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  1. He says he trusts me, he said his actions had nothing to do with how much he trusts me but rather his own insecurity of what happened to him and what he tolerated in a previous relationship. I’ve shown him nothing but love and support in every way, we had to grow up very quickly together for reasons that no young teenagers should ever have to. I really didn’t ever understand how the relationship was because he never told me. He was hurting and wanted to save himself, he told me that he felt like it would change my opinion on him and not only me but everyone. If I’m right, I think this is a natural response to people with trauma, thinking they are being judged and secretly everyone is hating them.

    I agree it’s a non-issue for him to compliment other people before we were together. I was sensitive and hurting too. The reason for this post is because I still love him and before reading some of the comments on here, I thought that this relationship was completely over and that I should leave. Turns out if we were on a different thread I’d most likely be deemed the AH.

  2. which probs means I’m around 1600-1650 in in person tournaments, most people on-line just use ratings tho tbh. And it was uno or chess, and uno sucks as a two person game

  3. i’m against relationships with glaring age gaps, but i really don’t think 26 and 32 is an unreasonable difference. at those ages, i think people are probably at similar points in their lives career wise and experience/maturity wise (except OP’s bf who is a child). i don’t think this is an age thing, i think the bf is just an idiot who likes having a girlfriend but also likes having the freedom to have girls on the side

  4. They’re probably insanely disappointed in you. You said something completely uncalled for at these people’s worst moment in their life. Your parents probably think they raised an absolute trash person.

    The only thing you can do is on-line life better, eventually your parents will see that you’ve changed. The other parents probably will never forgive you.

  5. Her mental health is struggling.

    OP, I agree with the other respondents that the abusive behaviors you describe (e.g., her lack of identity and emotional instability) cannot be explained by endo. Was she ever examined by a psychologist and given a diagnosis for a particular mental disorder? Did she exhibit such behavioral problems before her endo started acting up and before she started on the hormone injections?

  6. Not saying anything at the party was correct.

    Not saying anything at all and keeping it secret: pretty shitty. Find a way to have a conversation with Olivia one-on-one.

  7. How is OP basically a kid when she’s supposedly the same age you were when you started dating your wife? But then again I’m 31 and can not imagine dating a 26 year old because there’s a lot of changes and growth that happens in those years as well. There is a massive difference between 18 and 26 or at least there really should be so I’m not sure how you’re comparing these places of life. An 18 year old is just barely an adult.

  8. No no I meant like I get very very into the sex and close my eyes most of the time. I’m shy and don’t like to watch haha. So I don’t know if he’s pulling out to change position or just pulling out to go right back in. It’s very hot to tell if I’m not watching.

  9. It would be a deal breaker for me. I fundamentally believe people need to be treated with dignity and respect, and an opinion like that doesn’t reflect that.

  10. Now you've told him the first story its going to be so much harder to believe the second story

    Regardless of his thoughts though it's best to get some therapy if you think it will help you

  11. Because she said that she was at risk of her life being in danger if she didn't get that medication. And I decided I couldn't take a risk of refusing.


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