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Birth Date: 1998-07-31

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14 thoughts on “Lily_Delucalive sex stripping with Live HD

  1. Yeah. That’s kind of why it ‘lasted’ 4 years. I knew I liked him, so I stopped sleeping with him, and even talking to him all together for a little over a year. I really don’t know why I went back. I guess for the validation the sex would give me.

  2. HE broke up with you. Doesn’t matter if he wanted you back afterward. As you said he was hurtful in his breakup. It is your decision on when you are comfortable and ready to flirt. It’s not up to you to wait until he is comfortable.

  3. Some people can be okay with this situation, that said it’s okay if you don’t feel comfortable with it, but he should respect how you feel. You should be number one priority to him if he’s with you. If he can’t put your feelings first then I’d say he’s not the one.

  4. You absolutely did the right thing. She isn't that into you or she wouldn't have hooked up with the other guy. She also has no value of her body since it only took alcohol to drop her panties for her orbiting guy friend who would still be around for a second go if you tried to date her. She already has her “but I was drunk” card to play if she cheats. Nope. Thanking her for her honesty and blocking her PERMANENTLY is the best thing to do bro. Proud of you, man!!!

  5. Honey she’s not and never has been your best friend. Block both of them and move one. That’s girl code and she broke it with a bat.

  6. Not only can they cheat again, but it ignores the fact that eventually it will come out. Very rarely can a cheater get away with hiding it for the rest of their lives, especially if other people know. Whether it's a friend that the cheater wrongs or it's a bystander who sees it, or it's one of their family members who finds out, someone's gonna tell.

    What's the point in hiding something, only for it to destroy the relationship 10 years later?

  7. My wife has dating apps simply because we broke it off for a bit when we were long distance after university and she was using them, and when we got back together she didn't know how to delete them. I believe her, she's not good at that stuff. Your situation is different. You know she's using it.

  8. Every time I get mad or defensive about his comments, he just tells me that I’m overreacting and that I “take everything so seriously”. I don’t know what to do anymore.

    You're perfectly right to be defensive – what he's saying is vile and disgusting.

    If you told him that he had a below-average dick compared to other boyfriends, __I'm pretty damn sure_ he'd be upset, offended and self conscious, so why is it OK that he does it to you? If you told him after that “oh you took it too seriously” he'd still be pissed.

    Either talk to him and make it clear that he either stops or the next time you walk, or walk now. I don't honestly think, given that you've already talked to him and he dismisses you with a wave of his hand that he'll care and will keep doing it.

    Stop putting up with this ridiculous belittling and less-than behaviour, no normal partner should say these things or not care how you feel about it.

  9. 29m, have friends (m/f) in their 60 and friend in their early 20's we all just have a lot in common, be it music, hobbies or work. Its not weird at all.

  10. I’m glad you got your cat back as for your husband I hope he has diarrhoea for the rest of his life. What a cruel heartless thing to do especially to someone you love.

  11. I want to be on OPs side in this, but the sheer gullibility and weakness of will to face naked truths is infuriating me to such a degree that I'm steaming!

  12. Look, you're so young, it's a shame you're going through this. I mean, if you're already feeling drained with a relationship that should fulfill you and make you happy, well…

    On the other hand, I'm always a bit afraid to find posts like this from my SO. When I was going through a depressive episode I tended to complain about anything too, and constantly absorbing all the attention.

    Maybe she has some deeper issues she needs to work on? Clearly sounds like she needs a therapist if there's so much negativity around her.

    I don't have answers, really. But I hope ehatever you decide to do (break up, talk, try to make changes) makes you happy in the end. I insist, 18 is an age for growing and having fun and being happily in love


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