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Birth Date: 1981-01-24

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17 thoughts on “LeighAnnFoxlive sex stripping with LIVE Cams

  1. Yeah, I would so leave you too. So long without orgasms? That's torture for most people, as far as I hear especially for man.

    Let the guy at least mastubate if you don't want to have sex with him.

  2. It's important for you to take all of your and your kid's papers with you, things like birth certificates, drivers license, passport, and social security information. Include your banking info as well.

    If at all possible find a way to hide some money, so you won't be empty handed when you go. But what ever you do, make sure he doesn't know you are leaving, until he comes home to an empty house. It can be dangerous if he finds out.

    Get in touch with a DV hotline, or shelter, they can help you get resources, and help you make a plan for leaving.

    The fact that you are the primary caretaker for your kids will help your case for custody.

    Good luck, and stay safe. ♡

  3. Well if you have to be manipulative to get them to accept something that’s important to you, that’s not actual compatibility.

    So either accept that you don’t get to share every single interest, or share none.

  4. Thats true. And yes this state of limbo is painful to both of us and I don’t want it spilling onto our children

  5. OH no no no no. You cannot be her savior. Don't call her. Don't contact her. You aren't her friend or 'something more.' Lose her number.

    And tbh, you probably need to figure out why you wanted to fill this role in the first place.

  6. You're just making it worse.

    Don't contact her, let her go, ring a help line if you really need to talk, or see a shrink.

    Just do anything but contact her.

  7. The Discover page is based upon what accounts you follow, photos and videos you like, and who you're connected to on Instagram. This isn't just stuff that “happened to pop up”, this is tailored to what he's been looking for.

    This is generally true but not always. If you don't spend much time engaging with content on Instagram, your Discover page will be a bunch of scantily-clad women dancing by default. This was the case with me for the first ~year or so of Insta, because I didn't use it enough for the app to gather data on what kind of content I did want to see.

    All is a long way of saying that it's possible OP's boyfriend just doesn't use Insta that much, and that's why their discover page is all sexualized women.

  8. Even if paperwork is filed he could still be married to someone else. Perhaps they are separated but not actually divorced or something similar.

    Is OP on his health insurance? Is she listed as his beneficiary for 401K and life insurance? These are important questions.

    There is something very wrong here–it's difficult for us to say what exactly but something is wrong.

  9. He was frustrated and behaved poorly. It's not the end of the world. If he can forgive you for a complete lack of communication skills, surely you can let this one go.

  10. Yea that would be make me feel like crap. My fiancée who was engaged before her former Fiancé passed away. Rather than tell me I’m number 2 she told me that she can’t compare her loves for us together. That she has her own love for both us, and each are special to her in their own way. Going into our relationship I knew he would always have a special place in her heart. So right away I told myself I couldn’t compare myself to him. That I can’t try and be him. That I need to be comfortable with myself, and be me. Right away going into I told her that I wasn’t jealous, and that I wasn’t trying to replace him. There’s times she’ll think of him, and she’ll talk about it with me. Go over memories. You have to be secure for moments like that. It makes me feel good knowing she trust me to feel safe with those memories. Her ex after him wasn’t okay with that. Would abuse her and guilt her. It’s pretty messed up.

  11. Absolutely ridiculous to buy a house with someone you're not married to. He did the right thing and your resentment is completely unfounded. If you want a house, buy it yourself.

  12. He makes 7 times more than her, he is going to pay the VAST majority of the mortgage for a house that will be HERS and she's still calling him irresponsible. If she's so responsible and financially sound, why she doesn't pay her 150k half?

  13. Definitely move on. She has a lot going on she needs to work through. You’re wasting your time. Sorry.


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