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  1. I meant to say 12 year old. So there is Jake who is now an adult but as a child was diagnosed with serious cancer and it wasn't looking like he would live!. Jake was the miracle boy they had hoped for after the parents had 2 girls before him. The parents said when he was born they didn't want more kids now that they had their son. Fast forward to Jake getting cancer and when Jake is practically on his death bed, the mother starts fertility treatment and they get pregnant with Ryan. OP initially thought Ryan had been conceived as Jakes replacement for once Jake would die; it seems Jake also thinks this because he really hates Ryan and is cruel to him while the parents kind of allow it to happen. Now OP is questioning whether Ryan was actually conceived to be a donor baby to save Jake where they would use his stem cells from his umbilical cord for a stem cell transplant that might have saved Jake. OP wants to find a way to confirm this and find out the truth because the parents are saying nothing.

  2. To be honest man this sound horrible and it sounds like you were being completely reasonable every step of the way. I dated someone like this who leaned into conflict with thoughts like this.

    Ultimately you may not like my advice other than to assure you that you did nothing wrong by not wanting to play the game. I honestly think you should tell her she is being unreasonable and that it is her job to get over any insecurities. Its not like you commented randomly on someone – she forced you to answer and almost surely she would have gotten angry no matter what. If you choose someone that looked like your GF maybe she'd be jealous that she is a slightly better verison. If you had chosen someone obviously less attractive youd get accused of being dishonest.

  3. Yeah it does hurt,the best thing you can do is move on and improve yourself find a better woman and rub it in her face.

  4. This!!!! These people are not the consideration beyond how miserable they’d make you op. It’s you that has to raise the baby and you that has to live! with the choices.

  5. I can see why he blocked her.

    What can you do? It's mostly out of your control. 1. Try talking her down. She's just going to embarrass herself so you'd be doing her a favour. Make it about her, not Larry. 2. Text Larry and his fiance. 3. If you think she will get aggressive or make a scene, you could call the venue to see what can be done there. Maybe you'll be in a back room and they can check an invitation list or something. Good luck!

  6. I would make a light reference to my boyfriend. “Lovely that you're back in town. You should make sure to check out the new (restaurant/ mall/ aquarium) when you have a chance, my boyfriend and I love going there.”

  7. Do the same thing back to her and see how she reacts. If she backs down, you win. If she doesn't, then that's how you get to react without guilt the next time she pulls this shit.

  8. Yeah lmao your definitely onto something, it’s almost like my body knows it’s about to go off and it knows I’m gonna hate it lol.

    Honestly it’s a solid ass alarm clock. Didn’t expect it to last as long as it has, it’s hella loud, pretty basic with features, but I’m pretty sure I could wake up the kraken with this thing. I’d say it’s worth a shot, if nothing else Amazon always takes returns lol

  9. Mark is an idiot. No ultimatum. Love your husband as he should love you. Be a friend to your friend. Just do the right thing.

  10. Cut your losses and skip town, leave both of em, you don't like abc and you don't deserve your original girl.

    Just chalk this up as one of those painful life lessons

  11. She needs to get over it. That's such a bad hill to die on. If she married you and stayed with you even with knowing about something like that, she needs to get over it.

  12. If the mum's answer wouldn't change anything, then what's the actual point of asking? I'm always curious what people would do if they received a 'no.' Because of they don't accept that no, then the whole thing was a charade that had absolutely nothing to do with 'respect' in the first place.


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