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  1. Are you changing things so you can always work with him? Do you try to make sure you hang with him and speak to him at work? Basically, are you acting on the crush? If not, then you're fine, it's natural to feel an attraction to another person, people have crushes on celebrities whilst being in relationships all the time, but it's acting on that crush that will make it an issue. If you find yourself thinking about the crush more than your partner, then there's a problem.

  2. Thats fair. But again, you two are newly together. That's akward as is… it's very hot to go to a bar or event and be like 'it's about me. But here's my boyfriend. Here's my friends…' it's easier to go and have fun in the moment. And apparently her friends knew the dude. Tbh I'd just watch though. Because it's weird that they didn't even voice 'arnt you dating someone?'

  3. Also I just want to suggest this too.

    This can also be a sign he’s experiencing a depression of some sort, or something else might be bothering him. So when you do talk to him, be open to listening to him if he’s going through something.

  4. Well something like this happened to me, my dress fell down by accident. It was mortifying and my friend still dropped me after that night because of her own insecurities. Honestly I have a very hot time believing this story is real or occurred exactly as described.

  5. How did he respond? Just told you he felt it should be okay for him to go anyway? In that case he is being selfish and doesn’t care for you as much as you care for him.

  6. Hey man, hate to break it to you but the “hobbies and metal health” rational is very likely a thinly veiled excuse to make breaking up easier for both of you.

    No one is like “I can paint with you but I would rather be painting in my attic at the house where my abusive grandma lives and so now we need to break up”. Also one can go to therapy to work on their mental health, it doesn’t require exiting a relationship.

    The most likely outcome is that she just wanted to break up. That could be self sabotage, that could be incompatibility, that could just be the fact you are both young. In any case, the only sane route here is to take a deep breath, mourn and let go of the relationship, and move on with your life while investing in your health and happiness. Also it’s always good to reflect after a finished relationship on what you want and don’t want moving forward and how you can be a better/healthier/more mature partner the next time around.

    If she comes back around at some point you can evaluate then, but to be honest it’s not healthy for you to have a partner that just pops in and out when they feel like it so your best bet would be to just draw a line in the sand.

  7. Presumably you’ve had some sexual encounters other than these two extreme examples to draw conclusions from?

    Like not on a molly…

  8. Feelings of asexuality can come from a lack of self confidence or a lack of connection with your partner. My partner matched this description a few years ago:

    “The pain in my opinion comes from her not wanting sex when she doesn't feel attractive”

    We were like rabbits and then as she gained a little weight (I didn't mind) she became less interested in sex. I think you need to try to get to the bottom of whether this is a phase though, because as savage as it is, a sexual person can't remain with an asexual person for the rest of their lives, it's the same as your partner saying they're no longer heterosexual. Doesn't seem likely based on the info you've provided and more likely other factors are at play, but make sure you don't kid yourself either, being a nice guy now won't hold water in 5 years time.

    Open communication with your partner is the best way forward even if it's a difficult subject to broach.

  9. Your face will be next.

    Pack his stuff up and put it outside the door.

    When he threatens suicide, call 911 so they can assist him, then block him on everything and move on.

  10. I mean isn't what they just said what creeps use to get with naive 18 year olds. “You are so mature for your age. You aren't like other boys/girls? Etc.

  11. Its not a cultural thing. Shes probably emulating porn thinking its “what men like”

    Communicate with her

  12. She’s cheated once (regardless of the state of her relationship at the time, she was in one) so she will cheat again.

  13. It's more common than you think.

    I've read a few stories in r/mypartneristrans about break ups and divorce. We can't help how we feel about gender just as you can't help your sexuality.

    Remind her that you're straight and while you support her journey, you can't remain married. It's best to tell her now.

  14. I also think, that before you move your child in permanently you should spend as much time with your child as possible including overnight stays, so she can start to get use to you and if will go a long way with her adjusting to living with you full time. Also make sure to include her grandmother and any other family member she is close to in your lives going forward. She needs to know that your not taking her away from her family.

    In regards to your wife, it would be a very hot conversation, she may react badly, but she is going to need time to process things and decide whether or not she will stay or go.

    Good luck OP and please keep us updated.

  15. There is no normal – everyone is different. That being said, it is highly unlikely that he's found a girl who just selflessly gave him head on a daily basis without him even asking her. And putting that kind of expectation on you is abnormal.

  16. I would be very concerned by my ultimate decision rests (obviously) on exactly what he has taken and from whom.

    What has he taken?

    From whom?

  17. my partner will ASK me “is it okay if i have a say in your next haircut?” and then tell me a style he thinks id look good in if i say yes. if i say no, he just says okay and moves on.

    we will also go to each other for outfit advice and sometimes coordinate outfits together. he tells me he KNOWS he has no business in my personal style, but will make recommendations sometimes. or if i ask if i should wear something he might say he doesn't really like it but he knows i do so i should wear it.

    its okay to have a say in what you think your partner would look good in, or what you personally like, but you need to understand that they can and will say “nah, i think I'll wear this instead”. if he can't understand that its more than a red flag and you shouldn't date him, period.


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