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  1. What is wrong with you? Like seriously go to therapy or something, your behavior is not normal. Are you 15 or something?

  2. Also, in the post, it says she told him she would divorce him if he'll act like that in public and the next paragraph starts with 'we got the divorce papers and submitted the court'

    Like, which one is it

  3. Wow you can go out with friends but you can't do something as simple as wash the dishes?! Just…wow. Your husband has been your parent. You have done nothing for him. Of course he's sick of it. I mean three years?! Your poor husband. And all you can think about is yourself and your feelings. No wonder he wants separation.

  4. apparently controls whether his wife gets to leave her own home because he's so obsessed about the idea of his daughter's (presumably teenage?) friends accusing him of rape while hanging out in her room.

    Right. If an accusation comes, I'm guilty until proven innocent.

    You might call this paranoia, but women like Megan Villegas, and other false accusers, instill such fear in me. Like I said, you don't have to like it. As I'm not the only one within my (well-educated) circle of friends, I'm merely explaining the male point of view here.

    I'm sorry you got raped. I didn't do it, and frankly I don't understand how anyone can get any satisfaction out of raping a person. But I'm simply afraid of “mean girls”.

    You know where the downvote button is. I could not care less.

  5. So you don’t think Dr’s offices went to remote exams during the pandemic? You think they still saw patients like normal, just with a mask?

  6. That is very much the relationship I’ve had, we have never been compatible and she has always been very mean and controlling in the bedroom and I kind of just dealt with it because we have children together.

  7. The relationship is still very, very new. 2 months is a little soon to be all out extravagant gift giving really especially when he's said he's not into gifts on either side of the coin.

    Maybe with it being so new he also didn't have a clue what to get you and didn't want to mess up by getting you the wrong thing as well.

  8. It is interesting you keep referencing the kids choosing to be with mum over and over again – clearly you have an issue with it.

    You don't know how to make cookies? You do know that Google provides all sorts of recipes, cookies are easy to make and don't take a lot of ingredients or work. I think if you wanted to connect with those children that is something easy for you to do so they could have felt welcome.

    Do you often choose to not learn things?

    Your first Christmas together? You married a man with 2 kids after only a few months together? You marrie

    The children's presents should have been put away to not be a painful reminder.

    It seems to me that this is either a time you forgive him and continue with your recently said vow of “till death do you part” or this is the unstable, crumbling end of a relationship that wasn't a good idea in the first place.

    Sorry if I sound harsh, I don't mean this badly but I'm going to be straight with you.

  9. And even on their deathbeds, a lot of families just cannot spare 100% of their time. Living paycheck to paycheck doesn't stop because of a tragedy, it gets worse.

  10. You know I’m unclipped and aside from a few funny nicknames in high school Rumpledforskin. I ve had no complaints. God to say something negative about ur spouses genitals is not cool. It might be one of the most hurtful things to do

  11. Wow, just… I have no good advice to share that hasn’t already been said but just to clarify, just wow. Why in the world would she ever think saying that would be ok? What a vile thing to say to someone you supposedly love…

  12. you’re not weird or a bad person for feeling this way, but it sounds like physical touch could be an important love language for her. this is important to have a serious conversation with her about.

  13. You are not being unreasonable. Why doesn’t she work? Is that something that you both agreed to? Does she do the majority of the chores at home? All of this matters. How did it come to be that only you work but money you earn is hers too? Kids?

  14. Do not get married. Leave her. You do not have an obligation to her. Your obligation is to your child. Pay the child support and that’s it. Go online the life you want, less the child support.

    Talk to your parents if you can. Or write it out to them if they won’t listen. But you cannot stay in this situation.

  15. If he admitted to it, I wouldn’t be nearly as upset but his complete lack of honesty is the worst of it all. Thank you! Yeah, guess I’m gonna have to figure out what to do next.

  16. Stop blaming the best man because if the groom wanted you in his wedding you would be in the wedding. The groom is a coward and refuses to take responsibility for the choices he made. He should of had a conversation with you about what his issue were. This, not being able to effectively communicate, is going to be the downside of his marriage! Maybe you can attend his next wedding?

