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  1. It's an actual chain of events that abusers do called, “love bombing”.

    The reason your therapy isn't working is because you're in the same environment as before. The stressor isn't going away so you're like a rubber band, winding yourself tighter and never actually getting a chance to relax.

    If you want to see actual change you need to get away from him.

    You should read, Why Does He Do That? by Bancroft. It's free on-line to read with a Google search.

  2. Over the top controlling red flag fiesta. Like I get it you have boundaries and he's just as dumb for agreeing to her tyrannical demands.

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  5. How do these guys find wives? He doesn’t want dudes to see you? He is trying to force you to do what he wants even if it hurts you. What was it that made you think this is the guy for you?

  6. Your gf deserves better. You have been emotionally cheating, you are lucky that your gf is so secure about you and not saying anything about you hanging out with your friend for 10 hours a day. Lol. This is emotional cheating on your side. If you still love your gf, talk to her and put all these efforts in this relationship.

  7. Bullies aren’t usually mean to everyone, they’re mean to the ones they target. Your son is unlikely to be mean to his actual friends (he might be but if so not as much as to the targets).

  8. Keep your heartless, soul-less “advice” to yourself. You are in no way providing any support OP came here for.

  9. Your boyfriend is a chump and isn't even good at being a manipulative cheater lmao. Glad you dumped him. It's not that very hot to make time for your partner especially when you have time to spare.

    It's even easier not to lie

  10. Glad this works for you but it doesn’t in all situations. I’ve dated really wealthy people before while being in school, and we had a similar arrangement. I didn’t want to feel ‘paid for’ and I didn’t want him to question my love for him, so we largely split things. It ended up with us living very different lifestyles under the same roof, and I definitely played a part in the demise, but it was very hot not to feel resentful at times even when I tried not to. And I think he felt guilty about doing things/ buying things, which felt even worse.

  11. Ask yourself this really quickly without thinking. If you have to choose between the two men, who are you choosing? Your gut answer will tell you what you need to know. You and a lot of people seem to think that an exclusive relationship is talking about sex. It’s much more than that. Who are you giving your time to? Who are you giving your affection to? Who comes first in your life? It sounds like you are giving your ex everything but sex and treating your BF second in your life.

    You are having an emotional affair if you’re even considering leaving your BF over this. You are literally choosing your ex over him, first emotionally and soon literally. If I were you, I’d talk to your ex and explain what is going on. Set him up with people that can help him besides you, get him in therapy. Tell your BF what you are doing and give him a time frame in which you will step away. My guess is your ex if he’s really a good friend would hate to get in between you two.

  12. Oh, that’s a loaded question. A lot of it stems from my past, and the way that I was raised. But that was the only way of life that I knew, and so I just accepted. I became numb to it. I was sexually assaulted by people who I was supposed to feel safe around. I had an eating disorder. I felt like I was constantly crying for help, but I wasn’t being heard. People I was supposed to trust, I couldn’t trust. Although I think I’ve come a long way from my depression, it still just comes and goes in phases. Now, my husband and I have been trying to conceive, but dealing with infertility. So I just feel very lonely. Like I don’t have anyone else I could talk to, because all of this has caused me a lot of social anxiety. I don’t have many friends, it’s very very hot for me to go out, and I’ve become very co-dependent on my husband. Without going into too much detail, this is pretty much the gist of it.


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