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  1. There are videos on YouTube of women showing why they wear a Burkha, when they walk down the street in jeans and a t-shirt they are constantly harassed, grabbed, touched. When she wears the burkha nobody looks at her. It’s pretty sad.

  2. Yup. Happened to me. I completely ignored her when I saw that she was not answering for no reasons, after some time, she was the needy one.

  3. He is not their father and he is tough on them. Most of the time they are happy he's not around but they do long for a father figure. I am very honest with my kids and I tell them all the time that I am not perfect and that my relationship at the moment is not the best but we are trying.

  4. Agreed, find another therapist. They are like barbers, you might have to try a few till you find the one right for you. I think that communication may help the issues you are having with your partner. It seems like he is bottling up some stuff and that’s why he had that outburst. Congratulations on the baby

  5. I definitely don’t think it’s an issue, as long as you’re comfortable with her often taking pictures and posting stuff. Some guys have trouble with girls who are popular on social media, but if this isn’t an issue for you, I can practically guarantee it’s not an issue for her

  6. This might not be helpful, i usually treat these questions like if there is a question maybe don't do it, but i think there is a fundamental difference between doing a generalized blackface vs a specific character. Generalized is more like you projecting your bigotry whereas specific character is more honoring them. For the record I'd think the same way when it comes to an equivalent action such as with another race. I think the best middle ground is to dress up like the character but not do skin tone tho

  7. 2 options.

    Leave. Tell your bf that as he didn’t do anything when brought it up in the past, and it’s still happening, that you are deciding to protect yourself, and end the relationship. Record him saying these things, especially if you can get him saying anything about cheating/having an affair with you. Then send the recording to your bf, tell him he has 24 hours to deal with it, or you will send the recording to his mom. If he says he will do something now, or actually does, all good, if he tries to brush it off, or say he’s going to do it later, send it immediately to his mom.

    Either way you should end the relationship. Your bf obviously doesn’t care that you are uncomfortable, that there is something wrong with his stepfather, that there is a chance that you will be assaulted by the stepfather.

  8. It’s not like that at all. You’re trying to be manipulative again and avoid the topic at hand.

  9. I disagree in my situation because I told him upfront from the beginning. Before he decided to ask me to be his gf. Before he fell in love. I was open and honest. He was the one who decided to pursue anyway and hope I would change my mind. Which I did not. He wasn't slapped in the face with this or steamrolled. He knew and hoped I would at least bend. Once I got across to him I was adamant about this, that's when he took it seriously and opened up about his reservations that I told him I understood and support his feelings about. But that won't change what I have voiced from the beginning and knew I wanted for 20 years of my life.

  10. Well played. I personally don't think so, but I get so excited about food I frequently ask people if they'd like to try mine. I guess the difference between acceptable and offensive is how you proceed to transfer food between people. I think there's a scale from airplane noises to using a side plate and passing it over; sounds like OP's boyfriend is closer to being a pilot.

  11. Yes I would stay with her, just because she was still interested in her ex doesn't mean she'll go back to them

  12. I definitely started to question her intelligence and critical thinking skills but again thought she is just “confused” due to past trauma

  13. Your brother is a good person and you’re a piece of garbage. You fucking cheated on your girlfriend and he told her which she needed to know what a piece of garbage you were. He should never ever apologize to you for you being garbage.

  14. Black mold??? holy shit pls go to the board of health or something that shit is serious

  15. Big assumptions there. Op has already commented that her bf cut contact entirely after being told about this.

    The boyfriend slept with this girl 2 weeks after op and him broke up. I see no reason to think this was an ongoing issue rather than a one time thing.

  16. You're not going to fix him. He doesn't respect you. He doesn't respect your relationship. He doesn't respect your son. That's it. Don't let your son grow up watching his father shit all over his marriage. You should leave. You and your child deserve better.

  17. she is insecure

    I guess one thing he could try is making her feel more secure. Understand her love language. Little comments go a long way. Tell her how attractive she is, tell her about all the nice things she does. Let her know that she is special. etc

  18. It’s a birthday party for a 1 year old

    She won’t miss having alcohol and if your friend is so insistent he should skip this party

  19. Think about it like updating your definitions. Computers do this. What is the software you used to debug your laptop identified viruses as aok and helpful programs as malignant? That's what you're doing. You're keeping out the good people and allowing in the nasty. Chaos ensues. Probably that's what you're doing. That's my best guess based on this thin slice of an interaction with you.


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