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  1. I know redditors are quick to jump to “Divorce him, leave him, ditch him” but tbh this all sounds a bit too suspicious to be the truth on his part.

  2. I ask to stop being her confident, and that accepted that i could never repay her for helping me being more social, but I will now avoid listening to her problem and her relationship, in hope that i'll get better and hoping that the other confident will still do a good job, without me.

    Thanks reddit.

  3. Had she been to the US at all before she moved here with you? Man, that must be so daunting! Especially if she doesn’t speak English. Unfortunately right now you’re her only lifeline so you’re going to have to make making her comfortable more of a priority. Would she maybe be interested in going to the gym with you? That might be a good way to get her out of the house and give you two the chance to do something together. Plus, if she’s depressed the exercise might help her feel better.

    And seconding what everyone else is saying: get her a language tutor who can come to the house. Find a Moroccan group she can join. You’re in a big city, there must be some people around she can connect with!

    I can’t imagine how alone she feels. You two sound like you have a pretty good relationship. But the fact of the matter is she moved to a country she wasn’t familiar with surrounded by people speaking a language she doesn’t know to marry a man she probably didn’t really know either. You’ve gotta work to make her feel comfortable here. It’ll take some time but she’ll figure it out!

  4. You know, someone could criticize her style as lacking in ambition, motivation, and foresight. But someone else could criticize your style as being obsessive-compulsive!

    I think it's safe to say you view life differently. That's okay if you can respect each other's style, but it may make you incompatible as a couple down the road.

    I recommend you enjoy her as a great companion at this point in your life; but when you think about permanent commitments, this may not be the right person for you. But don't try to change who she is. It won't work and will cause endless friction between the two of you. There's no rush finding a life mate – you're very young yet. Enjoy life a little while you're young, you can be a compulsive overworker for the next 40 or 50 years!

  5. No need to apologize, I've thought about that before, too.

    When my parents divorced, I would've given anything for my step parents to be civil with my bio parents, but that didn't happen.

    I extended an olive branch about a year ago. Her and I were planning to sit down for coffee then he shut it down.

    Also, I've read many stories of abusers who don't want their new supply to speak to their previous SO for that reason. A lot of their story ends up not lining up.

  6. The purpose of dating is to see if you’re a good fit. This doesn’t sound like a good fit. And you sound like a catch given that you actually do your share.

  7. Sounds like she gaslighting you to hide the fact you discovered her platform to step out on you, via social media. Hope you figure this out quick. Good luck buddy!✌?

  8. What should you do? This is the part where you drop to your knees and thank the universe for its blessings. Bro, seriously, thank her profusely and go buy yourself something nice, because it sounds like you seem to think you don't deserve this sweet gift.

  9. I don't think these are trivial – this is what fills the bulk of your day to day life. And it will be even more so if you introduce children to this situation.

    And in general, these things get worse in marriage rather than better. So I would definitely make sure not to go through with the marriage until the situation is addressed.

    There seem to be 3 or 4 things that are the problem:

    He has a different standard of cleanliness than you, whether it is for himself or for his house. He does not know how to clean. He does not seem to care that much or is oblivious to the fact that his lack of hygiene is affecting your sex life. You are extremely frustrated because you are carrying a far greater mental load and it makes you feel like his parent. And if that isn't having a negative impact on your sex life already, it will!

    My suggestion is that you give yourself a timeframe for improvement. For instance, 6 months. If after 6 months, there is no improvement, you plan to move out.

    Secondly, you let him know how serious this situation is. If you need to call off the engagement or, if the date is set, cancel the date and say that it is not set in order to get his attention, do that. But let him know that it is serious enough that you are seriously reconsidering the relationship. If he thinks that the solution is for you to do all the work and “mother” him, then you have your answer. You two have different ideas about what the marriage will be about.

    Thirdly, go through the list of chores together with him. Ask him if he thinks there are other shared chores – if there are things he takes care of that you are not aware of, for instance. Make a list and divide up those chores. The ones that each of you has are now your own. (If it is possible to hire a cleaner or someone to do some tasks and this will solve your problem – do it!) He has to be responsible not just for doing them, but not being reminded to do them. Ask him if he wants you to show him how you would do a task but remember that he is an adult and he can also look up youtube videos. He may not be as good as you to begin with, so don't act like his parent when you criticize him. Decide whether you can change your standards on certain tasks. But it is important that you let things go for a bit to either let him get better at it or bring it up when you're less heated about it.

    Of course, the question about the problems that are affecting your sex life are totally different. You should have a separate conversation about this. If he can't improve his hygiene to make himself not disgusting, then this might be a failed situation to begin with. Again, these are not usually things that get better after marriage, only worse.

  10. I'm having such a nude time putting this into words, especially since it feels embarrassing, but I can't help but think of this as the kind of involuntary playing-along-until-I-can-get-the-hell-out-of-there situation that happens to women–to me–all the time.

    I swear I'm usually strong-willed and have no problem telling people “no”, but I still occasionally have experiences with overly flirtatous, intense-acting men where I just freeze and feel forced to indulge them somewhat, e.g. by revealing my name or live handle just to get them to back off so I can get the hell out of there.

    Your husband may have broken a boundary, but he didn't actively seek it out and he told you about it right off the bat. It really sounds like he just froze because he was unpleasantly surprised, and when his main argument now is that he “didn't find her attractive”, it's probably to stress that he wasn't an active, willing participant at all.

  11. no way. I would say if he wanted to go then we would no longer be in a relationship. That’s disrespectful as fuck

  12. I’m queer and have a lot of queer friends and we don’t do this to each other. At best it’s immature and manipulative.

  13. What a selfish jerk! Do what you need to do. Sleep in another room and let him rant. In fact, let him just leave. You don't need that kind of BS in your life.


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