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17 thoughts on “MiaDowell__live sex stripping with Live HD

  1. I'm you, but as a woman. That's immaturity from your partner.

    It's like they need to be in a relationship and have someone validating them so they can start reflecting and actually thinking about what they want in life.

    The only thing that is on you, is that you are attracted to women that don't have their shit together, and that are immature. Lile you want to help them grow and maybe that will make them love you even more. You have to understand why that is, to be able to overcome it. And the best way for it is therapy.

    Been there, done that.

    No longer attracted (too much) by immature jerks, so kind of a win i guess!

    Good luck

  2. Sounds like first love, I'm guessing you are young. Happens to most of us and it's a pain you will never forget. But when you finally get over it you will be much stronger and wiser in future relationships.

    The only advice is to throw yourself at every hobby you love. Seek closer relationships with friends/family. Find an adventure, even a small one. Eventually she will only be a footnote in your life.

    But most importantly stop giving her your energy. She didn't message you because she's over you, she's blocked you and she's not coming back. Time to block her as well and move on.

  3. Excellent episode rec 10/10 for horribly morbid joke relation 😂

    However, I agree 100%. He infected you. If he didn't know then that's something that happens. You take steps so you're both clear of parasites. You don't throw a hissy fit about your ass worms infecting your partner and her not wanting to have sex. If you infected someone with something then that's gonna affect sex for AWHILE at LEAST.

    He's being childish as fuck, especially considering he's absolutely the reason OP CAUGHT the fucking parasites in the first place.

    The audacity of this man is…. Something special.

  4. It's silly to be thinking of all the possibilities without even taking a test. Take one first.

    There's lots of reasons for a delayed or missed period that isn't pregnancy.

    If you do end up pregnant and you know you didn't cheat, sit him down and tell him you're pregnant. Go from there. There's very simple tests to determine if he's shooting blanks/is the father.

  5. It seems like he had a typical sex drive. You might view it as high because you don't have one at all. Both are ok. you guys were just sexually incompatible and that doesn't work for some people. I'm glad your boyfriend turned your offer of sex down because it would have made it seem manipulative. Best of luck to you.

  6. Well, I definitely have more insecurities than I thought. When I got into this relationship, I had been single for a couple of years, had done a lot of work on myself, and felt very secure and sure of myself. I was comfortable. Being vulnerable with him has back tracked some of that. Old patterns and whatnot, I’ll absolutely work on it. But, I think what irks me most about it is that he IS very open and vulnerable with me, but is intentionally leaving this out. I do know all the context, so I can say that as a fact. We’ve had a lot of discussions, deep ones, about our friends and loved ones. He’s told me a lot about each of his good friends, and he’s very familiar with my support system as well. I’ve shown him funny videos my exes have sent me because, well, we just share things with each other. And it just feels off, and not conducive with what I’ve experienced with him so far, that there’s an entire person he relies on as a confidant and he has NEVER even spoken her name to me before. What is the reason for that? I want him to have friends that love him, and honestly if I knew about her I’d be 100% on board and supportive of their relationship, but it feels like it’s been hidden from me. That’s what I mean by “weird”.

  7. It sounds as if there’s a lot you don’t know about her. You are having sex and you didn’t even know she had sensory issues. So. The next time you are together, just hanging out, talk to her. Ask her what she wants for comfort before the next situation arises. It may be that she wants you to go away for a while. Or she may just want you next to her without touching. Find out what she needs when she’s in a calm place. She probably isn’t capable of saying what she needs when in the midst of a crisis.

  8. Because she can still kick him out at the end of the agreement. But, at least he'll have some notice to get things in order if he has the agreement.

    Big business decision like this, especially in unmarried relationships, need some type of legal protection for both parties.

  9. Want some advice on how to navigate your bf shitty behaivor?

    Pack all your stuff, put it in a moving truck, leave.

    That’s straight up insane. One time it wont be the car taking that punch. Just saying 🤷🏻‍♀️

  10. we've been together for 5 years and are just currently long distance because of studies. i contemplated just not telling him but he might feel betrayed if he sees promotional material of us kissing or something, idk

  11. We have talked about the subject a couple times and she has reiterated the problems that were her breaking point. I’ve been fixing the problems she had but the problem I’m seeing is the lack of effort from her side. I just don’t know if I’m wasting my effort trying to fix it.

  12. She needs to see a professional, you are young are you sure you want to stay with her because she is might hurt you in the process?


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