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  1. and found out i actually would rather be single

    This is quite telling. If you don't want to be where you're currently at, you don't have to be. It's worth doing a gut-check because ending things is likely a permanent thing.

    Staying together because you're in love and want to keep things going is a good thing. Staying together just because you've been together a while and your families are close is a sunk cost fallacy AND… the families being close shouldn't come into it.

    Any relationship could end badly. There's no point ending things over what could happen, but if you don't want to be in the relationship, there's no point staying into it just for time's sake.

  2. It’s okay to be disappointed and pouty, sex makes you bf/gf period!!! It’s not coercion it’s feelings period.!!! Forcing it is not though. Communication is key in all facets of a relationship Ben itimacy

  3. He is taking advantage of you. He is counting on the fact that you are inexperienced and easily intimidated to coerce you into doing what he wants. Find someone who is a peer, who respects you and treats you as an equal partner in the relationship.

  4. I know you said you struggle with social anxiety so this might be tough advice but you could always initiate the approach. If nothing else it would help you become more comfortable with social situations and overcome your social anxiety which would be positive in and of itself.

  5. Depends on what yall like. Find out if you're a switch or sub or Dom and him as well. I'm a switch. I love being degraded during sex but next time I want to be treated gently and lovingly then the next time I'll be the dom and degrade ? talk about it! Find out yall likes and dislikes. No kink shame!

  6. Not saying she's in the right but you cheated before too. At least she had the guts to tell you. Either way you both should split, regardless if its yours or not. This relationship is messy and its not right to bring a kid into that. OP, you have 0 percent of my sympathy but that poor child does

  7. Move on, get your life in order and spend your energy in developing a good co-parenting plan if the kid turns out to be yours.

  8. I’m not trying to sound smart, but I am and have. Several degrees. Your parents could have switched labels, Simple’s, ordered an extra sample called the sample different things in the account. My husband just took a test and unless I’d have lied and said he was my child they made him make his own separate account. I wonder why, they do this now and didn’t 6 years ago…..hmm? If you’re so confident then take another one on your own. If you don’t want to know then don’t. I’m not sharing what my degrees are in because it’s not anyone’s business. Again, you and others are awfully defensive. Must have stirred up some questions.

  9. If this was about a toilet seat we'd all know who's right. The person not closing the screen door is wrong because their partner is asking for a show of respect and appreciation from their partner to do something that doesn't affect them, but that they single handedly caused. It's like washing up after yourself, if you constantly tell your partner you don't care after they ask you are causing resentment in your relationship and damaging it. If someone loved someone they should care enough to close a fucking door.

  10. She answered way outside the bounds of the question.

    Why is it very hot to accept? Because I’m insecure about her best sex experience will never be related to me. Also because I’m insecure about missing out, not being dateable during college, and many other things.

    This doesn’t mean she has to give in to me, but if neither of my emotional needs are satisfied, I can’t online with her, and none of us wants to leave each other.

  11. If you want to fix it, I would recommend counselling. If you find being around him 24/7 irritating, than he is clearly doing something to trigger that response. If you don’t want to fix it, I would honestly break up with him now. You are just stringing the poor guy along under false pretences.

  12. Tomatoes are from America too, but you still see them used in Italian restaurants.

    When I was in Japan I was seeing tons of dishes with avocado. We even saw one place where the thing was sushi burritos, (though we didn't try it.)

    Just because it's a Korean restaurant doesn't mean they won't try new things, or do everything traditionally.

  13. If i were the person who had pics stolen, there is NO WAY I would say “let’s just forget it”. I would feel extremely violated. IMO you are being lied to.

  14. If she won't move out and if you have no legal basis to force her to leave, either you have to suck it up for the next five months or find a new place to online.

    I'm sorry she did this to you. Once a woman falls out of love with a man, she can easily treat him like a total stranger and not bat an eyelash about it.

    And for heaven's sake, do not ask an administrator from your school to intervene. This isn't kindergarten, it's not their job, and you are both adults.

