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  1. Sounds like your parents decided to homeschool you because they didn't want to take you to school or do anything for you.

    People here saying you are an adult are being ridiculous. Your parents don't sound like the type of parents who helped you become independent. Your parents should have said a while back you should be learning how to drive and help with a car, if this area is so dangerous to take public transport.

    Maybe you have to move to campus.

  2. Well good luck single mom with child. I know several. All struggle immensely. Unless you have or come from money or he does.

  3. Yep it is gaslighting and saying your possessed is ridiculous. He’s trying to make you second guess your sanity, your sense of reality. Controlling behaviour is a big red flag, sounds like things intensified when he moved in. Don’t let him get too comfortable. My advice is to think carefully about whether you want to be in a relationship with this man and whether you see it improving or do you see yourself 3 months, 6 months or 1 years down the line with more controlling behaviour from him and maybe even you suppressing a part of yourself and losing your sense of spirit and fight. That is what can happen and he seems very manipulative so I’m sure he knows what he’s doing. Recognise the signs and do the right thing. You are not obligated to stay with him in this relationship, remember that.

  4. I understand that this is a cultural thing and he has to follow these rules. This relationship is over. Accept it and move on. His loss anyway.

    However, there’s a piece of advice I’d like to give for your future relationships. Regardless of their background and culture, as soon as you sense that the family of the guy you’re dating has SOME control of him, RUN! Especially if he’s complying and is acting as merely a puppet. That’s a huge red flag and guys like these would never ever make their own decisions, let alone fight for you and what’s best for YOUR relationship.

    Find someone that has a healthy and loving relationship with his family, that allows him to be an independent individual with clear boundaries and mutual respect.

  5. Random aggressive behavior is naturally upsetting. You aren't over-reacting. This is a sign of unresolved anger issues on his part. He needs therapy and you need to tell him that throwing stuff at you in anger is never ok. Ever. You are not his emotional punching bag.

  6. Why is him misinterpreting things he was already told about and acting like a jerk about it instead of a earlier conversation which wouldn’t of ruined a whole night out regarding excused by messages two years ago he forgave her for an appropriate reaction to you is my question.

  7. On one side you are disgusting, on the other you are open about your horrible and shitty views and morals so…. idk

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  9. Thank you for the advise, but we dont live! in the USA.

    Where im from (EU) you have different possibilities: just online togheter on the same domicile, live! officially togheter (legal status) and marriage (legal status). Most of my friends without children have mostly 'officially living togheter', others with kids are mostly married in the old skool legal way. We're the first, so nothing legally binds us (i think). It would be different if our both names were on the mortgage, but thats not the case.

  10. Maybe you should make her a chore chart and give her a sticker when she meets your personal idea of how the home should be maintained. Does that sound like a good idea?

  11. You really must love your job. It sounds like you treat it proffesionally and then in your spare time you advice on for free on reddit.

  12. Of course you are thrown off, your husband sexually assaulted you. A husband who seems like he uses sex to get you to forget any arguments. A husband who doesn’t like when you say no. That’s not a husband you’re safe with.

  13. Loading all “The age gap isn't the problem here” comments. 🙄 My brother is 33 if he started dating someone who just started college I'd call him a fucking creeper. Js.

    But as for the post itself what are u looking to do OP? He apparently apologized so maybe next time you miss a pill and you are drunk make him wear a condom? Having a kid with ur 33yo bf at 21… isn't really a great aspiration for someone just starting out in life. Tell him you need to take more precautions and it better not happen again because from what I've seen with these type of posts there are always the same “accidents” that happen after the first initial one. He might be in the stage where it's becoming time to have kids and settling down like most 33yold guys i know but ask yourself if you want to take the risk or just be more careful.

  14. She found it really easy to cheat and evidently doesn't regret it and and hid it from you, her only remourse is that you found out. She doesn't regret hurting you and she doesn't regret cheating, she's only crying because you found out.

  15. Hey I’ve been married 15 years. He cooks, he clean, he looked after baby. When I was a sahm we decided on having the same “allowance” of discretionary funds. He then gave me 30% of his because he thought I needed to get out and about with baby and that I needed more of our fun money to do so. Monogamous, wholesome good men exist.

    To say a man can’t be “loyal” is reducing them to a dog – men are so much more than their sex drives. Anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong.

  16. It is an insane rating, i was always called a 4 before. But i just expected to be called a 10/10 since its my girlfriend and she always called me a 10

  17. OP, as many are suggesting, discuss this arrangement in depth.

    A few years ago when I was single, I was someone’s “mistress/side piece”. His wife was also asexual and the arrangement was her idea. I was a complete stranger to both of them. She did know about me and was alright with me. They were and still are in a happy marriage. Here’s the thing, it didn’t last because I as the other woman, caught some feelings and realized that I wanted more than just sex or even a friendship. So I walked away because I didn’t want to get hurt and wanted to be with someone that wanted all of me.

