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  1. Na, I wouldn't. You don't know whether he is even disgruntled or if he's just adhering to social protocols by congratulating you and such. Regardless you don't have to have a special meeting or whatever to explain your wedding to him. I didn't even invite my own cousins to my wedding (and vice versa) for this same reason and when we have seen each other since, it hasn't even come up.

  2. There is this app called burner app 9.99 a month 3 separate phone numbers you can burn and get new numbers any time Excellent for women IMO

  3. Presumably she thought you might be in a suicidal crisis or having a breakdown.

    Cut off all contact with her. But make sure you are working on your mental health and cooperating with your therapist.

  4. I'll agree that there are a number of red flags in OPs retelling. But try to keep a few things in perspective:

    When she got the text from her ex, did she tell you or did you see it? Because if she told you, that's trust.

    Knowing that she had the text, did you monitor her behaviour for any sudden shifts? Because if you look for something hard enough, you'll find it, whether it's there or not. And the things you do find may seem far worse than they would have appeared normally.

    Have you seen her in a depressive episode before? We all wear our emotional distress in different ways. Shutting down and keeping to herself are classic depressive signs. Being on her phone might be how she copes. And the snapchats may not even be sent, she might be practising faking a smile so she can work up the strength to hide how horrible she's feeling around friends or co-workers – but around you she doesn't feel the need to keep up a facade. And that too is a sign of trust.

    Again, there are several red flags here, and the majority may well be right. And of course that's something you need to be prepared for. But allow for the possibility that she's being honest. I've had ex's who were horribly toxic, liars and cheaters and abusers, and I know the effect they still have on me to this day when I think about them. For all you know, he could have been a narcissistic violent sociopath, the kind that has all the charm in the world in public but is evil behind closed doors. And if he hurt her – and I mean really hurt her – her reaction could anything.

    I suggest you sit down with her and ask her to tell you exactly what he was like, the sort of things he put her through. It's possible that it's something she's never discussed with anyone before, and talking about it may help. Don't be so ready to throw your relationship away, or you're no better than what you fear she is

  5. Not necessarily tiny. My husband was 11lbz. That’s only a 1:10 scale of a small woman. 1:15 of the average human.

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  7. “I always walk this path and see that huge beehive, since today is my last time around, I'll nock it off, what could happen…?”

  8. Yeah…

    What sucks is that they really were kind to me, and to everyone. And at times, they did seem interested, and they would flirt with me, albeit in weird ways. I don't know. I did try to treat them right, though.

    But oh well! If they don't want to date me, then I should respect that.

  9. Have you tried working out? I work from home and recently came into a similar issue with my GF.

    I've been doing mini workout breaks throughout the day to boost blood flow and testosterone

  10. I mean clearly alcohol was the cause, you can ask him to not get drunk without you,or someone else he can really rely on, around. If this is how he becomes in general it might better if he agrees to not get drunk at all.

  11. Probably explains why he's lonely in the first place.

    His wife dumped his ass after two kids. Then left…. I'd like to know what the reason was, bc nobody that nuts would divorce a millionaire for nothing. There's gotta be a red flag situation that everybody's ignoring, but I'm being called an asshole for noticing his creepy, obsessive vibes towards women, specifically, young ones like myself.

    Sorry for such a late reply? Reddit kept hiding your message on me?

  12. Replace jerking off with alcohol. Explain tossing and turning until 2am before giving in and having a drink so they can sleep.

    Masteubation in a marriage is fine but this is addiction.

  13. What would be the difference in the logic here if she had had sex with this person but promised herself not to do it again?

    It would still upend his life, he would still know she had wandering eyes, and if she hid it she could start dating her husband again. What makes “almost cheating” different here? She still entertained another man and almost went back to his room.

  14. He professed his love for her and then she took her opportunity to fuck another dude while he was away. If that ain’t for the streets then idk what is ?

  15. The planet is filled with billions of men. You have a broken one. “I will tell your mummy on you!”- and you're going to stick with a guy who would say that to you and actually act on it.??? Get the heck out of that non-relationship before it's too late. Or failing that, next time you argue call up his mummy and daddy see how he likes that. But please tell us more. There's got to be more to this weird stuff than what you've just told us here. If he's like that about an argument, what other stuff does he do??

  16. You don’t need anyone’s permission to buy a car. But I would work out the budget. Buying a $30k car with $60k annual seems a little much. Perhaps look for newer user car instead of buying new.

