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  1. Well at least you found out now. No use in going through the wedding then, you're not even married he is already trying to cheat on you.

  2. No matter how good they are at coparenting and being around, if either of them have partners, you should not sleep over. Everyone should wrap gifts and gtfo back to their partner.

    I’m separated from my kid’s mom if that helps with validity at all.

  3. That's not a friend. He's an acquaintance. No more, no less. Friends who don't support friends getting married and having children aren't real friends. His former friend should stick to only having relationships with other fundies

  4. Why are you dating someone that treats you like crap? He doesn't respect you. He doesn't care about you. He's not a good partner.

    Have you considered counseling to address why ypu have so little self worth that you think this is a relationship you should stay in?

  5. I guess I’m missing the negative effects of his actions (or lack there of). You say he looks nice and doesn’t stink…… other than it bothering you, what negative effects is this causing? Ie tooth decay, bad breath, BO etc.

  6. I'm sorry, at this point I think it's wise to say I'm 30, something years old, never married and single so maybe I'm not the best one to give out advice!!

    I'm sorry for putting my own experiences on yours and attempting to fix something which isn't necessarily possible to fix.

    Whatever your decision and whatever the outcome I really do wish you the best of luck in the future.

  7. Honestly, it sounds like your trust issues were warranted. His behaviour was shady and he was doing questionable things. I'm glad you cleared it up and boundaries are now understood.

    I think you should trust yourself more. All you said sounded reasonable to me. Imo trust is earned. If your bf acts trustworthy by being open about his phone and female friends and not inappropriately complimenting friends then you wouldn't have reason to feel worried. Trust yourself and keep communicating with your boyfriend in a calm non blamey manner.

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  9. You’re not leaving him over flowers, you’re leaving him because he puts no effort into your relationship, doesn’t listen to you, and is selfish.

  10. 100% agree and relate. I will never do that anyone. It seriously messes with you. I still think about it sometimes and get angry and depressed.

  11. This is why everyone needs to always use condoms.

    Break up with this guy. Take him to family court, get a custody arrangement and court-ordered child support, and then move on with your life and find yourself a real adult partner with whom you have more in common than weed and genitals.

  12. Possibly this. Probably this tbh, although she could actually totally melt down and feel terrible about herself.

    Either way this part is 100% right, you're teaching her to do it more.

    You need to sit down and have a conversation with her and say all of this. And then tell her this is not a healthy way to deal with things you're telling her that are affecting you. Tell her how you try to deal with things, and that adults who communicate well and relationships that work well have two adults in them that try to this. You really need her to stop having meltdowns and learn to take a bit of constructive criticism.

    Then I'd point out that she's getting short with you and stuff after work over party menial things. It's not making you feel good, it's probably obvious in front of the kids so not helping them, and you'd like to get to the root of the problem.

    Relationship age is setting in a bit here I think also, when resentments have built up for a while and coming home from work to fund dirty stuff around the house when you're off is pissing her off. I don't know your relationship, so I've got no clue at all if her points are valid or not, only you do. But it needs a conversation to help dial back the reactions she's having now and for her to realise why her own behaviour will also be causing resentment and damage, and needs to change.

    Don't let her just melt into and thing then give her a free pass and say “it's all OK you just made a mistake.” Be like, ” you're doing this again. It's not helping us solve any of those situations or work together towards solutions. I'm not saying this to make you feel bad about yourself, I'm doing it to point out an area we can do better in. Can we please talk about why you think you might be doing it, and let's figure out if we can change either the cause or the reaction here.”

    Like, just don't let her do it. Whenever she does, resort to those types of sentences and steer her away from it to a solution based mindset as well.

  13. She has this complex where she refuses to take basic care of herself because she feels too overworked and “doesn’t have the time”. Things like showering, exercise, going to the doctor, eating full meals.

    This is all depression and it really warps reality of the person who is depressed. These things seem like a HUGE thing to someone in a depression.

  14. Hey, thank you for the message. You were very kind about everything and I really appreciate that.

    To start, yes, I have tried getting into these fanfics, but even if I try to start and understand them, she won’t tell me because “she came from a different place then I did” and “all fanfic people come from the same place and you aren’t from there so you can’t really understand” and when I ask her to explain it, she says no. I really try, to get into her interests but she shuts me out. She has let me hear about one story that really helped her, and I listened and it was really nice. And she liked it too. It definitely was a one time thing because of how much it affected her but I loved hearing her tell me something she loved.

    And if it makes it any better, she always knew I was talking to her best friend. She knew we were talking about her cause I told her.

    And yeah, it’s really hot to find that thing that connects us because the sexual element isn’t there and so yeah I will have to try harder to find things to connect us.

    And when I did talk to her, I didn’t fully blame her, I still have work to do too, just like you said. And considering the replies from this post, it seems like I’m the one causing the harm, which, maybe this is what I needed. I have good intentions, I want her to be happy, I want her to find what she wants to do in life, I just want to help.

