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16 thoughts on “hina_Roselive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. Please, please don’t take action without your girlfriend agreeing to it. She’s likely afraid the situation will escalate dangerously if someone who’s already crossing so many lines has reason to be angry.

  2. I really hope you are wrong, and you are seeing patterns where there are none. Unfortunately neither of us will ever know for sure. I just choose to remain hopeful that things are on the positive side, which honestly is kind of naive of me.

  3. Kick him out. hes ungrateful and not even helping and has the balls to complain about how someone else runs their home.

  4. You have been initiating. This is a two way street, he can’t expect you to read his mind and know exactly what he’s wanting at any given moment

  5. Thank you for that reality check, really. My bf and I grew up in very opposite households and we skipped over the whole conversation about how we would work together with chores and stuff. I know I'm a pretty uptight person and I often forget that he can't really help it, even if it is tiring. One of the timed we've talked about it (or at least I complained and he just listened) I brought up him requesting a reminder for it. Helps me sort of remember that he can't help it cause he has a mental illness.

    I brought it up and we agreed to have a sit down tonight and discuss a way to split stuff up in terms of upkeep around our living space.

    A big part of me and how my autism acts is that I expect immediate change, but people aren't always like that. Especially with adjusting to living with someone.

    Seriously, thank you for your comment. I forget how uptight I can be and really needed to read your comment.

  6. Don't think our partnerships have much to be considered here. It is not unheard of to have a platonic friendship with someone even though we both have partners. I can understand it is a little bit of a high expectation but we have known her for a long time and as I mentioned she is very considerate at times.

  7. Take a breath, it's okay. Aight so there's nothing wrong with wanting to stay with someone who has a mental health condition but there's things you need to know to protect your own mental health. Firstly he needs help if he hasn't been seeing a therapist or a doctor, if that hasn't happened yet that should be priority #1. Secondly you said you were going to see a psychiatrist that's good, you will need support because this isn't easy and they can help you succeed.

    Lastly keep the line of communication open, tell him what he means to you, tell him what you feel. I know it's very hot but if you want to be with him he's got to get better, that's the only way this relationship will work out. I truly respect people who are willing to march with their partners through this because I know how difficult it is and honestly you're a good person for even just trying.

  8. Right, but she'd have to on-line in the bedroom. Because the cat's saliva will be wherever the cat has been, and that's what she's allergic to.

    There are other mitigation steps that others have mentioned that wouldn't have a negative impact on the gf's life (one vet tech recommended putting a kitty t-shirt on the cat), but at this point I think both the cat and gf hold so much resentment toward each other that it's not a livable situation. Especially if the gf is expected to take ownership of the cat and pay for all these bills.

  9. My spouse doesn’t use social media either. It’s just a choice some people make. Between Twitter falling apart (& being awful beforehand anyway) reddit being full of fake posts & toxic BS, Facebook really only existing for memes/cat pictures/sharing misinformation, insta being overrun with toxic positivity/influencer wannabes, Snapchat being mostly used to cheat on people… yeah I can see why more people are choosing to opt out lol

  10. Thanks for your comment. I'm thinking about ruling out 1-on-1 sex with strangers because I'm sure I'd be too jealous about it, but I can propose this as well. I want to make sure I'm considering every option, pros and cons.

  11. It's not misplaced. Her husband told her that he didn't like this guy getting in contact with her. Probably because this guy isn't fucking giving up even 30 years later. And yet, the guy isn't blocked, and she straight up tells him that she'll go behind her husband's back to call him.

    To me, it read like mom made a choice to settle with a provider over a romantic but keeps the other one close for whenever she needs to feel good.

    Kids are not your fucking sounding board no matter how old they are. Especially about your marital issues. “Oh hey, son. I know you love and admire your father a lot, but I'll tell you something I'm doing that would hurt your father if he knew. So you can't tell him. You're my accomplice now.” Fuck that noise. You don't put your kids in this position. Be a scumbag on your own and face the consequences on your own.

  12. Somethings up dude nobody talks to their partner like that or is so evasive especially when they’re asking you for help. Why are you being weird and not telling me who you’re meeting? or where you’re going? —you don’t talk like that to a partner. you talk like that to someone who you don’t want to talk to you, you talk like that to someone who you don’t want to give information to for a reason. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never had a relationship before ..and the fact that she is super private, that’s OK. …but also sketchy when it comes to hiding her computer and her technology around you —-that’s not normal behavior. She should have nothing to hide around her significant other.


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