  17. However we did meet right after I moved into a new state and didn’t know anybody. He’s given me a timeline too on when he wants to buy a home but “forgets” how serious I take getting engaged or married prior to buying property. It does make me considered that I’m being led into a trap.

  18. I wouldn't make a joke out of it just yet but I would ask him if he's okay. I have stomach issues and stuff like this has happened to me before. It's nothing to be embarrassed by. It will wash out of the sheets and blankets.

  19. Yeah but anecdotes don’t change the fact that they usually are. Her neediness is likely extremely unnecessary.

  20. She picked a fight and expected you to finish it? While recovering from a back surgery? Your wife is an immature idiot-child and could potentially get you killed one day if she picks a fight with the wrong person. I'm not sure there's much else to be said about that.

    If she is 100% serious about getting a divorce over this, I would say 100% go through with it and count your blessings. I know you love her, but this is undeniably a major red flag you cannot ignore.

  21. It’s good your dad feels comfortable talking to your boyfriend, another man, about his feelings.

    You boyfriend was probably in a tough situation and knew how you would respond.

    Don’t hold this against him.

  22. YOU ARENT OWED ANYTHING. it’s your fathers decision, he clearly made his choices for a reason because look at you. Look at how you’re acting. you are selfish, you like drama, you want to stir shit up because you aren’t the center of attention. This is not healthy.

    You want to be purposely blind to WHY your dad would want to keep this from you. You know why. Now all you’re doing is complaining that it happened and not thinking about why it must be so. Well I can tell you right now. It’s because you’re a drama queen and blow shit out of proportion to make it about you.

    Guess what. It’s not all about you, and the sooner you accept that and stop to take a good look at yourself and realize the reason it was kept from you is exactly because of this behavior, the sooner you realize that and cut that shit out, maybe things wont be kept from you. But clearly it’s because of how you’re acting. There comes a point where you can only blame yourself, and you’re choosing to whine about it rather than accept maybe he had his good reasons. You have no self reflection and hold no accountability to yourself n

  23. I agree with this. I have HPV and have had a couple of episodes of genital warts from it (last occasion was over 15 years ago) but I still disclose it as it could flare up and firstly my partner has a right to know, secondly, if undisclosed then a flare up could convince a partner I’ve cheated when I haven’t. OP, chances are she may never have a flare up, but she has been honest with you from the start which indicates she has respect for you. Herpes is no different to cold sores, people can’t help carrying the virus but if they disclose flare ups they keep everyone safer.

  24. Is your husband Filipino or something? Don't know much other people who blatantly care about darkened patches of skin than Filipinos. (Other nationalities probably do it too but I can assure you, if you grew up in the Philippines, and especially if you're a woman, you're probably extremely conscious about dark underarms. Thankfully a lot of women have started being kind about it on-line. But if someone posts a photo and their underarms are a tad dark, you can be sure there's at least one Filipino commenting about it.)

    Anyway, it is perfectly normal to get hyperpigmentation during pregnancy. And other pretty superficial issues. You're forming a baby in you so your body is not at it's “normal” state. Don't let your husband tell you how to feel. Only creeps and pervs would be staring at your underarms.

    If he does this again, go out with a friend instead!

  25. Came here to say this That read to me like she’s expecting to pop over later and just pick up the tickets and then run off to Bora-Bora (or wherever OP was planning on going) with her new bestie.

    OP, please update us when you find out. And do not give her those tickets under any circumstances. I guarantee tho, she thinks that it was a gift to her and so therefore she gets the tickets. Because she doesn’t want to go with you anymore, you see. That will be her logic. Watch.

  26. Definitely discuss kinks and fetishes! Find out what he likes, tell him what you like and try it. Buy yourself some lingerie YOU feel sexy in, because 10/10 when you feel sexy you look sexy. Confidence and enthusiasm is key in healthy, great sex.

    Compliment his body. Tell him what gets you hard about him. Is it his muscles? When he touches you in a certain place? When he says something specific? Remind him you find him sexy and get his confidence up too.

    Sex should not be just about the pleasure when finishing. It should be fun and emotional.

    Bring toys into it if you want to. I've had exes feel offended when I wanted to bring my vibrator in, my current partner loves watching me get myself off. Hearing him moan whilst watching and touching me makes it better for me too.

    Talking about it is 100% the answer. But as you plan to, converse around what you want to try and what will make it better, rather than pointing out there's a problem and something needs to change. Make it a positive conversation.


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