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  1. Record him snoring. Play it back for him.

    And ask could you sleep if this was in your ear?

    He honestly probably needs to go to a sleep specialist. He might have sleep apnea. And could possibly benefit from a cpap machine.

    Or you could have the rule that you only sleep over on the weekends or when you don't have to work the next day.

  2. Thanks. We did have a conversation about it a couple of weeks ago where I basically said what you said in the first paragraph. And yeah the boundary thing is maybe not a bad idea, but since we haven't been dating long I don't wanna overstep.

    And yeah, I guess it's a question of generation and cultural background etc. I have certainly seen a lot of my friends nude at one point or another but we wouldn't exactly do a hard photoshoot lol.

  3. You are never going to find your self confidence if you stay with a man who constantly tells you that you’re not good enough yet. Yet? He is an ass, you deserve better.

  4. Even if she’s real, has her one place, etc her boundaries and self-regard are highly questionable. No dice

  5. I still hang out with the other friend, just pretty infrequently and have distanced myself from her after the kiss

  6. Not after two months u realized it was a mistake. I think u saw red flags and chose to ignore them. My coworker is going through the same thing. Two months is way too early to move in with someone.

  7. Hahaha come on, this might be a joke. And those are the times you caught him, trust me there are more. What difference one more chance will do?

  8. But does she say it by doing? My boyfriend rarely says he loves me first. But he does say it by actions. Ordering my favorite chocolate for us,. Making sure to touch me throughout the day, coming with me to buy thread because I wanted him to. So while sure he rarely says the words first he does the actions enough that I can translate.

  9. Cancel her membership. Block her number. Go to the gym location most convenient for you at the most convenient time for you.

  10. It's a bit weird but they're not related. Leave them alone and don't stick your nose where it's not wanted. MYOB and you'll be fine

  11. Be careful OP, he's blood and you're not. He could turn the tables on you and say you were trying to break up his marriage. His wife could go along with what he says. I would keep distance, make sure you're always with someone else and never be alone with him. Maybe also try not so much to lean on him, he has his own family to support too.

  12. People who are single at 36 are single for a reason. Sometimes it’s not a bad reason, but there is always a reason.

    It kinda sounds like you found out his.

  13. Not ok. Very misogynistic. My ex husband had THOUSANDS of photos of women saved everywhere and had no reason to give me for it other than he had a problem of hoarding photos.

    He also took photos of women in public without them knowing. That’s diff from your situation but neither of them is ok.

    And the fact that they think it is okay is not okay. It’s so disrespectful of women and demeaning.

  14. Why is it just “now I'm back to cooking” instead of maybe grocery shopping and cooking together so you can help him learn? I mean, I know you're not required to do that but it seems like a better option in the long run if he's open to learning.

  15. Women tend to be over the relationship long before they actually break up. And she already had this dude the the catcher if he wasn't laying pipe before you guys broke up. Keep you mind busy work out like crazy and NEVER take this girl back, she has shown herself to be trash.

  16. Time to have a big talk with him about this and how it is not going to work for you. If he is unwilling to compromise on this, than you need to move out and move on. You don’t want a life like this.

  17. Yeah sadly OP seems to be a total doormat. The fact that he intended to share a hotel room with another woman should be the end of this relationship.

  18. We do speak also as he does come to the house everyday more or less, I can’t really say no as technically it’s his house. Sometimes when I come home from college he is there also as my girlfriend lets him in. We only started speaking 4 years ago as my mother cut him out my life when I was young but one day I bumped into him in the street and we exchanged and got talking, then back September there he offered us his house as he was staying in another so he wanted us to take his home so it wasn’t empty. With him liking younger girls I’m not sure but most of his ex gfs seem to be much younger so I would say so

  19. Sounds like she is not in a good enough space to really even be in a relationship let alone get married and have a kid. She may be thinking that having a kid will solve her problems. It won’t, it will probably make them worse. Wanting to rush into marriage having a kid when you are so far away from being stable really isn’t a good idea. You have been dating for a year you can reasonably say that you know this person pretty well. Now do you think you want to be with her for the rest of your life, and not your idealized version of how she could be but how she actually is now. Do you want to be with this person long term? If no then maybe it’s best to split now rather than drag it out.

  20. Yes that is so true and I'm so glad I consulted here before saying anything to him at all. Because his intentions might have been kind! I won't bring it up I'll just take the hint and go try to do something about my currently effed up hair

  21. How are you still not seeing this? He doesn’t want to end things. He wants them to stay exactly as they are now, until you get to be too much. Then he’ll find another 21 year old.

  22. She gets rich by bringing girls to another country for rape, torture and slavery.

    She is lonely because, strangely, nobody she sells to the mafia ever thanks her for it.

  23. you need to be direct and kick her out your apartment. tell her to lose your number and block her on everything.

  24. You held him. Letting him cry would be putting him somewhere and ignoring him. You did everything right.


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