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  1. That's such bullcrap , redpill doesn't promote that , idk where you watch or read this but it's so off the point. Redpill is all about self growth, focusing on yourself and career.

  2. Once you married and you have kids, that should be that.

    Your life is now dedicated to making your children happy. Why ruin their lives just cause u decided you wanted to fuck women instead of men.

  3. ” At this point I don't even really remember what they did.”

    I don't believe you. You are sweeping their toxic actions under the rug and totally dismissing your wife's concerns. You need to recall what they did and why your wife has such a strong need to protect your children.

    You can not make everyone happy. Accept it. You can either be a father and protect your children, a husband and protect your wife or a dutiful son to make your parents happy. As it currently stands, you are failing at all 3.

    Start by listening to your wife.

  4. Document everything. Idk what state you online in but most started have a one party consent law. Record at the least audio. You're heading for a custody battle sir.

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  6. It was a mixture of both. He did not want to look at the pictures of him and her because those were happier times. (To me I understand, but keeping the tapes and showy pics was too much for me to have in a phone)

  7. You had money problems living with your parents. And you don’t think you’ll have them living on your own? You have some growing up to do

  8. They aren’t your friends.

    When you say you don’t want to pick sides and one side is innocent, you’ve picked sides.

  9. No one lives the perfect life, but I'd say you sound relatively happy.

    As drab as it may sound, this may be something you have to work out with the aid of alternative forms of sexual gratification, distracting hobbies, or by making new friends.

    While having thoughts about your ex isn't bad, it sounds like they are quite distracting and require a change in your routine.

  10. A woman dies in childbirth every 90 seconds, with an estimated 2.8 million pregnant women and newborns die every year. Maternal health is declining world wild, including in some developed nations. So yes, pregnancy kills women more than mental illness kills men, and having a former or current partner choose to terminate a pregnancy is hardly the main reason driving men to suicide.

  11. For a lack of better term, this is such a half-assed response. You shouldn't continue to be “friends” with someone if they're romantically interested in you to that degree and you hold no reciprocal feelings. It should be “You are pursuing me and I don't like that. I am no longer friends with you to convey that I have absolutely no interest in you like that..” If you're not into them, why not just stop engaging with them? They view every interaction as romantic in the first place.

  12. Honesty he doesn't actually sound like a “great guy” with the way he guilt trips and pressures you into doing something you don't want to do. I think you actually need to take a step back and really look at his disgusting behavior and response to your boundary and attempts to satisfy him.

  13. Physical and emotional and verbal violence leaves massive amounts of damage on the people who it is inflicted upon.

    Some people are able to form “healthy” scars around the damage and heal fully (or as fully as possible)

    Other people can fake it, so while their scars are not fully healed they seem like they are.

    And others still never even get the scars, the open wounds are with them for life, and they are likely to continue the cycle upon the next generation.

  14. So much yikes in one post… At this point you should just take the lie all the way and tell him you’re saving yourself for marriage.

  15. That’s makes sense then. I would think it may be nude for OP if they are straight, if he wanted her to play with his genitals. However, if he prefers not to have his genitals touched it would probably be much easier on her.

  16. OP,

    Neither one of you are a child, You each have cell phones with alarms. My wife sets her for the whole week and so do I. I don't rely on her and she doesn't rely on me to get up. It is our own responsibility. So If he doesn't get up on time or you don't, its your own fault.

    If he cannot take his own responsibility into account then how does he expect you to do it. Lay down the law and tell him it is his choice to set his alarm or not. You will no longer be doing it for him.

    Your relationship is already rocky and if this is your only issue this is an easy fix. He knows his schedule for the next day, set the alarm clock as soon as he gets home or he can set the cell phone while at work for the next day. Its easy and simple.

  17. This was a same coworker we were in therapy over about a year ago because she lied about meeting up with him a few times but swore nothing sexual happened. We had moved on from it.

    When an emotional attachment has formed between two people it usually will not end until the relationship has run it's course. Couples counseling and promises will not stop someone when that attachment has developed.

  18. Man, I wish this comment existed nearly a week ago when I stubbed my toe on one of my boyfriend’s shoes, which were by the bed.. next to a pile of his clothes ?

  19. Or maybe instead of continuing to try to force your foot into a shoe that doesn't fit you'll just go find something/someone more appropriate to where your political opinions are in this moment. You can't change people so talking is pointless. You and this person are incompatible.

  20. OP needs to establish appropriate boundaries if she has not already. No means no. Then next time it happens, have a conversation with HR. And, save all the flirty texts in order to back up your story.

  21. Since this has become a deal breaker for you, I would just tell him, “I do not like the way you treat me when your daughter is around and it has made me realize that I need more from my partner” and move along.

  22. Please don’t stay with this guy any longer. you’ve already given him way too much of your life.

  23. I can totally understand being jealous over seeing YOUR husbands face light up at the sight of sexy plastic women who exploit their bodies for a living. I too would get jealous if I saw my partner's face light up.

    It really seems like your projecting your insecurities on your husband about him doing the same thing to you that your father did to your mom. It's understandable because it was a very traumatic experience for both of you.

    Maybe explain to your husband that you not trying to project what your father did on him but you were in fact very uncomfortable to the point where you were pounding drinks down to numb your pain.


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