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  1. This is probably something she does for work, so nothing disgusting about it, but you’re free to find it a dealbreaker personally. What were you doing browsing OF, though?

  2. I believe her with the ‘low sense of worth’ statement becuz Asian parents are ruthless as hell to their kids. You can’t undo what happened in the past but you can still support her now. Back off and show her a more supportive side of you. She will respond better that way.

  3. Why am I being logical in face of an oddly young Luddite's rant about streaming video?

    Because I am here to help.

  4. When we started dating she always was complaining about her ex texting her and insisting in going back together. I only tell her to change her number so he would stop.

    You’re right. Now that I think about it our relationship was broken from the beginning. I didn’t have any feelings for my ex (the one she was jealous about) but it’s obvious that she was in love with her ex all the time.

  5. Its a cut. More wider and baggy. Google it? “Sounds made up”? What? Yes its her relationship but SHE could actually be in the wrong here!! And quite frankly, if I were doing nothing wrong I would pick my friend that I have known for YEARS before my SO I would pick my friend aswell. “YOU have to ditch your friend because I don't trust you.”

  6. No, that's nothing to worry. Her past exists and it's okay to keep photos of that past. It's totally valid to keep photos of important days in her life for example.

  7. Great response to a difficult situation OP. But you seem to have a good head on your shoulders so I'm betting on you guys getting through this okay. You should seriously consider getting a restraining order on Mary though. If she's already escalated this to your family and friends there's no telling who she's going to go to next. I'd have a lawyer write up a cease and desist and send it to her and if she doesn't stop press charges for defamation. I don't think you have enough solid proof for sexual assault but you definitely do for defamation.

    I'm wishing you and your wife all the best dude!

  8. “I've given my 30 day notice to the landlord. My last day is x.”

    As long as you aren't on a lease it isn't your problem. Why are you really caring if you are preserving the friendship? She's been controlling and a shit friend

  9. YTA It will also pose a problem for my future friendships.

    How? Cheaters won't want to be your friend? Oh no, the horror.

  10. I agree with your comment and this goes for both myself and husband. I have been insecure in my marriage for so long that I let myself entertain feelings for others to come up the surface. Both of us need to start watering our side of the lawn.

  11. LOL from her point “someone had to do it”

    Im guessing you need to have a “whats each other boundaries” meeting. This is why we date before we decide to get married I guess

  12. I'm sorry. It might be because English is not my first language. When I said I don't want to be alone, it means I still want us to be together. I want to be with him, and no one else. I'm really sorry for the confusion

  13. I just wanted him to be sympathetic over how I felt loved and cared for.

    You're never going to get this from him, and thinking that he's going to feel any warmth towards anything involving your parents now is, frankly, nuts.

    Your mom may feel bad and did a nice thing for you but that doesn't erase your parents kicking you out because they hate your partner. This doesn't change anything on his end. What your parents did was awful, and it was ABOUT HIM.

  14. It means don’t date him.

    He’s looking to settle and given up. Life is not going to work out well for him.

  15. His excuses seem so shallow to me like ?? Seems like he's trying to make it sound like he's not stringing her along for nothing.

  16. You put my feelings into words perfectly: the messages seem extremely calculated and carefully crafted in a way where at face value, if I say he’s doing something wrong, I will sound crazy.

    But I am willing to overlook the messages. It’s really the IG post likes that get me. At this point, I can only hope that his whole discovery page isn’t just busty, bikini clad models. And even IF it is, I sincerely hope, from the bottom of my heart, that his gf is not nearly as bothered with it as I am.

  17. She has to wait until he physically harms her or “demands sex with the insinuation of consequences” to know the relationship isn’t working out? This is some of the worst advice I’ve ever encountered.


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