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  1. I totally agree with “PixieOnAcid” don’t be his second choice or just a FWBs, because that’s really what you are now.. he has 2 loves. You deserve to be someones number 1 partner.

  2. So she can't say he assaulted her, if she regrets it. It covers his ass so he can say she gave him consent, if she takes it to court.

  3. We met at the local bar. The band was playing and he “saved” me from his friend who really didn't know how to dance.

  4. Well here in Texas that's a state that does it, my cousin never once got into those programs (welfare, TANF, or medicaid) and yet still received a check each month from the state of Texas Attorney General's Office, I know because she was my roommate for a few years after her divorce.

  5. It sounds like you're in a really tough situation. Breaking up with someone you've been with for a long time is never easy, and it's especially difficult during the holidays. However, it's important to remember that your mental health and well-being are the most important things. If being in this relationship is hurting you and causing you stress and depression, it's better to end it and focus on taking care of yourself.

    As for how to be kind during the breakup, you can try to have an open and honest conversation with your partner about why you feel the need to end the relationship. Let them know that you care about them and that you value the time you've spent together, but that you believe it's best for both of you to move on. You can also offer to be there for them if they need support during this difficult time.

    After the breakup, it's normal to feel lonely and to miss your partner. It's important to give yourself time to heal and to surround yourself with supportive friends and family members. You can also try to focus on activities that make you happy and that help you take care of yourself, such as exercise, hobbies, or spending time in nature. It may also be helpful to talk to a therapist or counselor who can provide support and guidance as you adjust to life after the breakup.

  6. Me, three years into marriage and two years in a relationship before that, wondering whether my husband will ever not call me cute spontaneously.

    Literally, I'll wake up, my hair in every direction and greasy, my tank top twisted half around, blowing my nose, and he'll be like “oh my honey is so cute.”

    I don't get it, but he seems to mean it. Tbf, I also think he's adorable all the time.

    Idk, I would not go back to dating a guy who made me feel insecure after having a husband who looks at me like I'm the sun and the moon.

  7. report the account, if someone mention going to the cop say ‘okay, i’ll call the cop on my end and explain it!‘ you didn’t ask for it. block and move on

  8. Idk man, i had an exactly similar situation happen before.

    She went to party at her classmate's house and i was supposed to pick her up that night, but she didnt message me or pick up my calls. I didnt know where the guy lived either so yeah i was quite upset about it. Early in morning she texts me saying she had just gotten home from his classmates place, and told me she got wasted and thats why she didnt text or pick up my calls and that i had nothing to worry about because her classmate was a “very good friend”. Weeks later i found out they had sex, hence why she's an ex gf 🙂

  9. I definitely don't think I would be glad to be aro

    Ok? Good for you?

    the absence of feeling “love” for a partner sounds incredibly sad.

    It can be sad for some and happy for others. We need to find ways to be happy the way we are.

    Regardless, the purpose of the post, was to say this individual who is “aro”

    Why the quotes? Do you say “gay” and “straight” too?

    got into a romantic relationship with someone who is interest in them, knowing they can never feel the same for them.

    Sometimes people find out they don't have feelings for someone too late, whether they are aro or not. It's a sad thing but it happens and hopefully she will be honest with her partner.

  10. You can’t ever know what or who she’s really thinking about, I would work on putting it at the back of your mound rather than trying to control her thoughts. I presume you both care for each other otherwise you wouldn’t get back together, focus on becoming a stronger couple.

  11. You need to stay out of this one. It’s your fiancé’s side of the family. If he is ok with dad 1 not being there or content on enforcing that boundary to make sure there is no trouble between them, then you need to support your fiancé and accept his decision.

  12. Honestly, I would continue the trip and go into the next two weeks complexly open minded. Learn and enjoy the sights around australia and take it all in. I would also take this as a two weeks to “remeet” and get to know your girlfriend on a deeper level. Ask her questions about her past and goals for the future. Talk about the same with yours. Talk about different life experience or events and reanalyse how you feel about the relationship and yourself when you come back.

  13. I don’t like tracking and would never do it. I’ve seen so many people who decided to use it when they have trust issues and anxiety like you described and then they obsessively check it thousands of times a day. That only feeds the anxiety and then it turns into “you told me you were going to Starbucks and I saw you at the mall??!!!! What were you doing!!??” “I can’t see your location?? Why?? What are you hiding?? Who are you with??”

    It just doesn’t seem to be the answer to your problem and I worry it will add to the problem. You need to address your anxiety and stress.

    He is an adult. If he hasn’t done anything to make you not trust him then you need to deal with your issues. He is an adult and is capable of making decisions for himself and for not doing things he shouldn’t be. If he isn’t capable of behaving like a boyfriend and an adult, a tracking app isn’t going to change that.

  14. You are going through the cycle of abuse. You are young. Go home. Focus on yourself.

    All of this is manipulation and abuse on his part. No matter how good he is half the time, relationships are supposed to be fun, full of respect and appreciation, and he is not providing this.

    He is trying to chain you down and you can do so much better.

  15. Hmmmm I didn’t think about it like that. At the end of the day, it should be about what she prefers like you mentioned .

    Is there any advice as far as how I can get her to be more accepting of the gestures.

    For example, VDay is coming up and my original plan was to have a sort of virtual date. I wanted to surprise her by having someone set up a table/meal and I could do the same on my side while we video chat and just talk. I’m not too sure that’s something she’s going to want after her reaction from this.

