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  1. If the houses are literally 5 minutes apart, this hardly seems worth arguing about… spending half the time at one house and half at the other seems easier than trying to go back and forth. If your MIL needs a break from the kids, the other house is 5 minutes away. If you want to spend more time with your mom, it's 5 minutes away.

  2. I would be … very concerned if I were you. What if he agrees to a 'less religious' marriage? What do you do if he changes his mind once your married? What if he thinks he can change your mind gradually or is (highly likely) encouraged to 'guide you to the lord' by the pastor?

    I would say that him wanting to be married in a church by a pastor and engaging in bible study and religious discussions with the pastor now is a pretty good indication of how much of a part religion is going to play in your marriage. At the very least, I would postpone the wedding. Give it some time to see just how far he goes down this particular rabbit hole before you commit to him for life.

  3. Ya just communicate with him and explain y u don’t want to be recorded

    And ask why he wants to record

    And have a discussion about it

    And you shouldn’t be scared to ask it’s literally your bf

    It’s not weird to talk about stuff like that with your SO

  4. People cheat and its not until you lose that person that it will make people change. I know iv been there myself, loved a man to death but due to such low self esteem and a traumatic childhood and addiction myself, and years of watching my dad cheat on my mum and the violence in my house! I never knew what a stable relationship was.. so i brought a lot of what i saw in my childhood into my relationships! Maybe thats a reason why some people cheat! Im not going to give you a very hot time because I believe you probably beat yourself up more than anyone of is could.. plus theres no way if she cheated two weeks ago, that it woukd show in a pregnancy test, it takes 4 weeks after conception for a woman to have a positive pregnancy test result! But whos to say she didnt cheat on you 5 weeks ago.. can you trust her words after her cheating! I think she only told you she cheated because she knows there’s every chance this baby might mot be yours, if im being totally honest with you! So in 8 months you cant get angy if they test results show the baby is someone elses, you cant always trust someone that cheats.. i think theres to much damage done to each other for you to forgive each other, why would both of you suddenly stop cheating now? Babies dont stop people cheating i know because iv been a mum & cheated on the father and ge was cheating me, but we were both damaged by our upbringing and other issues, doesnt make us bad people, but maybe you and your girlfriend will need to lose someone you really really love before you change these cheating behaviours like me & most people who cheat! Me i would never cheat again in my life, theres no way i want to lose anyone i love again through something you always always regret! Its never enjoyable when you cheat, it leaves you feeling dirty and horrible, but i just couldn’t stop these self sabotaging ways for many years due to past issues and traumas and upbringing! But thankfully iv changed and i split up with this man 12 years ago and iv never ever been in a relationship ever since then because i found it traumatic enough splitting with a man i had been with for 6 years never mind being made homeless and from being homeless and desperate for somewhere to sleep i got sexually assaulted all in the space of 3 days.. then i ended up in a psychiatric hospital.. as i just couldn’t take anymore! I was a broken woman… i was 27 when we split up and im now 40 years old and never had a partner or even a kiss in these last 13 years it was that traumatic for me… i do hope you both manage to change before you end up like me, no partners in 13 years, cant trust no one and if im being honest i feel really lonely at times…you dont want to end up as damaged as im am all due to you cheating on each other! Its its just awful..

  5. Psycho much? Be happy you're with a dude who's willing to drop everything for his kid, or would you rather be with a dude who's gonna bail on you as soon as he knocks you up and you never see him again while your kid gets to grow up without a father. Grow the fuck up and learn how to be a co-parent with them instead of bein' a toxic cunt.

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  7. He is an abusive piece of shit

    Your dog is extremely traumatized

    Your dog’s well-being is ? your responsibility

    If I had seen someone do that to your dog, I’d be in jail

    Protect your helpless, trusting, loyal friend (imagine this fucking loser doing this to a child)

    Eject this mother fucker from your life with extreme prejudice

    (Was I clear enough?)

  8. Listen to this op! He sounds like my ex who was 5 years older and would become upset if he didn’t orgasm.

  9. He seems super busy with projects and work, but the fact he hasn’t reached out since that day has me feeling down.

    He didn't reach out before that day either, based on what you're saying. So… have you reached out again? or did you get cold feet because you got in your head about the songs and stop reaching out?