  17. At 31 years old- my first issue is why is not dating with in his age range? Secondly- he is a grown man. Respectfully, I have a seriously very hot time believing he doesn't understand the word no. Especially considering on both occasions, he stopped at the word no then continued to push for it anyway, which means he clearly understands what “no” means, and just doesn't care. And if he genuinely does not understand the word no or consent, then he has no business having sexual relations with anyone.

    Look, you said it yourself, you had to “justify” his behavior in your head to continue dating him. And while I understand you're looking for ways to “make it work,” there is no making it work with someone who has already traumatized you once, and continues to do the same behavior. He can say anything- he's sorry, he wont do it again, etc etc but his actions speak a lot louder than his words. No respectful man OR woman would continue to attempt sex, especially not with someone who was having a bad drug-induced reaction from meds and alcohol, after they were told no and to stop.

    A loving relationship respects boundaries. A loving relationship respects the word no. A loving relationship ensures enthusiastic consent for every sexual encounter. What youre describing to reddit right now does not sound like a loving relationship- its a grown man who doesn't respect the boundaries of his MUCH younger girlfriend.

  18. Don’t blame yourself. Maybe you can sit him down and try to figure something out re: Jack. Just some compromise you can BOTH online with. I’m so sorry, I can’t imagine being in this situation.

  19. It’s not free money! You earned that money at your job working. I’d be thinking about that relationship ?

  20. Not speaking to the whole situation but to answer your question, yes I believe $138 would be easy on cokes and sitting by the stage. The drinks are probably up charged to a ridiculous amount, a red bull cost me $12 at a local club, Id wager him and a friend could hit $50 on drinks and tipping the waitress. But that does leave $90ish he gave out, easy to do in a couple hours especially at the stage, I've seen people shell out $50 for a roll call alone. Lap dance would've been a bit expensive I think, for the budget if he paid for buddy.

  21. Historically she's had rather bad relationship with her dad and blamed him for many bad things that happened in her life or in the life of her family. I'm curious how do you think it affected my relationship with her?

  22. Im not sure why you feel the need to confront her.

    If she lied in the past and you have no trust for her and think this will end badly, than you only need to met her know its over and move on. You have your best years ahead of you still. Invest time in yourself, than find someone who you see a future with.

  23. I don't think it's normal to suddenly change all your furniture and artwork after a split. That stuff is expensive, and surely if you were part of that household it's likely it's stuff you actually like. So I wouldn't expect someone to suddenly replace that all.

    I also do think that for many people and probably more so men, they won't necessarily think about getting rid of all that stuff. It's in the basement, out of sight, out of mind, it's not like he is looking through it all on a daily basis. And what exactly is this stuff?

    Is it his wife's stuff or is it stuff from their life together? Because I don't think you can expect the man to erase his whole past, get rid of everything that might be connected to his ex, keeping those memories doesn't mean you're not over someone, it simply means you have a past.

  24. OP is in denial….she is trying so very hot to get 1 commenter to advise her that things can work out.

  25. OP honestly it sounds like your GF now thinks you might provide for her a cozy and I think she might be thinking more about your $$$ than you. She sounds like a gold digger. She see’s your bank account and instantly wants you to get a bigger house ? Wants you to spend money on a fancy vacation ? Yea OP if she keeps this up break up with her. Unless your completely in love with her and think the world of her I would think about calling it quits. You’re not her free meal ticket or buying another home. You’ve worked very hot to have a nice job. Teachers work very hot to but get paid poorly for all the crap they do. If she hasn’t talked to you in two days it might be time to call the relationship quits any way. Send a text. Break up. Block her. Never let another women see your bank account. Good luck. Please update.

  26. I would break up with my boyfriend if he tried to dictate who my friends are. Crosses the line into controlling behavior, in my opinion. Do you want him to only be faithful to you because you gave him tearful ultimatums? Or do you trust him to be faithful to you because he wants to.