  16. Why would you want to be married to someone that respects you so little?

    There’s really only 2 possible realities in this scenario:

    1) Their relationship is either flirtatious or they plan to / already are cheating, in which case your wife is a scumbag and you should leave her.

    2) Your wife genuinely thinks this was just a thoughtful gift and thinks your friend meant nothing nefarious by gifting it to her, in which case your wife is a fucking idiot and you should leave her.

    In all seriousness, no one is that naive, your wife is either already fucking him, is planning to fuck him, or just gets off on the attention / flirting. Either way she doesn’t give a shit about you or respect you in any way. You will resent her and yourself for not standing up for yourself. It will hurt now but do yourself a favor and get out of this relationship.

  17. Trust once lost is rarely regained. If you stay friends for a LONG time you might be able to build it back up but there’s nothing you can do short or medium term. She’s not gonna confide in you again any time soon.

  18. Dude these are called consequences. You acted like a thirsty creep. Other women, and men, need to know who you are. Other people knowing about it will help, it will help them avoid the same situation she had to endure. Many women feel a duty to warm other women about men like you.

  19. That is the first signs of abuse she knows that you would try to come back to her. Don’t my friend like I said before their is a ocean full of women who won’t gaslight you and want a genuine relationship just gotta find them but the golden rule don’t ever let anyone disrespect, abuse, cheat or manipulate you into staying or being with them those type of relationships will break you mentally and are just toxic. Plenty of women out their who are not into this type of shit

  20. Your friends are right. He's abusive. FYI, when he's simultaneously demanding you move and spending all your money so you can't afford to, spending money when he isn't getting his way… He's trying to make it so you're incapable of affording to leave him. Also, literally your whole list is cons. You really need advice whether you should leave? You've given yourself all the reasons you need.

  21. Actually, yes, I absolutely believe that you would have still slept with him. What kind of person gives their phone number and starts flirting with and sleeping with the man that their sister is dating? There is no coming back from this. You've shown your sister that you have no morals and no fucks to give about her feelings. I would never speak to you again, and I would make sure every single person in the family knew what a back stabbing snake you were. You don't deserve her forgiveness. You aren't even sorry for what you did.

  22. I know how it sounded. Not good. I sound like a massive bitch in that. We both have flaws, switch positions and he could say shitty stuff about me. That wasn't fair of me. Im sorry. He has sang to me, taken care of me while sick, let me do his hair, made all the stupid videos with him. If i didn't love and care about him, I would have left him way sooner. I probably should've reread that post before posting it.

  23. I don't disagree…people do change. They also ignore huge red flags or dont trust their gut feeling before they married including myself. I wish I would have learned to trust my gut 20 yrs ago. We got married young because our parents pushed the issue.

    We all wake up everyday and make a choice to be happy, you make the choice to have deep respect for your spouse, you make the choice to have sex with your spouse, you make the choice to attend marriage counseling, make the choice to be faithful, you also have the choice to leave or cheat.

    After 20 yrs of marriage my ex-husband had an affair…it was the best decision he ever made. We built an excellent life together, we were a good team, and parted as friends. We both choose wisely from a financial standpoint because we worked so well together. We had a good marriage because we were friends and still are. We both had an opportunity to start a new chapter in life and I'm thankful to him.

    Hes been living with her for several years and I've been remarried for 3 yrs. We made each other better people but we didn't put the effort into our marriage…our careers were more important and we never had children. We had nothing keeping us together other than assets.

  24. I think you said a lot of really truthful things that are making me reconsider the last half year of our relationship.

    I think we do have a special bond and above all friendship but I can't make this relationship work one sided. We both felt this break up coming for a while but it really hurts when I feel that I tried my hardest and I still feel so underappreciated. We are each other's first loves and I really think I'll look for him in other partners. But I am young and haven't seen the world so maybe I just need time and space.

  25. Ask him to go down on you daily and you'll see how it's not normal at all because there's no way he will do the same for you.

  26. We’re in a open relationship cause sex isn’t a big deal for either of us but this is pissing me off😔it’s just sexually frustrating very! We are great together besides that

  27. Thank you she used to tell me that at the beginning of our relationship:) at 1st it was naked for me too because of the way I grew up but she broke that for me and got me to open up now am crying even more but I’m smiling at the same time it’s a mix kinda of like I’m happy for the memory and knowing someone I’ve never known is trying to help me but sad because it’s over with me and her thank you I really appreciate this

  28. What do you think the life expectancy of a dog is? If you’ve been dealing with this for ten years like you say than these dogs will be dead by the time your divorce is final.

  29. Thats the answer OP

    Seems you are a pragmatic guy, but if I were you, regardless of being in a relationship with your daughter's mother, I would go after trying to help her after all, she will also raise your daughter! Do it for your kid! Good luck

  30. Going to flip the situation around. You’re now the one who isn’t as involved in the therapy process anymore and requesting oral sex from him. He ignores your message. You send it again. He tells you he no longer finds you desirable and you’re not contributing to the relationship anymore isn’t helping the case. You don’t reply to that message in the past 2 days. He posts on Reddit that you are emotionally immature and manipulative.

    The answer in both cases seems to be: End the relationship. You’re not compatible for different reasons. Both of which are unfortunate. Both of you are displaying emotional immaturity.

  31. You are not in the wrong. Leave and stay gone! There’s always a reason grown men go for the young women. They think you won’t see their bullshit. Don’t let him think you’re crazy – you’re not.


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