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  1. You tell a member of her family or one of her friends so they can check in on her. Do not contact her yourself.

    She is your ex, so this is manipulative behaviour on her part.

  2. Eleven??? Wow that child support must be through the roof….sir you need to get your fetish sorted out. Is this Nick Cannon? Lol you need help and your mom isn’t wrong. Go to therapy or fix yourself cause… 11?!?

  3. Some real bad and petty advice on this sub.

    Do you value your friendship with these people and want to continue a relationship with them?

    That's the real question to answer and the one to focus on.

    If you're asking yourself: “is it fair for me to exclude them from my party because i didn't get invited to their wedding?” then you're approaching this the wrong way. It's not about “getting even”, that's a petty attitude to take. It's about wether you care about these people and want to celebrate the holidays with them.

    It sounds like you feel snubbed for not getting invited to their party and never addressed this with them. And you've taken a lack of an invitation to a wedding as an indication that they dont value you as a friend, so you will treat them as a lesser friend in kind. My question for you is: do you not value them as friends in the same way anymore, or are you just trying to teach them a lesson?

    If you not being invited to the wedding is enough for you to decide that you no longer want to be friends with them, then that's fine. But relationships are not transactional or equal exchanges of favors/party invitations. You're no more or less valid in your decision to not invite them to your party based on you decision to no longer be friends with them. But if you want to maintain a friendship with them moving forward, a real friend prioritizes the relationship and value they put in their friends than the idea of “getting even”. Just like you have the ability to unilaterally decide if you don't want to be friends with them, so do they. And they also had no obligation to invite you to their wedding in the same way you have no obligation to invite them to your party.

  4. Would you say it’s a serious relationship? If they only talked for a week after last seeing a year ago. Why did she cry and hide the fact that she was dating this guy for a week but still continue to call me for hours per day and 3 days ago 6+ hours if she had a man. Then suddenly not care anymore when I told her what I told her. Is she confused, but ultimately she made her choice. It was him. I valued that time together a lot it did seem I was taken advantage of

  5. Yeah. One of you—if not both of you will get bored and collapses soon. But at least it got you out of a dead marriage.

  6. My husband deals with this issue as well. Sometimes we dont want someone to “fix” the issue. Sometimes we just need our partner to sit with us in silence and that’s what makes us feel better. I would also outright ask how you can better help her.

    “Is there something i can do to fix this?”

    “Do you want me to offer solutions or just sit and support you”

    Are often things my husband will ask me when im upset and cannot verbalize very well

  7. I'm guessing the fear and anxiety is coming from my anxiety disorder 😅 I always imagine the worst, and I have a good imagination unfortunately. I have a therapist, but unfortunately my session on Friday was focused on a different upcoming issue. I would like to discuss this with them in the future though.

  8. He’s told you how it is. Move on. Your child deserves someone in their life who wants to be there. Put your child first next time.

  9. Dreams don’t always mean what the are actually about but in this case it does sound like a worry of yours but was that worry there before the dream? Sometimes they feel so real that you’re annoyed at your partner the next day like when you dream they cheat on you.

    But since others have told you he is lazy then it’s obviously a thing. What does he do that makes him so lazy? Does he have a job? Clean and cook?

  10. I just saw another Reddit post about a lesbian sick and tired of bi girls just trying out the lifestyle just to go back to men. A month of a whirlwind romance just to get dumped. “Been there, done that”

  11. Yes but at the same time, I’d appreciate someone telling me. Especially given how much her trust has been broken.


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