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  1. Cheating is defined by the relationship, but it sounds like by the parameters you two have set, he cheated. It is unlikely he will stop. Do you want to be in a relationship with this man knowing he's doing that? If no, you should leave. “Yes, I will just change my definition of this relationship” is an okay answer too btw.

  2. I don’t think they’ve found anyone. I have full reign of their phone and have never seen anything sus. I think it’s just they wish for peen as well lol.

  3. leaving the screen door open can cause damage to the doorframe, especially if it's held stretched or if there's a lot of wind. just close the damn door lol what's the point of having a screen door if you're just going to keep both doors open all the time?

  4. He did these actions, KNOWING, what the consequences are. You are literally enabling a predator by taking his side. Stop. His life is not your responsibility.

  5. Don't make any decisions now, under emotional distress. If he wants to come to you, decide if you are ready. Until then, don't do anything until you have had the chance to analyze and get your head straight. These are about your emotions and wellbeing. Not his.

  6. You should have told her why when you couldn't get naked in the moment. You can't let this stuff fester man. If you wait too long, you look like the bad guy for not bringing it up sooner.

    That said, I'm sorry that happened. I had such bad insecurity (despite being very confident) that I now take viagra to be able to get hot and I'm a healthy 28 year old.

  7. deep inside I’m worried I’m going to regret not getting to know this person.

    This is not the same as having casual thoughts about what it might be like to have sex with someone else. You would not be thinking like this if you were truly satisfied in your relationship. Your dissatisfaction in your relationship may have nothing to do with whether your girlfriend is right for you. Maybe there’s more you need to work on with yourself, maybe you’re not cut out for monogamy, but one thing that is definitely true is that you need to adjust your expectations of what constitutes “the one”. There is no singular perfect soul mate just waiting for you out there; there are probably thousands of people in the world that you could be genuinely compatible and in love with long-term. You choose “the one”, and continue to choose them every day. You choose them because you feel some kind of magic when you’re around them, yes, but also because they want the same things you want from life, they share your values, they complement your strengths and weaknesses, they respect your boundaries and autonomy, etc. No one of these things is more important than the other. The absence of arguing is not a good measure; in fact, I’d argue you can’t really know whether someone can be your “one” unless you know you can argue with them productively. Same goes for going through an intense life event together; you can’t know this person is your person unless you’ve seen what they do in a crisis.

    It sounds like what you felt for your coworker is genuine attraction, and that doesn’t have anything to do with your relationship. Hell, I’m happily married and I’ve had a few sparks of attraction here and there in our five years together, and I’m sure it’ll happen again. I’m sure my partner has experienced the same, and I’m not worried about it at all. The difference is that I don’t wonder about those people long after, because I have already happily chosen my “one”. I feel felt secure and satisfied with the relationship we’ve built together. And it didn’t take 1.5 years to get there.

    Your relationship as it is now is unsustainable. You’ve got to take a naked look at yourself and this relationship to figure out what’s at the heart of your dissatisfaction. Once you do that, you’ll be better able to find a way forward.

  8. Run like your ass is on fire! You only dated 7months. She is acting entitled and wants to move into your house. Nah! She can move into her own place and have her cat & dog there. She then has her own bills to pay for.

  9. so why wouldnt the wife tell him this and instead lie to him? you guys are glossing over most points here. he isnt asking about his methods or teaching. hes asking why his wife would lie.

    if his wife changed her mind, then she should tell that to you know…her HUSBAND.

  10. I'm thinking of deleting my posts anyways because some twat posted my posts to tiktok so now if she finds this account idk what I'll do

  11. I don't think this is about the Pillow….I think your wife is trying to communicate with you, in a confused way, that she feels she isn't getting enough physical touch and that she wants more intimacy and closeness with you. The fact she said she'd not mind if she was at your beck and call if and when you wanted to lay down (which is obviously absurd) means she clearly is desperate for more affection. You might wanna have a think about this one and if you are maybe given little affection and attention to her, because that sort of flip out over a pillow is loopy unless you look at the underlying potential logical reasons.