  27. yeah sure 51% of humanity are all the same when it comes to money.

    So I'll raise you a Men are like that. They earn more on the strength of having a penis and begrudge sharing with the woman they supposedly love.

  28. Are you actually happy or are you telling yourself you’re happy? If your current bf is “everything I wanted and more” then why does your heart pull for your old crush? You may be having these feelings because he’s both nostalgic and you’re in a rough patch with your current bf. Or, maybe you’re not as head over heels for your bf as you were are for your crush. Talk to your boyfriend. Address what is causing you guys to have these ups and downs and rough patches. If you want to be with him, you’re going to have to work through things together as adults. If you’re not willing to talk this out and make things work, there is nothing you can do other than break up. No one can tell you what you want, you have to figure that out for yourself.

  29. Most people i know with a lazy eye mention it because then if her eye started to wander she wants you to know to focus on one of them, instead of the typical reaction of “omg what the fuck is wrong with your eye”

    You are thinking about this way too much.

  30. You think he’s aggressive now, wait until there’s a baby in the house disrupting his sleep. Your baby deserves better than to online with this level of aggression and fear. He’s an abuser and is beginning to test your limits. You’re not safe. Your baby will be even less safe. Get out now.

  31. Dating a 40 year old man who cares that much about his birthday is already a giant red flag.

    He seems very very hot to please

    Sounds exhausting and the exact opposite of someone I would want to be with.

  32. First of all $35k isn’t a high end car

    More to the point if you get into a serious relationship with someone who can’t control their spending and has a massive amount of consumer debt while you’re a saver…it will NEVER EVER EEEEEEVER work longterm

    You might not know this relationship is doomed but your brain does, that’s why you’re conflicted

  33. INFO Did your daughter pay anything towards bills or rent? Did she put in the bathroom on her dime?

  34. So he attempted to minimise what he had done, even though he absolutely knew that he had to make it up to you.

    What exactly did he need to make up to you if he does not see it as cheating?

    He absolutely knows it was cheating.

    But this gives you a glimpse, your relationship is not strong. He could not handle a few weeks without seeking attention and validation elsewhere. These are hallmarks of narcissistic behaviour. Cheating. Minimising. Love bombing.

    Decide what you want to do OP, but this guy is not it.

  35. I am by no means condoning what the husband said, but you are out of line with calling him names.

    He lost a child too. In fact, he was the one who was put in the unimaginable position of having to make the choice. Save his wife, or save his child. And in his hour of need, his wife abandoned him, leaving him to deal with his guilt and grief alone.

    What he said was terrible, but he still deserves some compassion & empathy. What he said does not give you the right to start calling him names.

    I say this as kindly, and respectfully as I can. Pull your head in.

  36. You both are adults. Neither set of your parents legally have no say. It's time to cut the ties and start adulting.

  37. Nope, he wants a FWB. You don’t want that. He’s not trying to get back together. This will just string you along.

    I wouldn’t do it

  38. This time you've got to pretend that you're your own daughter and not let people treat you how you wouldn't want your own daughter who you've raised all these years to be treated.

  39. The issue is that you can only become 60-70% aroused without mention of or actual roleplaying haircutting. That's not her issue, it's yours. She either brings it up every time, or settles for someone who isn't 100% into what they're doing.

  40. Yeah several girls I know received an empty box as one of their bridal shower gifts because “it’ll be his favorite outfit of yours” ? meanwhile they’re all wearing floor length denim skirt so as not to tempt their “brothers in Christ”.

  41. Her answers were bullsh1t. She is literally trying to take money off you and you are not even married yet.

  42. Her answers were bullsh1t. She is literally trying to take money off you and you are not even married yet.

  43. I can’t understand why he’s the one who’s mad at me and won’t talk to me… I find it very immature and childish.

  44. You “don’t want to get into” something that would answer some of your questions about this situation? Do you mean you don’t want to snoop behind her back? Because you don’t have to, you could simply ask her to show you it herself. Why would you not want to do that?


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