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11 thoughts on “lil_martianlive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. I my partner my best friend? I’m broken up but he was and that was nice. Is YOUR partner you FRIEND at all? Cause he throws things at you and tells you to fuck up during regular conversations about normal ass shit. Not very front behaviour.

  2. He is still better than the guy who didn't wash his ass after shitting and pick out the dry shit from his butts later on.

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  4. You just saved me the hour of googling “cats eating popcorn” after leaving this thread.

    Thank you

  5. Thank you for saying that. I've always been expected to smooth things over between everyone and would, basically, be punished if I was being “difficult”. So it's really hot to convince myself to be difficult for once. I really appreciate hearing it from someone on the outside.

  6. I feel like she probably got it from sitting around doing absolutely nothing all day everyday for 6 years, if she does have it.

    I‘m not super mentally healthy to begin with, I went a year without anything, no job, no nothing and my mental health deteriorated drastically, can’t imagine 6 years.

  7. I already talked with her about everything, she told me that she was bored and that’s why. I’ve decided to cut her off so i can heal. I won’t repeat the same mistake again. Thank you for your and everyone elses advice

  8. I wonder how his company would feel about what he’s actually using the properties he’s managing for too. Personal use like that would be a huge no-no so it has to be something he’s decided is worth the risk. If there genuinely weren’t any issues, I can imagine how would just take you to his home.

    I would try to keep your distance for now, personally. You could even just reach out to her via her social media for clarification. He’s told you you can text her. You doing it yourself via another channel takes some of the potential ability to manipulate there away. But, you obviously then have to factor in whether it’s worth the risk.

  9. The best way to treat this, maybe its immature though. Is to pretend like it doesn't bother you. Its not your wife's fault.

    This guy is a total dick, and it sounds like you wouldn't like him even if he didn't do this.

    And it seems like you can't just never see him again, because its a wife's friend husband.

    So just never invite him anywhere, if he's there already, be polite but not friendly, focus on your real friends, doing everything you can to make them feel chill. Never look this guy in the eye again, just say hello in passing, and ignore him the rest of the time, eventually he will not feel welcome around you and wont be around as much,

    You don't owe him shit, don't give him shit.

    The worst thing one adult can do to another is remove all friendship, when he arrives and talks to you just say “hay man” and walk off.

    When another friend arrives “MIKE its so good to see you do you want a beer I bought some I know you just have to try, follow me to the fridge, Ill give you a backrub…”

    This guy will get the hint.

    He will either disappear on his own, or change. At that point you have the right to forgive him or not.

    Whatever you do though, stop talking about this, stop mentioning it to your wife, and other friends, stop thinking about it if you can, just focus on the real people in your life and how much you love them,

    Some random guy shouldn't be able to get between you and your wife. Don't let him.

  10. Your husband has been bleeding from the wounds you have inflicted for some time. He just hasn't noticed yet.

  11. I’m not even trying to be funny but have you explored your sexuality? I’m a part of the LGBTQ btw.


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