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  1. I’ve been drawing occasionally but then something switches I get in this very bad moods n I start to overthink things n everything that happened or might been happening and idk how to handle it . But thanks for the replies, I really appreciate it

  2. Most of the times when there’s a sudden change like that you can bet your bottom dollar there’s another person.

  3. Bring a vibrator into the bedroom and watch this man spontaneously combust. Sounds like he doesn't want you to feel good. Strange man.. You shouldn't be afraid to touch your own body

  4. It’s gonna make things harder for you. It sounds like she’s already working on moving on and while I think hooking up would erase all the progress you’ve made while moving on, it likely wouldn’t do the same for her. I think she’s just lonely and horny and not actually missing you.

  5. You could ask your gyno or primary physician to run a hormone panel. Make sure you get: estrogen, LH (lutenizing hormone), FSH (follicle stimulating hormone), total testosterone, and free testosterone. It should be a no brainer for your doctor to order those tests if you request “Sex hormone blood work” but perhaps clarifying could be beneficial

    Best of luck!

  6. How about a compromise… First ask her in private & get her answer, then offer her a choice of either announcing your potential engagement by showing off the ring or staging a public proposal for her family to see?

  7. I can’t tell if I think you did wrong or not, but what I can tell is that your GF sounds really exhausting, and it just doesn’t seem like you are happy in this relationship. I think you do need to sort out these issues for the future, but I would not cut your best friend over someone who it really sounds like is not going to be the one for you in the long term anyhow.

  8. I think you're going a bit overboard, a 30 year old dating or being friends with a 27 year old would be completely normal. You don't suddenly become a totally different person between 29 and 30.

    The issue here is that late teens and early twenties is a very formative age where you are, essentially, an adult with training wheels.

  9. whether you both have fun or not is far, far, more important than who wins or loses.

    that said, I think it'd be hilarious if they beat you.

    if your skill levels are that far apart, try a ruleset that maximizes the fun, like you both have 2 seconds to make your move or forfeit your turn etc.

  10. He’ll just keep coming up with excuses to do what he tells you he wants to grow old with you. If he truly wanted you to be the one…he wouldn’t be looking for others.

  11. Why? Going down on a woman doesn't require your mouth being penetrated by a several inch long object over and over. Unless you've ever tried blowing a dildo you should not demand a blowjob. And I'm saying this as someone who likes giving them. It hurts your jaw, makes you gag and spit all over yourself, and can literally make you throw up. Not comparable at all. It's a perfectly normal and common boundary for a woman to not want to give a man a blowjob. With how rarely yall wash your asses and hands its a no from me.

  12. I love going down and using my hands which she loves

    She used him like a vibrator. That's what he was good for, in her eyes.

  13. If he wanted to be with her then surely he would be? He could have asked her out when she broke up with her last boyfriend. It isn't frightening at all, she doesn't have 'so much influence' on him, if she did then I'm pretty sure that they'd be in a romantic relationship.

  14. I have no idea why my brain read your comment as reddit being full of “relationships ruined my threesome”.

    And I wasn’t even going to argue ahahaha I was like well that is fair

  15. You just spoke around the question.

    What do those reasons have to do with living with you or planned marriage.

    The lack of answer, is your real truth.

  16. When you’re talking about your feelings why don’t you try asking him what he thinks. Like if you’re going through something rough then ask him if he’s even experienced anything similar and what he did to get over it. I think asking him subtly and when it relates to what you’re talking about could help him open up. Let him know that you aren’t judging him and that it’s safe to talk about his feelings

  17. masturbating and sex is way different. sometimes i prefer to masturbate instead of sex and vice versa

  18. I am jumping on the comment “low cost sliding scale mental health care”

    I got into a research study for EMDR and my appointments cost $10.00.

    So look for studies also.

  19. Thank you for taking the time to give me advice. Correct me if I'm wrong though, but I don't believe I was complaining about friendly things.

    She's aware that my boyfriend works throughout the day and can't bring rabbits to work; she knows I work from home. Meaning, I'm left taking care of them.

    She's so “uncomfortable” with me driving her car 2 feet for me to move it out the way of mine. I told my boyfriend to put her car in front of mine instead of behind but every time he gets home he's too tired.

    I'm just upset that she went to him and him only and he said yes with 0 hesitation not even thinking about me. I'm open to working on myself though, and just want to make sure I'm not being sensitive or insensitive.

  20. So. I know many things on reddit are made up, and there's an equal chance that this post, too, is fake. But what gives it away in your opinion?

  21. Don't let that doormat drag you down with him and you…you are so wrong for dating a guy who is constantly thinking of his ex, you need some serious self respect, he is not worth it, no one is worth that

  22. Ohhhhhh shit. Yeah that is a different story. Tough call. I mean, I hate to say it, but this would fundamentally alter the way I look at someone

    It depends on how much you value your relationship, how willing you are to confront him about this, and how willing you are to just accept it moving forward.

    Just know it's okay if someone being a booger-eater is a deal breaker.

  23. Do you online together? Do you have a job? Have you got a budget to see exactly what all of your expenses are? What security can you give him that you'll pay him back?

  24. Why are you together? You're entirely incompatible.

    Are you hoping she'll one day magically become a different person? Because she probably won't.

  25. Okay, ASIDE from the atrocious violent outbursts…she is way too grown to be acting this way, and way too grown to be dating a man your age…like this oozes predatory behavior and isolation tactics. Get your car back and leave, my guy. This is a bad place.

  26. “I made it through the week” ????

    Whilst its understandable that you missed her and would have prefered her to be around the fact you either have no other support in your life or feel entitled to her 24/7 attention is a little concerning.

    Did you have no other family or friends to grieve with?

  27. Doesn't sound like green flags all around. Attitude says a lot about a person, which happens to be a massive part of social relationships.

    Are you going to feel comfortable hearing about his (totally inappropriate by the way) flirt sessions for months? Years? Decades?

    Are you going to feel comfortable hearing him talk in family gatherings, parties and so on? I personally would feel secondhand embarassment the entire time.

    How about arguments? Sounds like you'll always be in the wrong considering how “perfect” this guy thinks he is. And sure, the basement dweller and so on can be funny for a little while, but can you imagine hearing it for months?

    Also, he's not even adopting dogs in order to actually care for the dogs, but only to increase his social standing, hence his comment about the senior dog adoptation. That's another massive red flag for me.

    This guy sounds horrible long-term in any case.

  28. You’ve made the right choice. It’s time to cut her from your life. And I’d seriously give thought to the so called friends who are encouraging you to allow her toxicity in your life. That definitely doesn’t sound like any friendship I’d want.

  29. Don’t convince him. Just say NO.

    If he manages to buy something on his credit alone, do NOT help him.

  30. You should divide up the chores so that each of you has roughly equal free time, not based on income. There's supposed to be a card game that can help you figure out how much each of you are really doing that the other may not see–I believe it's called Fair Play.


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