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  1. I would be kind and understanding but I’d also tell him I was angry and upset with his behaviour and that I deserve better. If he doesn’t step up I’d break up even if I still love him. If he seemed halfhearted I’d still break up. Love isn’t enough to make it work.

  2. You being attractive or not probably has very little, or nothing, to do with it. They're probably just being friendly and looking for something the two of you can talk about.

  3. No, I hadn't seen those! The other serial fake poster I'm aware of is the guy who pretends to be a single dad to a teenage daughter and claims he's worried about “her revealing clothing” or “her teenage friend's revealing clothing” and will then repeatedly ask female commenters to “privately message him to advise him on photos of the clothing.” He switched tactics the other day and pretended to be a woman with a hard artwork of herself hanging in her house who didn't know what to say when male friends asked where she and her husband got the photo.

    I just really wish people would stop fabricating things in this sub, especially the users who do it repeatedly.

  4. Advice? Break it off with your girlfriend. Frankly she deserves someone way better.

    If you're that horny to fuck her roommate (or someone else) because you miss out you're clearly not cut out for a relationship yet.

    Don't make excuses you stopped. Cause sooner you'll start making excuses you didn't cheat.

  5. Young man, these types of questions are traps. There is no right answer, she would compare herself no matter what you said because the question was created out of insecurity. This is when you tell her nobody comes close to her beauty, buy her some food, flowers or books or whatever she likes, and take her on a romantic date. But since you didn't do any of that to start with, you 1st need to apologize (even though you weren't wrong), then get her favorite food, flowers, and kiss her passionately so she forgets all about her stupid question and your even worse answer.?

  6. Just one thought:

    Is the cat spayed? If a male cat is not neutered, he can begin to spray if agitated.

    Second thought: as a lifelong adopter of cats and dogs, negative reinforcement can be effective but it’s frowned on by many animal experts.

    Cats are self managing animals. They roam around and I wouldn’t recommend crating them. If you let the cat back into the bedroom so it can acclimate itself back to its routine and to your girlfriend, there won’t be anymore scratching at the door.

    Your girlfriend needs to stop being hostile to the cat. Cats are very intuitive and know who likes them and who doesn’t. The cat is your animal companion and you need to understand that you have upended the cat’s routine, environment and humans.

    Patience goes a long way with animals.

    Final thought: show me how you treat animals and children, and I’ll tell you who you are.

  7. Hey, you can't call the commenter “rigid” for describing what commonly happens. Your experience is different, good for you! But you're the exception, not the rule. A good exception (though, with such a MIL, who wouldn't go NC).

  8. When you get home, nope the fuck out and let the man hold have his mummy. He planned to let his mom come along

  9. Ask yourself what would happen have the roles been reversed and it was him hitting you? Would he still be getting the same compassion as you? Would have he been told he was drugged and that's o.k.? Would have someone said it ain't his responsibility. No, everyone would turn on him and say he's abusive and violent like all man, using the drug card as excuse.

    Truth is that he'll be already in jail after everyone would have told you to file a complaint. You're no better. You're alcohol isn't an excuse. Neither the drug card. You're violent and abusibe and as every violent and abusive man you try to change the narrative to portray you as the victim, the damsel in distress. Oh, and stop drinking if you aren't responsible enough or can't handle it. I have drank more than you and never ever have I laid a hand on my spouse, nor anyone else.

  10. This. My husband couldnt get me anything this year for a month or two and i have to wait a few months for his gift . Hes getting me a new headset and a new headset holder. Im getting him a new gaming chair. They both will cost us over 200$. We just had gotten lesser paying jobs that will let us actully see each other now my old job was really bad for my mental health id have constant sensory overload which caused issues with my autism and his made him work 12 hours a day 5 days a week and we only had one day with each other a full day. Add in alot of unexpected bills and we had to take 3 cats to the vet before and just did anniversary gifts having to buy gifts right now would not be happening.

    But we still spent time together. My husband isnt into holidays and is jewish but he still celebrated xmas with me and xmas eve. We hung out all day watched xmas movies and spent all day together. Your supposed to spend time with your loved ones on the holiday and ops husband just failed big time

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  12. i would love to live! with my friends, but the rent that they are paying for their apartment is around 700-800 a month and i cannot afford to pay that. even one bedrooms in my city are very expensive. im planning on going to graduate school as well in about two years so i am honestly ready to settle down. this is just the final step of becoming totally independent from my parents for the most part, which is something i really need to do. i am very close with both of them so it is hard for me to let go of what im used to

  13. Since you have minors and they are learning how to be good people maintain the example of communication with their mom. These little people need to learn correct behavior not what the new wife wants

  14. I know this might strike people the wrong way, but in retirement age it is suggested you have like $1mil to live! off of the interest and dividends. If the guy was a fairly successful business owner and is in his 80’s and saved decently, there’s no reason for his net worth to not be around there.

  15. He was punishing you. Nothing about that is ok. Adults in healthy, loving relationships don't punish each other.

  16. I don’t know where you live!, but good luck finding a place to have an abortion. It’s not as easy as it once was. No judgement from me. But just because you have made this choice doesn’t mean you can find a doctor near by who can do it. I wish you well.

  17. Just because your wife is dating him it doesn't mean you have to. I'd recommend posting this in /r/polyamory, but the boyfriend touching you against your wishes is sexual assault. Your wife is enabling it.

    Your friends are right.

  18. Unfortunately, she's still in love. You will have to create a crisis for her to take you serious.

    Bluff if necessary. Inform her you will not share your wife with another man and will divorce if there is any further contact.

    See an attorney (it makes a statement).

  19. What the hell are you on about. This person was an ex to OP at the time. He owed her nothing without proof she’s pregnant with his baby – an out of the blue call from a volatile ex saying “I’m pregnant should we get back together” and then blocking him when says “doubt” kinda shows who the unstable one was.

  20. I want to leave honestly but will it not be wrong will i not be playing into the men are ass stereotype

  21. The guilt trips for not wanting to have sex are extreme. Make a plan, be safe get out. Abuse often increases during pregnancy and when you leave. Stay safe. I’m so sorry

  22. No, because short and light people don't generally have gigantic children. I'm sure OP is trying to consider every possible reason here. He's spent months thinking he's about to have a child, and now there's a good possibility all of that could come crashing down. Have a bit of empathy.

  23. I’m so curious as to what she plans to do with all of her income she’s saving. Is it so if the divorce she gets it all and half his income? Is it to retire early while he continues to slave away? Is it so she can take HERSELF on vacations because he won’t be able to afford it?


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