    And yeah, I’d never ever push her to do anything. And if I go a step too far, she will tell me. But I now know her limits.

    And lastly, again, yeah, it seems like I have some work to do. Thank you for everything

  15. & that’s exactly why i wouldve chose the petty option… just to let her know how i feel since she clearly doesn’t understand

  16. Careful, your agenda is showing. Trans people can do bad things just like all other humans can. It's actually transphobic to ignore any wrongdoing they commit, by doing so you make them less than fully human. Just like the idiots that infantilise women as being able to do no wrong, you're making us all less than fully human. Women do bad things, men do bad things, trans people do bad things, intersex, nb, whatever else do bad things. HUMAN BEINGS do bad things.

  17. It's funny how you can be in it and not think about it but writing it down makes you think. I really try to write out my thoughts for this reason 🙂

  18. Leave him on the threat alone, get a restraining order if possible. No normal person would make that kind of threat.

  19. “I guess being together for five years makes me the same as a stranger” so we’re just making shit up now, huh? I’m gonna spell this out really simple for you, and then I am absolutely not responding to you because I know you won’t listen anyway and you’ll make up some more shit that no one said once to make yourself feel better –

    She is probably upset because you won’t move your arse on actually living together. Living with your parents as an adult can be incredibly exhausting.

    You do not factor into her getting a dog, even if it was an impulse decision, because YOU DO NOT LIVE WITH HER. YOU HAVE MADE EXACTLY ZERO MOVES IN TWO YEARS TO LIVE! WITH HER. You also DO NOT GET TO MAKE HER DECISIONS FOR HER. No one is saying y’all aren’t partners. No one called you strangers. You are making shit up to justify wanting to be controlling as shit. Have the day you deserve, bud.

  20. Dang, you weren't kidding. OP's husband is absolutely abusing her. That, plus the wild mood swings, lack of self control, alcoholism, and misogyny, is a recipe for disaster. I wouldn't be at all surprised if he turns violent.

    OP, you need to get out now, before your husband scars your daughter for life.

  21. I completely agree it doesn’t matter. Just I feel like if I was a girl picked up in a new Mercedes with all the interior lights and stuff it would start off the date pretty well and make her feel special I guess. Just adds to the experience.

  22. I have saved enough to leave the job if I have to, but that leads to having to serve a notice period of two months. Which leads to me not spending her birthday with her again as I can't take leaves during NP. I hate being in this situation. Thanks for replying

  23. Let them

    Let the narrator spin their tale

    If you come here to be told your partner is an asshole because you frame things to push the none thinkers that way

    You'll go back to that partner detached from reality and get your ass dumped anyway for chatting bollocks

    It used to bug the hell out of me until the penny dropped, that they are just digging their own holes by misrepresenting things

    In the real world

    “Hey reddit told me you're the issue and it's all your fault, bow down to me”

    Partner …opens door…….gtfo

  24. We have talked about how he would feel about becoming a dad again. He is a friend first, and benefits second. It’s not like we just fuck around and find out.

    We are consenting adults, I don’t know how else to explain that part to you.

  25. Also you can add in if she says no or yes to anything “Could you explain to me your reason for wanting to wait until marriage so I can better understand”

  26. Yeah I wouldn’t normally jump straight on the Reddit bandwagon of ‘cut them off!’, but speaking from experience as this exact thing has happened to me, the wounds are still there 9 years on and I struggle to forgive my mum for siding with my ex. We didn’t speak for a couple of years as she stayed in touch with my ex and I don’t think I’ll ever fully trust her to have my back again. Irreparable damage and sometimes I wish I just cut her off completely then and there.

  27. Don't look back. Burn that letter. You've got your nuclear family. Ashley screwed your boyfriend, there's nothing left to talk about. You've got yhe relationship you want with your dad, your bros, sisters neices and nephews. . You don't need the drama and the distrust.

  28. Yeah sadly it’s just a long distance but she’s made the effort to send me some voice messages and a lot of photos and videos. I also thought she was a catfish in the beginning of the relationship even asking her, just which did upset her.

  29. Stopped reading after the 2nd paragraph, he’s opening the door for you to take your freedom by the balls. Get your boots on & strut out the door.

  30. As a dude I will say this seems like he is into you but flirting safely. I am in the same boat with a female co-worker but I am 35 and she is 24.

    He is treating you how i treat her. I buy her coffee or get her a soda then go to her area and hang out. I make sure to make eye contact. I think she likes me back because she left me a note with a heart drawn on it and recently told me she dumped her long distance boyfriend.

  31. You did the right thing, OP!! You don’t need to tolerate cheating or disrespect in a relationship EVER but especially after only a couple months. Good riddance!

  32. Just bring it up to him while you are recording. If unable to capture or if he seems suss then try bring it up over text. Try get evidence if you can, it might be your only chance but once you do it is probably is worth just being straight up and telling him your concerns. He might even confess some things to you and agree to get help.

    It seems that it has maybe been on his mind and possibly he is worried about engaging in that behaviour and his ability to control himself.


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