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  1. Depends on his personality I guess. Once , my GF on that time broke her keys coming home late, and in a reflex I went to her appartment ( 3 am) with a locksmith to fix it. I didnt know if she had money to pay for it or not , so I payd him myself and forgot about it. In my case , I dont help people to get “payd back”, I do it because I want to se them happy. So a few weeks latter when she metaphorically threw a bed of roses over my head for the help, for me was exesive. A “thank you” and a little gesture the next time I had some kind of problem would be enough.

  2. As a realtor, I would recommend the free house. Even if it's a lot of work, worst case you could knock it down and build a new home on the land, since you already have the land you can build the house to the specifications you need for your life going forward.

    Friendships like all relationships come to an end. But I on-line in Florida and I still keep in touch with a friend in IL, and another in NV. Technology is wonderful like that.

    Don't base your life on what would be awkward for your friend group, you wouldn't want any of your friends to make huge life choices based on whether they would be able to see you easily again.

  3. It is sad to see people treating marriage as a prize they get for being a good girlfriend/boyfriend. There are no relationships without some issues. The other person is always different from you and thinks and acts differently. Learning to be together despite those issues is the whole point of a relationship. Changing each other is usually a bad idea. Adults can't be changed, or be happy if they are forced to.

    Marriages aren't something final. People divorce all the time. There is no point in long trial relationships, especially when those seem to last more than many marriages. Except that because your goal is marriage, you aren't simply enjoying life while in those relationships.

    Anyway, it seems like you have serious problem, and one of them mught be that you started this relationship with him while being very young. Have you had any other meaningful relationships? Perhaps the best thing for you would be to break up with him and find someone who is willing to be with you as you are, not as he wishes you to be.

  4. I think you should do what's right by and him. Break it off. There's no point in carrying a relationship where there is ko sexual chemistry otherwise you'd be stuck in sexless relationship. And since you want to experience sex with other girls go ahead and do it.

  5. That’s what I think too. Especially if she comes back in the future trying to get child support and it turns out to be his kid, having a child support check every month would affect his finances, which would affect our shared finances.

  6. I was the first person to comment on this thread and typed out an empathetic response… but ok. Again, best of luck.

  7. No, say how you feel, you have the right to your feelings but being upset that you broke up with him, wanting him to pine over you for the rest of his life is what it is. I forgot to mention…you’re crazy for thinking that

  8. Angel clearly had serious concerns about her family. If Angel was someone that showed reasonable judgment and was a decent person I would follow her request. Also, the fact that the sister is saying she knows Angel lied when she has no idea of what she might have said tells you the truth is probably ugly.

  9. Me and my fiancé both have dark eyes, dark hair. I have olive skin.

    Our son is blonde, blue/grey eyes, pale skin (that tans rather than burns thankfully) and is left handed too!

    Genes are a funny thing.

  10. Your boyfriend sees this wonderful and kind thing that you do for others, and his next move is to try to make you feel awful and insecure about it? Please don’t stop doing this for others. You are an amazing person.

  11. He never says anything with the intention of being mean or hurtful. He words things poorly during arguments, which can exacerbate issues. When things settle and we go over prior conversations, he makes a big effort to reword things he has said in a way that isnt driven by emotion. I don't think he changes what he has said to make me forgive him, as his explanations make things a lot clearer. It is something we are both working on – better communication.

  12. It was a drunk text on New Year's Eve…she's not in love with you…maybe a little infatuated… why break up? Have a talk with her about taking it slow and taking the time to get to know each other.

  13. I dont see any evidence she wanted to move more quickly. Sounds like she's not interested. You should just move on.

  14. Your husband withdraws and pouts when there’s conflict instead of resolving the conflict. It is toxic. Google stonewalling to understand this more. And consider couples counseling. You should be able to discuss problems and resolve them together with out resorting to you having to do it to him for him to even discuss let alone acknowledge the issue.

  15. Hmm so In other words…. not an actual relationship. But why would I be a flex for over two years? Idk I’m not ugly but I’m not like outrageously gorgeous either. I know he finds me particularly attractive. I’d say I’m like a 7/10 on a scale…maybe a 7.5 if I dress up.

  16. Your friend makes no sense. She's the one that found him hot. Her fiance is a pedo by her definition. 24 dating 20 is nothing.

    She obviously couldn't defend herself after you flipped it on her about her fiance, lol

    Hopefully, she'll give you a heart-felt apology. If not, friendships end. I'm 45. I don't even talk to people I was friends with when I was in my teens. My closest friends I met a few years ago. Shit happens.

