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22 thoughts on “Mariana

  1. Gonna recommend when reading a post this weird, check the comments because I can guarantee it's a troll reposter. This one here has been posted from the opposite gender perspective, and I also remember one with more details about talking to the date before meeting up. They aren't even trying to hide it anymore, incredibly disappointed that they haven't tried to spice up the story at least ):

  2. You should go see a doctor in all honesty…I’m concerned this hurts so badly for you.

    It might be a mental thing but it also could be physical, please get it check out! Best of luck to you.

  3. Absolutely, I would do this. I like to think it's a bonding experience. Your dog looks to you for protection when they're going to the bathroom, so I would look at them while I pee to let them know I trust them with my life.

    Also, why waste time to go to the bathroom when I'm outside already? It's a convenience thing. Sometimes I'd eat a bowl of cereal and go pee outside with my dog, or have a beer. It's an incredibly relaxing experience that everyone should try.

  4. That's how it's supposed to be. Especially a semi-public event like this (as in a social get together) it just doesn't make any sense. Big red flags.

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  6. I mean, that’s all fine and dandy until one of y’all needs to go into the hospital for something and the other isn’t allowed in nor given a day in medical decisions if the sick one is incapacitated. There’s a very good reason the LGBTQIA community fought for marriage equality so hard: there are real, tangible, needed legal protections getting married gives you that you don’t have access to otherwise (or need to spend ridiculous amounts of money to an attorney to get something close to resembling).

  7. Pathetic petty OP … get a life, and mind your business. She has issues… but get off your high horse… if you want to do good offer her help, instead of trying to ruin her life. The justice system doesn't rehabilitate individuals, it further ruins then. Plus they wouldn't waste resources prosecuting someone for recreational drugs…

  8. There is no getting pregnant later after this youre gonna be geriatric soon on top of this you were struggling to conceive in the first place, he’s probably just super nervous maybe give it a few but the whole choosing between him and the baby is messed up

  9. You’re 23, you are fully capable of using adult words and decisions. If these people are bothering you, you can A: tell your boyfriend these people are killing your vibe and you don’t function well around them. Or B: move out and give your boyfriend an option of finding your own place together or live separately. Talking shit about them while intoxicated is very not 23’ish to do.

    If they are renting on your property, you can kick them out. If you are renting on their property you can move out.

    Being insecure about your boyfriend because you chose to get drunk and not control your mouth is not your boyfriend’s responsibility and he should not be held accountable.

  10. If you knew you didn't want kids, why didn't you get a vasectomy? Ultimately, you cannot force her to have an abortion. What is your plan if she keeps the baby? You should understand that pressuring someone to have an abortion when they don't want to can cause serious emotional damage to the person. Some women who have abortions develop PTSD & are traumatized from the experience

  11. Her hours were always the same. We are friends on Strava, a running app, so her going for a run never didn't make sense- not like she left for a 3 hour run and was secretly banging a guy. And she was in the apartment doing homework for hours, like I said. She worked like 30 hours a week- so it wasn't a “I need to stay for a project” Occasionally she had a couple 9-2pm days, so she would come right home.

    And I worked from home two days, so she was there on her day off and she was there early on some days. Logistically I don't see any possible window.

  12. Jesus I cannot imagine. I waited until I was 29 to have my son and now afterwards I wish I would have waited even longer.. say 32.

    There’s just too much life to see and too many things to do before kids, that after having kids become VERY difficult.

    No advice, other than if you are not ready, that makes you two incompatible and you should split ways to allow her to find someone who will give her what she wants. I commend you for being the voice of reason here.

  13. Exactly, lets be honest, if these roles were reversed and OP was the one all pissy because he didn't get to have sex due to his partner being too tired and falling asleep, he'd probably get reamed in the comments, and I doubt anyone would be telling his partner that she needs to “reassure him that she's still attracted to him” like some are doing now.

  14. There is no scenario where she doesn't lose trust in you for violating her privacy and her space to think.

    This is a trap, right? For OP? I feel like it's a trap.

    OP, even if it's a trap you should tell her that you read her journal and hope (pray) that she forgives you. That's a huge violation.

  15. Thank you for replying!

    Interesting, I don’t think he was saying it from a “men will look weak” situation but rather from a “if I open up to her, I won’t be heard and I will have to apologize for making her upset with my concern”

    What’s your take?


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