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  1. Yea, it’s just so hard because when things are good they are great and I’m so happy…

    I think couples therapy is my last hope. I want to see how she responds. I told her in the past if we don’t do couples therapy then we can’t do this anymore.

    I know our current realtionship isn’t sustainable. Thanks for talking it out with me.

  2. Oh yeah I would bounce. I wouldn't mention it. Just say “Things have gotten stale and you don't seem interested and I don't want to waste my time anymore.”

  3. I just don't believe him. And I fucked up saying it first. I believe it carries more weight if a guy says it, instead of writing it, and that he says it first and not the other way around.

  4. For me, anything genuine. I love when I do something that girl likes and she can say anything as long as there’s that gasp and the look in her eyes

  5. OP might wanna add she’s ranting about her ex and his latest breakup to her current bf. Absolutely unhinged behavior. Soon you’ll have no boyfriend.

  6. We both know she need therapy, we just cant really afford it. Tbh I just want the healthiest way to solve this kind of situations. By now the situation defused itself just bcs of time. But probably will comeback in some time in the future. Thanks for your imput.

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  8. This is absurd. Do you think he would become gay if he joins an all male sport like football where they often land on each other? No you just want to start some drama so he spends his off time comforting and reassuring you.

    If you are not mature enough to realize this is ridiculous then you are not mature enough to be in a relationship. Get therapy or talk to an adult who wont laugh at this question.

    Let him enjoy a new sport without trying to control his every decision.

  9. We process these things super different.

    So unless he’s making negative comments about your looks let’s think through his thought process together.

    We do this when we are bored and have absolutely nothing else to do, mostly.

    P*** is also fantasy land. It’s great because it’s not real. Imagining it is way more fun, than having to deal with those people or their baggage and problems. It’s like going to the ice cream parlor because you can have any flavor, so you get curious. There’s no thought of you involved here, because if I did this thinking about an SO I probably wouldn’t get off.

    Hopefully it’s adult humans and his watch list wasn’t solely videos of two men. Hopefully he doesn’t bring it into the bedroom as a surprise. Hopefully he doesn’t make comments to you about wanting those.

    If those are fine, he’s good and you should trust what you know.

    You pick your SO with purpose. He is with you with a purpose and because of the bond you share and how you treat each other.

    On the physical side If he wasn’t attracted to you, he wouldn’t be with you. He likes your body. After all, a dudes favorite a** and t*** are the ones he gets to touch and those belong to you. We are truly that simple with this stuff.

    If we have some maturity which he should have at 26, we don’t just jump to other ones we can touch that are bigger. If he’s like most men in our age group, he doesn’t want to deal with fu**ing people and their problems, and appreciates who he’s with.

    Do you have any good reason to say any of this isn’t true?

  10. Ask her if she would like you to make jokes about her chest or size overall. You are right to be upset by this.

  11. He's said he doesn't want to die without meeting his grand daughter.

    Probably should have thought of that before he went as far as disowning his own daughter for the crime of living her life the way she wants to. I would just tell your dad you're not getting involved, this is between the two of them.

  12. I don't think my wife has or would ever cheat on me. I'm still getting a DNA test if we have kids because I think it should be mandatory for everyone.

  13. Abortion. He will eventually kill you and destroy any children. Do you really want his genes walking around modeling his behaviors?

  14. Hey sweetie. Internet mom here. You’re not asking for too much. You’re also not going to get it without nagging. It’s not his way of expressing love. You have a decision to make. Accept him for everything he is and isn’t or move on. That’s just reality. You already know this. You just need to decide if it’s a dealbreaker. I wish I could tell your differently but people don’t change on such a fundamental issue.

  15. A relative lost their engagement ring they looked for it for weeks. It turned up maybe a decade later in the lining of piece of luggage.

  16. As he's cerebral – have him study interpersonal relationships and emotional intelligence resources. Its pretty normal for STEM people to miss out on this area but they can get very good at it too.

  17. As of now, he doesn't want to marry you.

    The pressure is probably counterproductive.

    Instead of asking him when he will propose, try talking about what marriage means to both of you so that you can both understand why one wants it but the other doesn't.

  18. You're not exclusive and you've only been dating a few months. She's out for drinks with a mate so just leave her be until she's back home or the next day. Making plans etc requires thought, she'll probably need to check her diary etc and to reply properly. She doesn't want to do that when she's out. You're massively overthinking it and being a little needy. Just chill and speak to her the following day.

  19. No. She sounds like a professional student. Does she have any plans to ever work? What type of student loans is she carrying?

  20. Are clubs only for single people?

    If not, what are the specific dress code regulations for people of all genders and orientations to signal that they are in a committed relationship?

    Is there any reason to go clubbing if you don't want to hook up?

  21. Thank you for your response! Maybe I didn't explain myself correctly. He had the child before we started dating. The girl left him prior to me meeting him. ? What makes you think he cheated?

  22. You're overreacting.

    You love her to death but no proposal/wedding after six years. She's your comfort choice just like your hers.

    What she said is no different than a man saying there are women who are more attractive out there but he finds his gf attractive and he picked her.


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