  17. To add on, I’m a thin girl who exercises, eats well and keeps great hygiene, I send him spicy photos all the time, I have a high sex drive than him so he gets action whenever he wants, im kinky, we never fight or argue and always have tons of fun and are best friends. Im so confused.

  18. It sounds like you are stuck in the loop of not enforcing boundaries and expecting someone else to change. You put up with your boundaries being crossed so it just keeps happening.

    You can keep going with “he's the one doing something wrong and he's the one that needs to change” but it won't get you where you want to be if you are not willing to accept responsibility for putting up with it. It will just lead to resentment and a lot of unhappiness.

  19. I totally understand you getting upset.

    He tried to tell you what to do with your maternity time off. I’m all for shared parental leave. But I also believe fundamentally mothers need time to recover post birth, and that there is a fourth trimester. I get some people don’t get this because money, but it is best that mothers get at least 3 months uninterrupted to recover physically, emotionally, and establish feeding and sleeping routines that can be extremely difficult if something goes wrong. Then you can talk about shared parental leave. And this doesn’t get affected by you taking 5 months off. After that there is still 7 months up for grabs. If he wants some time with baby why does you taking 5 months prevent that? And most importantly it has fuck all to do with his mum and boss.

    I tried to write more points and was just getting more and more annoyed for how he spoke to you. I can’t even imagine your frustration fear and rage being the target of it. You admit you were irrational. But do not take responsibility for his actions. He’s been a narcissistic arse, a terrible communicator and immature. He needs to take responsibility for how he has treated you in this exchange and how much he’s hurt you before you can discuss the underlying issues.

    When you say how I’d you fix it I’d basically say to him “I get you have concerns. I’d like to discuss them but I’m extremely hurt that you would talk to other people and not me about my maternity, which is extremely personal to you both, that you’d dismiss my interpretation of how you spoke to me as a caricature, when in fact you were being very unreasonable and hurtful, and making a list of my wrong doings was just cruel. If you can’t speak to me in a way that is supportive, respectful and honest about how we are going to deal with the fact I am having the baby then you will have no say in how much time I have off and how I handle my career”

    Because ultimately, your body your choice. What you’re about to do is difficult, exhausting and you don’t need a man child making it harder. I realise it’s less conciliatory than some other responses here, but sometimes you have to put your foot down and make sure you’re safe.

  20. I meant I can't love him platonically? I definitely could be just friends with kale.

    I am with my ex. He just hasn't proposed yet and showed me the ring to show me how decided he was to making things right w me.

    If kale offered me a ring and a stable life, I don't know. If I would leave my boyfriend. I do love my bf, he has put me through some shit that I didn't get in to w this post. I think that's also why I'm thinking about kale too much. I'm still not 100% over all the shit my bf put me through and why we broke up in the first place.

  21. I would draw the line at hitting her in front of me. But he’s a good friend. Someone can be a good friend and a bad partner to their SO

  22. Why are you hanging out with him, passively leading him on and keeping yourself in this mindset. Why the fuck are you cuddling and having sex and going on dates and half of you are saying I love you. You have a relationship in all but name. Be broken up or don't be, you can't half ass this shit, people get traumatised from this half committal shit.

  23. You can be a troll dating a fairytale prince/princess,if you know that they love you that should be enough.Your insecurities are your own problem and if you really think it's normal to be possesive,you need a fuck ton of therapy and should probably wear a warning sign. Something like “I can't behave like an adult in a relationship” should be good enough to warn potential partners

  24. Assuming that they on-line in the US no, it would not. You establish tenancy after living there for a certain amount of time.

  25. Leave the highschool drama in highschool, no need to resurrect it. Like she’s still using her friends to communicate her feelings, why do you want any part of that?

  26. If you love her then yes you should continue trying. You said that you didn’t think that you did though so I’m not sure that there is a point.

    Well the point would be for the sake of your kid so that is a big thing, but not loving her will ultimately be a dealbreaker.

  27. I mean, you do know pretty well what you should do, so it's a matter of strength or willpower, because you're addicted to him.

  28. If you want to have sex with your girlfriend it’s a good idea not to put when she turns you down.

    If he would have just got off his ass and did what you suggested he probably would have had sex too.

  29. Crying everyone you bring up something important to you? That's not a marriage you want. I don't think either of you are ready


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