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  1. He can't control you. He decided that he wanted to have you get rid of one of your cats to prove your love to him. In doing so, he gets the perverse thrill of controlling what you do.

    A pet isn't “just an animal.” Far from it.

    What he's showing you is that his wants will always top your needs and responsibilities. Who wants to live! a life like that?

  2. I know they’re emit judging her choice to keep the baby but they’re judging the reason why.

    I just can’t understand it, most people who attend church of other worship grounds have MOST likely had sex out of wed lock. So just because you’ve had sex out of wed lock does that mean you can’t go to church? And can’t be a good person ? Does that mean you can’t pray, and do good deeds?

    What you’re saying if you coming one sin but you’re doing everything else right, it means you’re being a hypocrite. I don’t think that’s how it should be. Someone can follow 99% of the rules of their religion, mess up one time, and they’ll be called a hypocrite for a mess up?

    Now I will agree with you if she’s saying something Unfathomable like she …… took someone’s life but she’s debating on turning herself in bc of religious believes. Then you can say she’s being a hypocrite and I will agree with you.

    But calling her a hypocrite because she messed up once, has a life in her now that she wants to keep and protect because of her beliefs? I don’t think that’s her being a hypocrite. I think that’s her being mature and owning up to her actions

  3. When I was about 5 months pregnant I sobbed in a restaurant because they put Mayo on my burger but I asked for no Mayo but was too hungry to send it back

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  5. I ever only dated women who were at least one year older than me, since JHS. Never in the same grade. Not by choice though, it was just my luck. Then, over the years, i got used to it and it become a thing.

    His story is way different I guess. A cliche?

    I agree its a red flag.

  6. Came here to say this: HIIT workouts and sex take about the same amount of time and would completely justify why each person was out of breath and sweaty. As long as they aren't super loud, it would be easy to pass off post sex sweat for workout sweat and not raise the suspicion of Husband's MIL.

    No way does someone start working out in your home and your partner neglects to mention it, then claims it's so you “wouldn't feel left out.” Which is it??

    And, seriously, Julia just lost everything in a house fire. How nice would it be to ruin a marriage in the house it takes place in, resulting in the wife not wanting to be there for obvious betrayal reasons, and step into her new house and home? When people are going through tough times, they tend to be at their very worst. She may feel entitled to a little fun after all she's been through. I wouldn't trust her, or the husband, for multiple reasons! Omitting working out together, claiming it's for OPs own good so she doesn't feel left out, getting defensive and shooting an accusation back (“you've made up your mind”) in order to deflect blame back to the one with legit concerns.

    OP, I'd be very surprised if nothing was going on here.

  7. Sure – but only OP knows what their relationship is. I’m not making an assumption on that based on my feelings. It is OPs feelings, his relationship, and his place to decide if they’ve shared a loving relationship, which he believed they have. Hence him feeling the way he does.

  8. SIGH.

    Adding you on FB has nothing to do with anything, especially if you yourself noticed he's never on it. If he doesn't use it, what are you expecting?

    Then, you send messages he doesn't respond to and this annoys you; AND YET, he messages you and you can't be bothered to read it although you are worked up over him doing the same to you.

    If you want something, ask for it. If it involves picking up a fucking phone and dialing a number, do that.

    You are 40 years old. FORTY. Not 14. Not 24.

    Use your words. Talk, ask, be direct.

  9. Yes, the 21 year old is acting the way a lot of college kids act. He is trying to match that lifestyle, which is probably not sustainable. There's a power imbalance, Someone with a kid and responsibilities would be better off trying to work on meeting women closer to his own age.

  10. Wow. Tell him his dick is obviously too small.

    You don't want anal. That's a hard no. Pun intended.

    If he doesn't respect that and still goes for your back door, stand up, pull up your trousers, and walk the fuck away.

  11. It sounds like a very casual relationship and hardly what most would call “old fashioned”.

    If you desire a more serious relationship, let her know. But she may be fine with the status quo. And if you aren't, then the relationship has run its course.

  12. Porn group text with the boys AND he drinks too much? Seriously, hang on to this one. He’s a keeper!

  13. Ditch the immature loser. You acted like a rational adult by removing yourself from a bad situation. My partner has IBS, and I can’t imagine ever putting him through something like that. And I would l fully expect him to leave me if I did

  14. A lot of times this kind of homophobia is just the “default setting”. Like, this is how they were raised and they don’t understand anything else and they don’t want to because even thinking about it makes them uncomfortable. It’s not your job to fix that, but if you have the emotional bandwidth to spare there are ways to push back that won’t put them on the defensive. That’s why I went with kinda toned-down language in my suggestion above – It sounds like you’re not trying to drive them away or demonize them – you just want to be treated the same as everybody else. I think if you keep the focus on that there’s a good chance that over time you might be able to get through to them that you’re not some kind of deviant weirdo – you’re just their daughter and deserve the same treatment and love as their other kids.

  15. you need to get a lawyer and get a formal custody agreement.

    This is above reddit's pay grade and you legal advise now and quick

    Even if you can't afford a lawyer you can't afford not to have one

    Try to get an emergency ruling

  16. Prepare for a divorce because honestly dude I’d be gone as soon as I found those texts, you as her husband is supposed to be her protector and biggest supporter, maybe talk to her and help her yourself? HUGE trust broken talking to her friend and making a decision for her. She would be better off with someone who can understand her and help her without putting her in that awful position.

  17. This isnt good. I had a guy tell me in the beginning that he couldnt see me anymore bc i reminded him of his ex.


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