  15. Your ex is wrong on every single fucking level. People will always find people attractive, that is unavoidable, but a quality man does not cheat, he recognizes fleeting attraction for what it is and stands by his love. They're not some kind of unicorn either, quality men are everywhere, and I'm sure once you are ready, you'll find one.

    I am proud of you for seeing you ex for what he is, an absolute fucking loser, and dumping his ass.

  16. Did you two click right away when you met each other? I am curious for reasons totally unrelated to your original post. Your description of both yourself and your BF leads me to draw some parallels.

  17. Yeah, he’s in the right. I appreciate the honesty. You came across like you’d bring down the mood anyhow, so sure it stung a little but I think you need to get over it and realize that you sound like you got off the hook and can do you instead, like he is. Win win. I don’t see longevity with this relationship if this is how you guys are tho.

  18. Tbh it sounds like T is misgendering your bf. I go by he and they pronouns too and it irks me when people hear that and insist on using they exclusively for me, especially when they correct others who use he pronouns for me. Like, you've been told both are fine, and there is a weird vibe if you insist on only using the nonbinary pronoun after that.

    It's not like you have to constantly switch between someone's pronouns if they use multiple, it's more that it's bad to insist they only go by one of them if they do use more than one set.

  19. He said that he resents being in this relationship with me. I began crying and I told him that I did not want to lose him, he told me that I lost him a long time ago.

    Well, time to get rid of the whole dude then. It really does sound like this relationship has run its course. There’s not much you can do to keep him around if he’s already checked out.

  20. 17 days ago you were on this same sub thanking someone for telling you to leave him and saying you need to realize your self-worth.

    Two and a half weeks later you’re back on the same sub getting the same advice.

    I mean this kindly, but when exactly are you planning to follow the advice you keep asking for?

  21. Give yourself some grace. Forgive yourself for all of it.

    Relationships are their own learning curve and unless you seek out help with them, impossible to know how to be in a successful one.

    If you still have trouble with closure, get a therapist and figure out why you cannot let it pass.

    I recommend a book called “hoe to be an adult in relationships.” By David Richo that was very helpful for me.

  22. Firstly, be careful of her she sounds like she has decided you are her meal ticket. I think a real conversation needs to be had about how you do not want to online above your meals of X a year. Explain to her that the 24 million is about being able to retire and stay comfortable for the rest of your life. And that it is YOUR money not HERS or OURS.

    Second, you need a small reality check. If you really do have 24 million in the bank, you re rish. If you currently earn 200k a year. And to stay on that 'earning' for the rest of your life after 40 means you only need 12 million. You have double that so you are rich.

    I'm not saying you have to spend it, and good on you for living frugal and not crazy. But you are rich.

  23. Girls are never damsels in distress. You learn over time that’s not a thing, and in fact that can be a ruse to manipulate you.

    But in this case you’re both just young and clearly she wasn’t ready to settle down. Breaking up will be good for both of you.

  24. Why not go to Vegas to propose and marry the same day? Or go the Courthouse route if you want. The thing is, you and your BF don't owe your families anything. Marry how and when you want. It is your wedding and your relationship.

  25. Honestly I get what he was he was saying by wanting to “show me off”, but I don’t get how he could have thought that I wouldn’t get upset by asking me to change something that I wear everyday. Anyway now im not that upset anymore haha

  26. Tell her now. She asked you directly to tell her sooner rather then later. That was your opportunity.

  27. I’m not one to criticise peoples’ views on marriage – that but in itself is up to them; you can’t expect someone to marry you if they don’t want to.

    But his reasoning for why he ‘doesn’t believe in marriage’ is misogynistic and would make me question if he’s the man you thought you were in love with. Also, to be this far in to the relationship and to only just have found this out, is also surprising. I knew my now wife’s views on marriage very early on, and so when it came to me proposing it was more or less just a formality.

  28. Honestly, this just seems like he’s trying to care for you and find ways to help you feel good. Unless there’s a history of abuse, I wouldn’t read too much into things


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