  12. I don't see this going anywhere but downhill. Seems like this guy wanted to move in together just so he can have a full a full time maid, who also splits the bills with him and he also gets to have sex with her. He has no intention of changing that arrangement.

    Unless he is willing to go 50/50 on everything you need to walk. Do not shoot for an 80/20. Do not let him gaslight you. Good luck.

  13. She can have her opinions, but you're well within your rights to tell her “It makes me very uncomfortable when you speak about others that way. I'd appreciate it if you stopped doing that when you talk to me.”

    If she's unable to keep her homophobic and transphobic comments to herself, just tell her you'd rather not speak to her anymore.

    It sucks, but I honestly don't think there is any good reason that justifies hating an entire group of people for things they can't control.

  14. Compatability matters, I've had my own experience with one sided libido, it sparks resentment that grows into a wildfire the longer it goes on. Everything else can be perfect but people have needs. Like marriage, kids, finances, if you two want different things, it's not going to work out. Hopefully you can end things amicably, explain that it's an issue for you, that you don't want or expect her to change. You can still love her but not be right for each other, people telling you to suck it up are projecting their own unhappiness. To me they sound like “my parents fought constantly but they loved each other, so why is it a problem when we fight?”

  15. Okay, so you seem to want to be moving forward at a rapid pace and are not focusing on anything other than this guy whose super busy.

    My advice, find someone with more time if this is what you want.

  16. I don't know from where his idea came from. He never told me about that and I would have understood his fears if he tried to communicate them with me.

    Is it a red flag that after 5 years we are still in the same spot? We don't have anything build together, we only talked about buying an apartament. We also found an apartament that matches our criteria a week ago and I told him I am okay with that one so if he wanted us to buy that apartament to let me know (we will split it, I have the half money of it and he has the other half, so we will have in the contract the same equal rights). I am not sure if he has a fear of commitment and all his questions appeared because of the apartment we found.

    I don't want to lose him, but I think we are not on the same page and it hurts…

  17. Everybody had a past. Why do you expect her to erase hers? If you are too insecure to accept that your girlfriend had a life and experiences before you, you do not deserve to be in the relationship.

  18. No you are not toxic, she is. She just wants the freedom to do whatever she wants while using you at the same time. She wants to have a boyfriend and at the same time to flirt all the time. She is not a stable person, a truthful person and an honest person to have in a relationship. She is using you as the safe plan. Don't allow her to play you and to gaslight you. If you had done the same to her she would have lost her sit. You really have to think if you want to stay with her or not.

  19. That’s for sure, I believe she was looking for someone to make her breakup „official“. But I was fine with that since I’m not looking for anything serious at the time anyways. However, I liked her as a friend and the deception hurts quite bad.

  20. Don’t ask questions you don’t want answered. I also know my taste changes day to day. What you’ve eaten, how hydrated you are, etc. Still a super weird conversation to have

  21. he's still having unprotected sex with her!!!!! Supposedly, she's “allergic” to condoms

    Oh she's not just 'allergic' she's also so crazy in bed and moves around so much that sometimes the condom just flies right off!!

  22. I mean it's not the smallest thing. It's how he wants to on-line his life as a married person. All humans, male and female, have the right to see and aim for the married life they want.

    It's nonsensical to you but to say that about someone else's beliefs and choice is really just an insult for not agreeing with your viewpoint.

    The good thing is like you said…it's a blessing because he was honest about it and didn't drag her into a relationship that neither of them can come to a consensus to concerning family morals and beliefs.

    Failed relationships are always a bad thing.

  23. I don't want what happened when I was younger to define me or limit me. I met him originally when I was in college I needed money at the time. The relationship then fulfilled needs for us both I didn't feel any power inbalance in it.


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