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34 thoughts on “LinaWitalive sex stripping with Live HD

  1. I mean you could just ask him, but if you make him a sandwich, try to make it something he like, see if his eyes light up

  2. What a mess. You can’t seriously promise to not fall in love with somebody. And you expect from a person to keep this word. This isn’t how feelings work. I have seen several decades on this planet, but the concept of a STR with a fixed end date is new for me. The second you enter such a relationship you will ask yourself what happens after the deadline. I don’t think you did anything wrong whatsoever. Regarding him I have my suspicions. My advice would be: take a step back from him. Find some space to think and to breathe. And no, you have nothing to apologize for.

  3. Uhhh, they are your kids? WTF exactly does she mean that how she fails to care for them is “none of your business”?

    I would let her know that she can either talk to you or to a family court judge because your very next action will be to call your divorce lawyer if she doesn’t start talking.

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  5. Whether or not we admit it, most people want a “traditional” relationship with “traditional” gender roles

  6. Not only does he think he's better than you AND half the world, he actually doesn't see anything wrong with telling you that to your face? Nah, I'd be done with that.

  7. Don't listen to your heart, listen to your gut. Alcohol is something some people call the “truth serum;” it shows a person't true nature, and when very drunk, will often unlock secrets. For the sake of your sanity and your sanity, WALK AWAY!

  8. I did speak with the lawyer representing the will and my grandpa and he confirmed the bank account was not part of the estate/will/inheritance. I assume it’s because of whatever position my aunt had that had control over his bank assets. So now I have idea if she is legally supposed to give it or not. I’ve never asked and I hesitate reaching out to her due to confrontation we had and probably will have again.

  9. Maybe just plan a dinner date for the two of, explain that you know you’ve been difficult recently and why, and tell him that you appreciate him being patient with you not being as affectionate. No need to do anything fancy, any guy would love something like this and it’s simple. If he has a favorite restaurant maybe take him there. Just a romantic night and telling him a few things you appreciate him for will be more than enough.

  10. I don't know of you're just dense, stupid or a troll but, you cheated on your boyfriend. There's no grey area here. You cheated by most people's standards and definition. The fact that you're so unwilling to take responsibility is a clear sign your boyfriend should dump you.

  11. So…. Hé prevented you from actively infecting an entire class with a cold during a bad RSA outbreak, and forced you to rest while you were ill. You sure you're 22? That kind of self centered “but I wanna!” behavior is more like 6.

    Beyond that, good luck finding a new boyfriend on apps. Having a name like Typhoid Mary will make getting matched not likely.

  12. They aren't your friends. No friend would 1. push you into a relationship with anyone, 2. tell you it's not a man's fault he raped you, and 3. definitely wouldn't tell you to stay with a rapist.

    You told him no several times prior and he had sex with you anyway. That's rape. Dump them all.

  13. I understand his perspective and get it’s frustrating for him. We decided to take a break for 2 weeks while I work on myself because he has a lot on his plate

  14. You can spend the rest of your life wondering about it or you can open Pandora’s box and ask your brother , I would have to ask

  15. It’s a lie by omission. Honestly as long as you don’t have std’s it shouldn’t matter, but it sounds like your boyfriend is gonna have a problem. Which is weird in my opinion. You’re 23, he should know that most people have been sexually active before that age.

  16. Seriously. Relationships are about mutual attraction and compatibility.

    Its crazy that you think you owe this guy a relationship just because he's a nice guy.

    You're not a charity you're a person. You need to start living your best life.

  17. This is why I was never internet in a relationship with anyone from another culture. I know myself well enough to know I would not be able to adapt to stuff like that. Relationships/marriage are tough enough without throwing things like this into them.

  18. You typed this whole thing and still had questions on what to do? He’s 36 and is not leaving home anytime soon. What kind of future do you see with him?

  19. Still isn't proof of cheating. Even if the FWB woman has feelings for OP, it doesn't matter. All that matters is how OP behaves. Sounds like he cut contact and was faithful.

  20. Either Mark lied about what he said, or she believed that you would cause trouble by being there, based on Mark being honest.

  21. I must be missing something someone please educate me, but here's my current stance;

    So I understand how her friend would prefer her friends(op) not sleep with her brother, but that said it's not like op is sleeping with an identical twin an beyond that what goes on between op and the brother is their personal business- what if they both liked each other an wanted to date? Why should friend/sister get to dictate who op/her brother date or have private time with

    Isn't a boundary “if I don't like this I'll remove myself from the situation” not “I don't like this so you can't do it” so wouldn't the friend saying op can't flirt/not to flirt with her brother make them an ass for trying to control other people's lives?

    (Again this is just my current stance but obv everyone else things differently which is why I'm being asked to be educated since I must be missing something)

  22. Would You Rather is literally a game where a person proposes two unappealing options.

    “Would you rather become suddenly blind, or deaf?”

    “Would you rather be covered in a swarm of angry live! bees, or box Mike Tyson in his prime in a match you can't tap out of?”

    “Would you rather lick a toilet seat or a restroom doorknob?”

    It wasn't an insult. And when she was surprised by his choice (because she assumed he'd hate Taylor more than Harry) she made a lighthearted observation that he would be surrounded by women there. Saying “you would be surrounded by women” is only an insult if there's something wrong with being around women at a venue.

  23. Do not change yourself for anyone but yourself! Also you can not believe in something for someone, faith has to have conviction and intention, and yours would be about a girl.

    Move on and know your worth. She did that for herself, you should too.

  24. Im 39, and i personally feel anyone before 35 is too young. I just know I still grew a lot in my early 30s, and im more settled now. I had my kids late 20s early 30s, and im done with that toddler age of kid, so that probably has a lot to do with it. 45 to 38 to me seems like it might be the same life stage.

  25. Not yelling back during an argument isn’t a lack of conflict resolution skills. When you get past OPs writing style, it’s clearly a fucking problem that they have had multiple fights in 5 months and she thinks “healthy arguments” and yelling is normal.

    She seems exhausting frankly and I guarantee her BF is over it and that’s why he shuts down during fights.


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