. Why the hell would you take all the horrible downsides of marriage and then date. Divorce and split up assets and if you agree to it, just date her again. So when she leaves you, it’s easy. No way in hell I’m staying married, it’s gonna bite your ass. I’d have an attorney tomorrow. If it was me, I’d leave. But if you’re considering it, tell her you’re getting a divorce first then you can discuss and open dating life moving forward.

    Btw – she’s already cheating, always is

  3. I understand how shocked and confused you are feeling after recently finding out that your ex-boyfriend blocked you. It can be very hurtful when someone we care about doesn't respond to our attempts at communication, so I am here for you if you need to talk more about this.

    Instead of worrying about what gifts to send or how he reacted, I encourage you to focus on yourself right now; take some time for self-care, slow down and rest, remember all the good things in life. Ultimately it's important that your well-being is taken care off first before dealing with any relationship concerns.

  4. There might be a reason she's shying away from you physically. I would gently suggest you go see a marriage counselor if she refuses to have open and honest communication about this.

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  6. Bring forward that separation timeline and stop having sex with her ffs, she doesn’t even like u, the marriage is just a business arrangement to her which she’s in the process of dissolving. Who says “oh we’ll termjnate the relationship in exactly 3 weeks ? Wtf

  7. No I don’t feel the need to tell my partner everything I do and they feel the sane. We are adults who trust each other. We often do as courtesy, but neither is butt hurt if they don’t know where the other is 24 hours a day. My SO doesn’t really need to be informed I am getting my hair cut. We don’t tell each other because we are capable adults who are respectful of each I other. I know they will inform me of things that effect me, I do the same.

    Sus is the same thing. I don’t have to sus my partner, I use my big girl words if I have an issue.

  8. And?

    You’re not going to change his mind and his belief is completely understandable and shared by hundreds of millions of people

    If you don’t like it then leave?‍♂️

  9. Exactly thank u!! Tf makes us seem like a extra sextoy for their enjoyment. I can't with it. Its gross and annoying. Also the sex with a woman isn't real sex shit. Wtf do they think it is?! ?

  10. Dude, he was r@ped. He didn’t cheat and then the R@pist tried to baby trap him. He was blackout drunk and she was sober because she doesn’t drink according to op. And men have be so brainwashed by society into thinking they can’t be r@ped that they believe they cheated when they wher SA’ed. I’ve seen it so many times and it’s just swept away because he’s a guy.

  11. You’re a grown ass man. Why the need to talk to to your parents? A close friend maybe? Then confront her first.

  12. I agree with this…it's mostly for 40plus crowd…it's not a dating app…it's actually quite boring lol


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