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  1. You need domestic skills. If you want to co-habitate and online with a man or be a wife and mother one day, you are going to need these skills. I'm sure that he has more to say to you besides your cooking.

    Is this man an entrepreneur or involved in business or climbing the corporate ladder?

    You need to learn how to cook proper meals. You need to learn how to do laundry properly. You need to learn how to clean properly. You need to know how to speak properly and exercise temperence. Are you co-operative or are you disruptive. Do you understand cultural differences? These things matter, particularly if you marry a successful high value man. The higher the man climbs, the more his family matters.

    You and your boyfriend/husband needs to eat properly and be in proper shape, you both need to be presentable, and his home needs to be spotless.

    If your home is a wreck, your children aren't behaved, if you are disruptive and un-cooperative, and your man is fat, slovenly, out of shape and poorly dressed, and you can't cook for any guests that may show up, you will cost your man business deals and thus cost your family money.

    Alice Cooper's wife said it best “My job is to make this man look like a million dollars, so that he can go out and earn a million dollars”

  2. Every kind of cheating is irreparable. Nothing is the same after trust is gone, and you have already done that. How can you look that poor guy in the eyes while hurting him behind his back for no good reason?

  3. It's pretty universal. Being vulnerable is scary, but opening yourself up to the possibility of being hurt is how all the good stuff happens.

    Be yourself and be honest.

  4. Sometimes you just have to be bold and honest. Think about how you would feel if you were to receive a message that says what you want to say and if you would be ok with it, just hit send. You’ll immediately regret it until he responds, but it at least forces you to lay it all out and gives you the potential to build.

    This advice is from someone who is pretty confident in general until I actually care about how the other person feels about me. I’m useless at talking to girls I like because I’m an immediate ball of nerves. I honestly had to down a beer just to passively let this girl know that I was into her lmaoo. I didn’t think it would go anywhere but knew it wouldn’t have the potential to unless I gave her the option because I’m similar to the way you described. We moved a lot growing up and I think it really fucked with my tendencies to deeply bond.

  5. He cannot control his anger. These are enormous warnings. Do not move in with him! He is not a safe person to be with

  6. Insecure in what way? I don’t have a problem with my figure, it’s just that I’m not in perfect shape with a perfect butt, etc. so this is bringing out that I’m not his ideal. I plan to outright ask in an open way, and if he denies it. Let him know I’m not ok with that senario and perhaps ask how he’d feel if I was getting off to x comparable man in my life

  7. It sounds like you are both feeling hurt and misunderstood right now. Although it is your partner's decision who to choose as a best man for the wedding, it can be difficult to hear about their past relationship with someone that caused tension in your own. It is important that you have open and honest communication to help each other understand each other’s experiences better, rather than trying make assumptions or jump to conclusions. Difficult conversations can by hot but try communicate in a non-accusatory way focusing on what happened rather than assigning blame. If talking things out doesn't seem helpful at this time, I would advise taking some time apart from each other so both of you can take the perspective of being observers instead of making assumptions which may lead to unnecessary arguments!

    Good luck!

  8. If you have to stitch your partners mouth shut to stop them from saying ridiculous and terrible things, they probably shouldn’t be your partner because the belong on the curb with the rest of the trash

  9. I hope that’s a fucking joke. What a extremely creep response.

    Women are fertile past 35.

    And again, that doesn’t answer why you were dating a teenager at almost 30. Does no one your own age like you?

  10. Ha. What a dipshit. You handled it just fine. Clowns like that always wind up at some point saying the wrong thing to the wrong person and get their asses handed to them. No need for you to engage with such idiots any more than you did. I suppose you could have done the old routine that The Rock used to do where he would ask the guy what his name was then yell over the top of the response “IT DOESNT MATTER WHAT YOUR NAME IS” . Nah, you did just fine.

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  12. It’s just how we do it, when I’m at his place he would talk with his friends for 10 hours, and I would just do my own thing. But I also spoke with him when he asked me things or just said I love you etc where I did say it back

  13. I online with a septic tank

    If it’s yellow let it mellow ( till the next time)

    If it’s brown or bloody flush it down

  14. You deserve better than a judgmental, delusional partner. I say delusional because her withholding STD info is absolutely worse than her failing to understand that you wore heels. In some places, what she did can be considered criminal. Not ok. Spare yourself the heartache and move on.

  15. Apologize for being a complete idiot. You need to mean it and say you realized how stupid and immature it was to ask that not to mention insensitive. That in the future you won't ask dumb questions like that. And again you need to mean it all.

  16. Bidet attachments are like 30 bucks on Amazon and they are amazing.

    I spray after every pee not to mention everything else. My ex said he never realized, but it helps a lot (I shower fine but a spray every sit is still better).

    You say she doesn't have bo, it's just it could work as a compromise?

  17. He is intentionally trying to hurt you and make himself feel good and seem superior. Dump this trash.

    No one with half a brain would constantly try to correct a British person’s pronunciation. That’s just stupid.

    Good lord quit thinking he’s brilliant, it’s making you crazy. He’s not brilliant he’s an idiot that’s convinced you he’s smart.

  18. So you keep trying to touch him after he says no, get mad at him for saying no, then break up with him “for his own good” without him having a say in it?

    Man, yeah no, he's better off without you. The only thing he's doing wrong is still being in communication with you.

  19. Yea the more you think about it, the less likely it'll happen. You get all in your head and you're embarrassed.

    Just think about fun and the feeling. Also helps to quit jerking off.

  20. Ok, well that obviously changes everything entirely and you should leave the abusive partner that had just threatened to kill you.

  21. Yes.

    You are not ready to put the effort in because you need to focus on yourself. Separate in your situation has nothing to do with your feelings for him.

    You seeking for a reason to make you feel less guilty for focusing on yourself, and I won't blame you. You need to take of yourself first. You are young and life barely started for you. You two might cross path again later on.

    Do what is right for you. You online once only. ?

  22. She has a sickness. She is likely puking up a lot of food when you aren’t around. You need to get professional help to deal with this. This isn’t something you can handle.

  23. Have you talked to him about this?

    If you do there are a few possible outcomes however the only acceptable one is he makes a change and makes it stick. He might make a short term change, might fob you off or might do something worse but if you cannot talk to him in confidence then that confirms your relationship has no future.


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