    I suggest you talk more with your wife and have her set crystal clear boundaries. There are also going to be those people that tell you to get a divorce but in truth, they just don’t fucking know your situation BUT keep this in mind.. you may have multiple partners, should one partner leave, you’ll obviously look for another. I don’t know how this sits with you but divorce might be an option down the road 🤷‍♀️ Sex is a super important aspect for any romantic relationship, you can’t tell me it isn’t.

    As for sleeping with your friend, DON’T DO IT! This arrangement should be strictly NSA and not between friends that you share with your wife or any friends at all. This is just an icky situation that you may regret later. Your wife is going to care.


  18. He pressed the issue and asked me a bunch of times why I hate it so much. Finally I told him it looks creepy and reminds me of a pedophile. I answered his question. It was not my first approach.

  19. I wouldn’t quite say I feel pressured to prove it. I can just see that it bothers him more than a little and it’s in my nature to go out of my way to make my people happy if I can. The longer I go not being able to help, the more urgent it feels. It’s frustrating to consistently behave in a way that I’m proud of but I’m still in the same boat I’d be in if I had been sketchy. Sucks that the inner satisfaction of being “good” doesn’t automatically translate to everyone else around you knowing the concrete truth as well…

    I’m not at the “what’s the point? Might as well do bad things” point at all. I’m just bummed is all.

  20. this depends how it was said

    if he’s telling u that he’s goin with the bois and u ask if u can come too w THE BOIS and him, well the answer might be no. if none of the bois is bringing their gfs he shouldnt either. so he’d tell u no.

    if u asked if u guys should go together just the two of u some other time and he says no, well thats kinda fucked up, why the hell not?

    then theres the possibility u meant going just the two of u some other time but he understood that u wanted to highjack the bois trip.

    it all depends how it was said and wat either of u may or may not have miss understood

  21. Just dump him. Be very clear that his lying is to blame for it. You are way too young to waste time on this guy.

  22. I had no idea about these day trips, jfc, that's shocking. There are so many places in the US where if you're willing to show up to help daily, they'll take you every day. Don't even need to leave your own city. It is a lot of work, though

  23. How long have you been together?

    Did he change a lot since you started? Did you? Does he initiate?

    I still find my SO attractive and still want to be with her every chance I get, but love and attraction change form many times during a long term relationship.

    It doesn't mean your feeling is wrong per se, just that you may not be able to recognize the change yet. But before you hurt this good man you need to come to a conclusion and end it.

    You are taking a path that could lead you to cheating and hurting him way worse than if you were just to leave him.

    He cannot help you much here, this is something you have to find out yourself. Don't drag this out and don't force anything just for the fear of regretting it or hurting him.

  24. I'd break up with her. What she is doing is not okay. You are young and don't need to put up with this type of shit. Find someone who treats you well. Or stay by yourself, nobody needs a partner. Whatever floats your boat, but toss this one back in the ocean, my friend.

    Also, I hear rosemary oil helps wonders with hair!

  25. I totally get it and have been thinking more about it.

    I still think that it's messed up for how he's gone about this week and trying to make it seem like I'm just being emotional without his taking accountability, especially the first thing being a gaslighting response, but I also think I could have handled this a whole lot better.

    We'll see how the conversation goes later.

  26. My body got the ick about having sex with my exhusrband waaaaaaaay before I realized I didn’t love him anymore.

  27. That’s not what they’re insinuating at all 😂 don’t twist it the wrong way. They’re just saying that having excess fat can put more compression on the vaginal walls and change its shape/sensation slightly. Also excess fat can be stored in the pudendum/labia majora, which might cause a tighter sensation/extra stimulation.

    Saying that is definitely not insinuating that smaller women are “looser” 😂

  28. I felt sick reading this, the disrespect is overwhelming.

    Are you sure this is the person you want to be with?

  29. I dont get it, if you dont have any expectations off of others then how can you even be in a relationship, it sounds more like slavery

  30. He'll “go hard” and take away your house and own it? He's fucking delusional and “going hard” in court typically means that you have the funds to afford a lawyer who's willing to go hard. He can't even pay his own damn rent and is currently blackmailing his ex girlfriend who's significantly younger than him. He's a joke.

    Block him, if he threatens to sue them let him. A judge would laugh in his face and that's only if he actually has any money to get this taken to court. He's bluffing, call his bluff.

  31. I guess I'm confused here. Why not just say “it bothers me that you have these pictures and I want them deleted from our family shared drive”. I feel like he probably would have just done it…? Like did you ever really express that and ask him to do it? It seems like you were more accusatory than anything. Maybe he really hadn't thought about them until you brought it up.

    I hope you guys can stay together and let the past lay. As long as he deletes them, I think this whole situation should be forgiven and never brought up again.


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