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  1. We’ve been in a 3 yrs, and we don’t talk anymore since we broke up, as for the orbiting he keeps on viewing my stories and all. He dm-ed me to tell me that it’s better that he’s orbiting me than we talk, he just like it more to watch me doing my own thing. We didn’t end up well and talk to me like nothing happened

  2. This one situation you describe is highly concerning and scary. Maybe file a police report? There are many things about that situation that are super sketchy and make it feel dangerous.

    However, as to the larger issue of these disagreements, all you can do is talk about it and try to come to an understanding of how you both feel, and how to resolve these things in the future. There's no simple answer, it just takes communication. Maybe couples counseling would help.

  3. Seriously. There’s a point in the night for me where I’m done. Don’t want to go anywhere else just done. If she was that drunk her main goal may have been getting to sleep ASAP not what was best for her boyfriend.

  4. Treating her like what? Calling out the lie? Did you even read any of it? At least read the update before acting no like an ass.

  5. She cheated on you and lied and lied and lied to make it not her fault. She had a long term affair and got mad when she realized he played her.

  6. This dude didn't cheat on you, she did. He wasn't the one telling you he loved you, she was. He wasn't the one who promised commitment to you, she did.

    Stop blaming him for her cheating. She is an adult and she knew what she was doing, she wasn't taken advantage of.

    Regardless, neither of them should be in your life.

  7. I agree they should do both, but he still should pull out even when is safe.

    Tracking cycle works well if your cycle is stable and if you have discipline. These two are doing unprotected sex and can

  8. I think you should be upset that your brother deliberately picked the date of your graduation for his wedding.

  9. Just generally speaking, people in committed relationships shouldn't be going to clubs to mingle with single people. Your either in or out. If someone isn't ready for commitment fine… but don't fake that you want to be committed.

    In your scenario she showed you major disrespect and manipulation. You did the right thing since she wasn't committed to you.

    As for her crying like a 4 year old and sending messages… tell her to enjoy her life clubbing and leave you alone or the police will be involved.

  10. You’re being abusive physically and being controlling to a concerning level.

    The fact that your partner spends time with a grandparent and doesn’t want to ditch them is a green flag! Respect his time and you’ll see him when he’s free.

    You’ve been dating for three weeks. Sorry, but you’re not anywhere close to the level where you can request he moves his plans for you.

    Please seek a therapist, the way you’re feeling isn’t healthy and your actions are hurting others.

  11. A lot of comments have suggested communication with him about the issue. That is a good idea for sure. In that regard, have you ever asked what turns him on? He may have kinks he feels ashamed to pursue, and there is also the possibility that he could be asexual.

    In any event, a conversation really needs to be had. Couples' counseling could be beneficial as well.

  12. Kegel exercises work pretty quickly. It is a muscle. It will make the sex better for you, too. It will be easier to hold your pee. It is win win win. You are with a nice man you care about who genuinely likes you for you. This is easily and quickly fixed, stop worrying.

  13. Putting an idea out there like “ it’s all off of you don’t take my name” is some controlling bullshit


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