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30 thoughts on “ESTEFA on-line sex cams for YOU!

  1. Who hurt you?

    Are you just looking for the most impossible situation that you can prove you are so exceptional that you can turn it all around? This is a TRAINWRECK!

    Drop this like a hard potato and stop looking for someone so far away! Don’t tell me there aren’t a million beautiful women in Eastern Europe because they are constantly writing men in America! Go talk to them!

  2. Ugh, he has no clue that men provide the genes for what sex the baby will be, if you’ve given birth to all girls, he’s got to deal with the fact that he makes girl babies. If he wants a son, it’s probably going to have to come from another man which is totally not what this dude wants. I usually stay away from the relationship subs because I’m fairly happy but this one is a science thing.

    Anyone who knows history will know that Henry VIII killed the ladies who birthed him girls and never found out that it’s MEN who provide the gamete for sexually presented gender.

  3. It's like being one of the bosses of a subreddit. It can take up a lot of time and energy and you don't get paid for it. It means he spends a lot of time working on this subreddit.

  4. Your girlfriend got assaulted and you're more worried about whether she listened to you than about the, you know… assault?


  5. It sounds like you guys aren’t on the same page either relationship or financial wise. You may just be realizing you’re incompatible. Personally, I wouldn’t buy a house with someone I wasn’t at the very least engaged to. The fact that she won’t be contributing financially to the purchase but also expects to be on the deed is a red flag for me. Think carefully

  6. Written by someone trying to use big words to sound Impressive resulting in poor substandard writing and as the reddit crew have accurately assessed a dipshit.

  7. Your boyfriend is taking advantage of you. And oh boy is it working out for him. You are bending over backwards trying to meet and anticipate his every need while he what? Ignores you?

    Why do you think this is the love you deserve? There’s a reason he’s not with someone around his age.

  8. Call it postponed for now.

    but cancel it after you get back from vacation – if you get the vacation to happen.

    this will never change. It's going to be the birth of your children, their birthdays, etc.

    why? because brother gets a high from the attention, that's why.

  9. I've been diagnosed with anxiety disorders and mayyyybe OCD. There's a history of autism in my family, but I don't seem to fit the criteria. I assume you meant this because I couldn't understand that it was a joke, but it's been a hell of a week, believe me.

  10. Since then he has relaxed some, but our son’s partner is not allowed over to our home for family dinner.

    Whatever relaxing he has done, it's as good as nothing as long as the above remains true.

    Additionally, he has told me not to call our son as he should come to us when he wishes to apologize for his scene at dinner, but I feel it is my husband who provoked the matter.

    Given what we know, yes your husband probably provoked this.

    I am unsure how to move forward without directly disobeying my husband’s wishes.

    Simply put: you don't have to obey your husband. I assume you don't live! in a massively oppressive nation. This is probably just the status quo in your home and you can challenge it.

    Please go take that sign language class. Please go be in your daughter's life, please get to know your grandchild.

    Please tell your son you love him for the beautiful person that he is and most importantly for EVERYTHING that he is and that you don't feel the same way as his father and that you want a relationship with him.

    Don't let your husband rob you of what will be absolutely magical memories.

  11. ok? well, reality can be nasty. He's living a bachelor life, and he doesn't feel the need to change because he doesn't take your relationship seriously.

    You can't take care of your health while you're there. Your health needs to take priority over spending time with some guy you have only known a couple months.

  12. You want to start to break up but not do it?

    That is unfathomably cruel.

    Break up or don't. When you do it, you say two sentences: I am sorry to hurt you but I am breaking up with you. I have not been happy and it is not fair for me to protract this.

    the end

  13. So he should never make plans with his wife because his daughter might want to do something then? This is an insane expectation.

  14. You're going to have to learn to value yourself enough to recognize that this guy couldn't care less about your health; either physical or emotional. Once you realize how badly he's treated you anger will replace the pining and that's when you'll be able to block him and move on.

  15. IMO and this is JMO people should absolutely be with someone who WANTS to be with them all the time, not in an obsessive way but in an I love you and can't wait to see you again way, so if you're not getting that from the person you're with then perhaps it's time to move on.

  16. Check if your state allows you to record her without her consent. if it does, start recording her. If you can, try to figure out a way to do it without her noticing. Like… just with the press of a button so that you do not have to “set it up” first. if your state doesnt allow it, maybe try to convince her that you need a security cam for the door. place it indoors with the view of the entrance door. have it record audio as well, and if she gets violent, move towards the camera to either catch her on video or at least on audio. If she also gets violent/mean when you're outside, maybe have someone you trust, close by.

    Just document the ever living c out of everything. If you have medical records that indicate DV also take those and secure them.

    also, pleeeeeease go look up your options. talk to a lawyer if you can, what you'd need to get custody of your kids. Children see and notice more than parents can even fathom. They know that things are off. They see that one parent is meaner towards the other. Please don't stay with her “for the kids”. if anything, leave her for your son so he sees that he does not have to endure behaviour like this.

    Once you have everything ready, have a friend close by or a family member that waits outside your home, and then confront her. Tell her she needs to move out and get therapy if she ever wants a chance of this marriage working, this is non negociable. Your home for you and your child isn't safe anymore because of her. She does not get to stay and have you move out.

  17. whoa this actually make so much sense.

    I used to think that how can they be so cruel to me? what did I do wrong for them to did this to me? I felt so hurt. but I guess seeing LK still being friends with JC made me upset because I thought LK felt betrayed the same way I did?

  18. Start by following her, get to know her a little better, then approach her with confidence. Confidence is very attractive


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