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Birth Date: 1994-01-27

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  1. Maybe he just never has to use the bathroom? I’ve read that some people who eat the perfect amount of food each day never have to use the bathroom b/c their bodies are using all of it for nourishment. No waste, no poop.

  2. Yes, it will fit.

    The more aroused you are, the easier it will fit.

    Relax 😉

    You just need time and experience

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  4. You aren’t solving problems with temporary fixes. That’s just avoidance.

    The constant fighting means it’s time to end it. A happy relationship doesn’t have constantly unresolved conflict.

    Any relationship you have is supposed to have good times. It’s not unique feature to your relationship. That doesn’t outweigh the problems.

  5. But your SO turns you down. Why? Because 50% of marriages end in divorce (or some other large figure; I haven’t fact-checked). You probably think that’s a dumb reason to blow up something great because of some shitty statistic that has nothing to do with your unique situation.

    I think that example would be more comparable to someone saying they won't have a child at all, because a certain % men are lied to and told a kid is theirs when it's not.

    A better comparison to getting a DNA test done is getting a prenup, because there's always a chance of divorce and you want to be safe. Are you against prenups?

  6. He isn't. The last time he broke up because i had suggested therapy and his therapist had said that you're unfit to be in a relationship and you'll cause more harm than happiness to your partner.

  7. Tell your mom that it's not your place to tell either one of them who to bring or not to bring. If she does not attend, it's her fault and no one elses.

  8. The hive mind usually jumps on the wife bad bandwagon as long ad thr husband doesn't admit to screaming or hitting

  9. RUN. Get out now, this will not change. It sounds like he is enmeshed with his mom. Your relationship will ALWAYS have her opinion in it. He will ALWAYS choose her over others.

  10. She is going to be sexually deprived if she only has sex with you regardless of straight or bi. That's sort of the point of monogamy

  11. Depression isolation issue: approach it with I statements, dont raise your voice, keep a calm vibe, I would say go straight to the point if thats not what you’ve done already. Then all you can do is wait and support him.

    Support: allow him space, once he starts to get worked up back off, let him see that this isn’t an unhealthy argument

    Validate: Make sure he knows you love him, that you understand and that you’re staying together through this discussion

    Resolution: You can’t really have it until he calms down on the situation and he can have time to process his thoughts, cant rush this one sorry.

  12. They are hiding things from you because their relationship is inappropriate and they both know it.

    I don’t trust her and that I’m trying to get take away her friend.

    Actually, you did trust her, and she smashed that into pieces. She needs to take responsibility for this.


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