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17 thoughts on “Blaire live! sex chats for YOU!

  1. “we can't have sex, my vagina has already whittled your weiner doen to the point I'm starting to not feel it. Special occasions only.”

  2. Listen to what your girlfriend wants, not what your parents think. I would absolutely HATE to receive jewelry as a gift.

  3. Your response was nicer than mine would have been. Have a conversation to manage expectations and to communicate openly. If she cannot respect that…you have your answer

  4. Talk to her about how often she'd like to be having sex, and explain to her how important it is to you. The honeymoon period is over so it's normal for your sex life to decline a little.

  5. I have neighbors like this. They are swingers and it took a while for them to let it be known. But now they have asked so many people, and not the most tactfully either. I’ve never experienced something like it. I think they are getting desperate since they have never actually swung before. But now it’s kinda funny and a joke between friends. When my friends come over we warn them that they may be asked.

  6. Break up and walk away. He has zero respect for you and doesn't care about anything but himself and her TITS. Walk away

  7. Meh, I’m not here to judge the morality of how older men decide to choose their wives. There are too many nuances to encapsulate how courtship happens between two strangers.

    Why does the fiancé’s heart seem to desire someone over a decade older?

    Idk, it takes 2 for a relationship and maybe they just connected like humans do and said hey, I really really like you and wouldn’t mind spending the rest of my life with you at this moment. We should get married.

  8. Not saying I even want to or have the energy to cheat. It just sucks to have the punishment for something I didn’t do. I’m actually really happy being monogamous and cheating would be in my own disinterest.

  9. Jeeez it's so simple.

    She ghosted you so many times, you could do the same.

    If you don't want to you can tell her

    Listen Mary, I have a girlfriend now, due to our past it is not appropriete to keep in touch. Wish you all the best. Goodbye

  10. I understand but you need to let it go because of the withdrawal…if it was just a regular day then it would be different but quiting smoking you are on edge and shit comes out of your mouth because you are angry because you can't smoke… trust me I know lol

  11. Probably why the dumb fuck told his wife instead of just leaving it.??? He definitely needs impulse control.

  12. when you say cheated are u referring to the 3 guys at the club or meeting with her ex? idk if so confused with her that i don’t knkw

  13. I'd ask your therapist if you could invite him to a session? Let there be a neutral person there to help you and help him? You could also dole out the information in pieces. I think you can start with I think it started when I was ten…

  14. Hmm he definitely won’t be fired maybe, if anything the boss will ask me what I want to do about it


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