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  1. If they can’t give you a reason as to why you shouldn’t date at all, I’d tell them that you appreciate their concern, but it’s none of their business. You’re both adults and want to be together. Try to find out what their actual reason is, because there is one. What are the differences? Race, religion, gender, social/financial status, etc?

  2. We recently got back together after our breakup, and I haven't thought of that behavior of his being so exaggerated like that until yesterday.. he's still precious to me although I started to question this behavior and question where this is leading towards.. and another reason is because I really am afraid of doing the wrong thing if we had the chance to get better with more communication.. But yesterday after what he told me (about bot bringing any other issues ever again) it made me feel some type of way about him.. I'm so annoyed I'll definitely discuss this with my therapist to see what's best to do..

    And about what this relationship serves me.. bow it's nothing but anxiety and depression.. but before our breakup it was the most incredible thing in my life.. we had such a deep connection which we're finding it really very hot getting back to after all what we've been through I'll wait a little more to see if our last convo did its thing or not + we have final exams now so I would never break up with him during finals it'll be so naked on both of us

  3. I mean not really? My boyfriend has mentioned in passing that his ex is pregnant? Am I supposed to feel disrespected by that? Like really we’re just so poised to pretend our exes dropped off the face of the earth and it never happened ??

  4. I don’t know where you on-line but that a whole lot of animals and some places it’s illegal to have that many so it might be hard to find a place to live!.

  5. i never really liked searching for anyone. i liked it to happen naturally. im afraid its never gonna happen in that way ever again.

    i cant feel anything through on-line dating because theres no connection of any sort in terms of where i know them from. its just an app. i could never feel any feelings even if the person is interested given that the main goal is to see if we are compatible or not and that again just turns me off and adds pressure

  6. Things women are interested in aren't real hobbies. They're just things women do in-between supporting men's real hobbies. /s

    I'd honestly call hosting parties a hobby as well as organizing outings. Social coordinating is underappreciated.

  7. This is such a good response!!! I 100% agree that contempt is the relationship killer; there was a study on emotional dynamics in arguments as a predictor for divorce and far and away, couples who felt and displayed contempt for each other while arguing were the most likely to get divorced.

  8. No but I’m not sure why you’re talking about being friends and hanging out with other women. I’m not concerned about being friends or even talking to other women. My point was that I think about having sex with other women.

  9. Don’t give it a few days. Set up the next date immediately. “Want to go out for [insert activity] on Saturday night?”

  10. Shouldn’t you be putting it on my husband to find time to make sure his dogs who’ve been in his life longer than me, are comfortable around his child?

    I think that’s how ill approach it actually. Thanks for the inspiration.

  11. I was 28 nearly 29 and my wife was 22. Married 23 years together 29. Two children. One about to be a diplomat!

    My wife was far more mature than I ever was, but once she wrapped her arms around me my life changed forever.

    Follow your heart if he’s not grooming.

  12. I don't see any good that could come from a guy that's this controlling and trying to keep you a secret from anyone he comes in contact with

  13. Why? Because she was your only female friend? Most of the time, when we are friends with someone, we JUST want friendship. Not to date them, and no, not to have sex with them. Friends are for friendship, not sex. 99% of the time.

    Have you ever talked about what she wants out of her love life? Whether she even believes in FWB? Have you ever explored whether she and you have chemistry and would like to explore that?

  14. Be honest.. especially if it's a romantic relationship. It's not going to last if both ends can't accept one another. Just let him know what kind of background you are in, he is bound to find out sooner or later anyway.

    But again, be honest to yourself. What are you after out of him? If it's not his financial status, be clean with him about it to prevent misunderstandings. Have some pride in yourself, self love is just as important. Everyone have their own issues in life. If you really do need help, let him do so if he offers it but do so with moderation. He may choose to be a self sacrificing hero but it will only make things awkward in the future if things turns sour. Your family's problem isn't his to bear end of the day.

  15. Firstly. Showering after sex does nothing to prevent pregnancy. I hope those condoms don't break.

    Secondly..you need to consider if you are willing to spend the rest of your life tied to this adult child whether in a relationship or co-parenting.

    I would not.

    Set your boundaries. With no room to overstep…and take the pill. Your hormones will go back to normal after about 3 months. I don't think 3 months is too very hot to endure for peace of mind

  16. Stop going to visit them as often. When they ask you why, tell them it’s because going to visit them is painful because they continually bring up something that is painful to you even though you have asked them not to many times. Tell them you don’t want to constantly be berated about this.

    Also, are they aware of the reason you cut contact with your father? If he did something really bad to you and they know it and still want you to stay in contact with him, then what does that say about them??

  17. Any time he brings me along (out of respect for our relationship), his ex/sponsor mentions the sponsorship and reminds him their court date is coming up.

    If this is real….stop going “along” whatever that means. Showing “respect” for your relationship just isn't worth his life? I feel like at 30 you are too old for this Romeo and juilet stuff.

    Ex is abusive but isn't sponsorship like a financial obligation for years? This is a really weird decision to be bringing your new Gf around your ex who is sponsoring you before you've gone through whatever legal hurdles needed to get the visa. If ex sponsored him on the basis of a relationship it would actually be a really dumb choice to go through with the sponsorship from their perspective (even if they are a pos), all risk, no reward. So adding in something else to discourage the ex from going thru with it is…a choice.

    You are making really awful choices because you are jealous (if you are pushing this respect thing) or he is dumb/spiteful/worried you will dump him if he doesn't.

    Sorry it's harsh/uncaring.

    The other thing to do would try and consult some kind of legal aid about asylum if he will be imprisoned upon return. You'll have to look into your country's laws.

    Side note, a month ago he was humiliating you during/after sex, and was 20 while you were still 30. Age gap relationships can work I guess. But you are significantly older than him when he is vulnerable from abuse/trauma and it seems like you have moved quickly and it's very intense. I do not believe you have the healthiest relationship.


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