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i am Kati – murmur. and kaifusha – Annett, 31 y.o.


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i am Kati - murmur. and kaifusha - Annett on-line sex chat

22 thoughts on “i am Kati – murmur. and kaifusha – Annett the hard online sex chat with hottest babes with a LIVE Cams

  1. First question: what are the things she has communicated being upset about?

    Without that information, seems like a love language disconnect perhaps? Might be something you can both look into and try to understand one another better.

  2. Problem is that you fell in love with who you THOUGHT she was, a woman! It wasn’t fair to you to not be given all the facts as to who she is. Nobody could fault you for ending this….unless you can become sexually ok with the male body.

  3. Take fake phonecalls (it's important you set your phone on vibrate). Once he starts yakkin', just pull our phone out and go “I gotta take this” and go in your room.

  4. Jealousy is nude to manage sometimes, it sounds like you could do with some therapy to help you get ahold of your emotions.

    You may not get him back, it sounds like that was just one time too many, so accept that.

    Work on yourself and if you are meant to be with him, you will eventually come back together.

  5. Work on your jealousy and on your controlling (and probably also abusive) behavior. Then – and only then – get back in the dating pool. Because that ex-boyfriend's ship has sailed for good.

  6. It’s so difficult for me to imagine the situation… so a guy is about to bang her, you sit uncomfrotably next to them trying to get nude, your gf asks you if you’re all good – you lie. Then he bangs her, cums probably and she realizes that you feel bad right after that?

  7. That is likely. He's usually quiet when it comes to serious situations so I never really know what he's thinking. I've talked about my dad's situation since before the surgery, so it's something I'm OK with discussing. Just a “how's your dad doing?” would be nice.

  8. You're 22, you're an adult, that isn't being groomed….., unless you are a vulnerable adult with special needs

  9. I understand thebfeeling of disbelief you have. According to the 4 bullet points.. She is indeed trying to trap you

  10. Oof, self-esteem issues on top.

    He seems to quite lost with himself and his feelings. If you have the energy, you can try giving that reassuring he needs.

  11. That’s a lot of nonsense build-up about how nice he is just to say he molested his sister. You are unhinged if you stay in this relationship. I would never speak to this man again, let alone marry him!

  12. Yes, she should absolutely go for it. It’s unfortunate he doesn’t like you back, but you shouldn’t stand in the way of their happiness because you don’t get what you want

  13. He sounds jealous, honestly. Jealous of your progress and self improvement. And intimatidated, maybe afraid you'll “bigger better deal” him.

  14. Anyone have any advice on this?

    You and your GF need to stop heavily drinking until you black out. It sounds like you're both addicts.

    If you can both stop drinking and stay sober, you will see that life gets a lot easier.


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