    We don't have enough context to know what's happening. What do you want to happen? Want to text? Text. Want to hang out again? Ask him to hang out again.

  10. TBH in reality it's almost unheard of for sugar baby relationships to not involve some degree of sex work. A lot of girls go into it thinking that they can bag a guy who they can command at will, but in reality, almost no richer older guy is gonna want to pay for such a 20 year olds quality of conversation-only (no offense to 20 year old's out there but when the age gap is that big, the difference in maturity is quite striking).

  11. Same here. And currently still, although not from cheating – trust issues stemming from current partner’s addiction. I don’t wish the constant anxiety and second-guessing on anybody and I’m sure you’ve been there also.

    I agree though – marriage counseling and time to reflect. I just hated seeing all the comments jumping straight to divorce.

  12. And once again we see the mentality that's led to any woman that's in the hospital for a chronic issue gets a lecture from the nurses about how likely it is that their husband will leave them.

    “His life shouldn't be chucked down the drain”

    “He was young and naive”

    I'm gonna guess you're a guy, right?

  13. If it’s just a razor thing, again try waxing? I hate shaving. The feeling of the blade across my skin gives me the ick. But I do wax, not even regularly.

    If I’m dating someone that prefers smooth, I will wax regularly. But that’s because I’m fairly indifferent to hair, so if he has a preference ok. It’s up to you if that’s something you’re willing to do.

  14. Your wife cheated.

    Your wife lied and continues to lie.

    Your wife manipulated you, and when she got you to agree, she changed the rules.

    None of what she has done is ethical. I think you need to continue to reiterate that this is an AFFAIR. Refer to Ashley as her affair partner and nothing else. Drive it home. She seems to think it’s all gonna come up roses and orgies. She needs to wake up.

  15. Well all I can suggest is to try and help ease those insecurities, even if it means being super flirty with her after talking to a cashier lol. Like right you walk out be like “your face looks so beautiful in the sunlight” or something just to let her know that you only have eyes for her

  16. There’s nothing abnormal about finding this very hot.

    Still, I am surprised he wouldn’t want to have more sex with his 23 year old wife.

  17. He doesn't see it as ruining it. Just downsizing so it's more managable. The invitation are done and are being sent out today. Once again I will power through him being a stick in the mud. I know it's going to negatively effect our relationship but it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make. When I told our daughter I rented a church for her birthday she got so excited she wants a piñata at her party and she knew there couldn't be one in our house. I still have the feeling like I'm being incredibly disrespectful to my husband but I can't do another crappy birthday party in our house. Her third birthday was a disaster and it resulted in one of the moms pushing me because she wanted more space to take pictures with her kid. My extended family still complains about her first birthday because the house was so cramped and very hot.

  18. How is a 27 year old man acting like he’s 13 and “confused”? Yes it’s a red flag and completely unnecessary statements to keep you guessing, dump him. Who has time to put up with this nonsense?

  19. This is the answer. OP is overthinking it and turning something not a big deal into a Seinfeld episode.

  20. We know eachother for more than 10 years but we are in a relationship for 2 and a half. Im questioning if this type of behavior happens on other relationships or not or if I should accept in this case because is a sensitive issue for him He always struggled a lot with saying sorry and admit his faults

  21. If cooking is so relaxing why don't you do it more often, i think it's pretty telling that you thinking her 45 min of cooking is relaxing but you washing the dishes for 15 min is a chore. I think she also would rather be chilling for those 45 min as well.

  22. At 38, I can say wholeheartedly that I still regret allowing an ex to throw out a CD that another ex had made for me when I was 19…it was a live set from a DJ I really liked and still to this day I cannot find that one song I absolutely LOVED! Almost 20 years later and I still randomly spend an hour or two hunting for that one track. Don't let someone else's insecurity dictate what you are and are not allowed to keep from your past.

  23. It just happened so fast. I thought we were breaking up because of other reasons, but this just makes me feel like I was never enough. Everything is happening so fast. I just want to curl into a ball and go hide in his arms, but I can't. I don't want to disappear from his life, I still, after all this time, don't want to hurt him. Is something wrong with me?

  24. Not to be cynical or anything, but I would hold off on replacing her ring until you've gotten over these hurdles and have more likelihood that it will last than you do today.


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