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  1. The Red Pill folks will probably downvote you (and me too) but this is the correct approach. People can and do change… WHEN THEY WANT TO, and after getting the help they need to make the changes last. It’s rare but the times it works are worth celebrating. Be ready to discover that even if she changes, you’re better off with a different partner and that’s ok. Just because something gets better doesn’t mean it’s what’s best for YOU, OP. Only you can decide, whether she gets help and changes, or not, that she’s worth your time. It’s YOUR life too. Might be life is too short to be saddled with the “maybe but probably not” prospect that she becomes trustworthy.

  2. First of all OP throw that pussy of yours on your husband because he deserves it. Most men in that scenario wouldn’t have the self control to not jump on her. He deserves a reward of some kind and I’m truly happy to hear that real love does exist out there in this world.

    Second you’re husband has mentioned to her he isn’t interested and has blocked her. Despite what the rest of these people say in the comments he’s done everything he can and at the end of the day its not his fault.

    It’s your alleged friend meaning the rest is on you. You can call her, message her or do it face to face but you tell this fake bitch that she violated your friendship from time she made moves on your husband and you cut her off completely.

    You see her in the street you look straight through her. Block and delete her on everything. And kill her with silence.

    (Side note) I can’t believe some of you. You’re first response is he should deal with it when it’s OP’s friend.

    Good luck OP I hope this comment helps.

  3. Thank you! I feel like because of this I am already starting to do better. No more guilt and many more supporters in my life. Plus therapy has been going well and I'm talking to new people! It's only good that's come from this. Right now the only tough part is the news

  4. I’ve tried telling her this but because we’re ethnic she keeps saying that this is the only way essentially

  5. That bridge I don't want to burn. He thinks I can do way better. But I dont want better. I want her. But they're like find someone who has better job and education and stuff.

  6. The expectation of 24/7 digital availability is terrible. It causes anxiety, depression, and undue stress on us. People who make themselves available 24/7 are burned out, and those who expect immediate responses all the time get furious when we don’t respond right away. If she can’t accept that you aren’t available during certain hours and breaks up over it, it’s an incompatible relationship.

  7. This is ridiculous lol. They hooked up, decided it was a bad move, and remained close friends. Sounds like a pretty mature way to salvage a friendship you value.

  8. Then just ignore her or be more assertive about it. Either you never respond to her again, or you just reiterate each time she tries to talk to you cheerfully « remember, this friendship is over for me, stop trying to talk to me » and walk away. Eventually she’ll pick it up.

  9. He threw out his pregnant wife on the word of someone else he dislikes, and then slept around while being married while you stayed with your parents. Who also were led to believe you had cheated on him due to his reaction. And he did this after two weeks of being told you were cheating, not immediately. Not a heat of the moment, not an emotional reaction right off the bat. He waited two weeks before kicking you out, which means he clearly had time to think it over.

    You need to take into account what he might do in the future, when thinking about your child. These aren't the actions of a rational or reasonable person, they're not even the actions of a passionate or emotional person. During those weeks between being lied to and kicking you out, he had every chance to mull things over and figure out the truth, likely with ease, but didn't.

    What he's asking for sounds, to be blunt, insane. While I commend you for thinking about your child and wanting them to have a complete family, this goes somewhat beyond the point of no return here, IMHO. If it had been a heat of the moment thing where he kicked you out upon being lied to, immediately, and then came to his senses within a day or two? Sure, fine, it's still terrible but forgiveness is on the table. That wasn't the case here, per your own words. And it seems like he's emotionally manipulating you to try and have his happy family again. Where were those tears when he was sleeping around? He either needs to get his head examined or isn't the man you thought he was.

  10. You guys are too young. Break up, learn from this, move on and don’t cheat in the future.

    You might need your own counseling to work through why you break people’s trust.

  11. How many bday dinners does a person need? So far, you’ve had two with him in a week and want another tonight plus more this weekend. That’s a lot. He’s going to see your parents this weekend at the 4th dinner. Are 3 dinners with him in a week seriously not enough?

    To me, that’s excessive and I’d decline as well. There are other things I need and want to do in a week. When my partner and I were dating and not living together, 2 nights a week was pretty sufficient. 4 would’ve been hard to pull off and still have hobbies and friends and get things done at home.

  12. What was his excuse? “Sorry, I didn’t realize I was assraping you?” Run girl, it won’t be the last time.

  13. You’ve been together for a year and not kissed? Either this whole post is a troll or you’ve really buried the lede on what your relationship issues are.

  14. we’ve been together for 10 months now and met in high school. our first 4 months was completely face to face but we decided to do long distance because i was going abroad for college.

  15. I wouldn’t. I’m not sure at what point you discovered he was looking for someone else, but it would be a betrayal to me, the minute I knew.

  16. Lol I'm glad my suffering can provide entertainment. One morning we were spooning so he couldn't see my face and he talked about ducks for over an hour. I fell asleep for a bit and woke back up and he was still talking about ducks. Literally did not even notice I had dipped out for 20 min.


    Listen, I know you want this to not be as it is. You want this to somehow work out. I don't know why – maybe if she changes, it means you're lovable, or worthy, or something. Maybe it means all this shit with your family was worthwhile.

    It doesn't matter. None of this is about you being good or worthy or lovable. It's about her abusing you, and STEALING YOUR CAR.

    There is a whole world out there full of people who will love all over you, and think you are the best thing on this planet. You will never find them if you are sitting at home, without a car, waiting for the abusive one.

    Call the police, report the car stolen, get into therapy to deal with all your stuff – and you have a lot of stuff worthy of therapy – and go find all the love you deserve.

  18. I’m sorry this is happening. You need to look after you, because he clearly isn’t, and at this point trust is non-existent. You need to consider why he continues to lie? What would divorcing you cost HIM that he’s not willing to lose, that he hasn’t already lost??? I recommend you quietly talk to a lawyer. Have your financials accounts checked, and hire a PI to get you evidence if you’re not in a no-fault state. Protect your assets, your mental health and your physical health and throw out the trash! Good luck!

  19. This post has reached one of our comment/karma limits. The text of the post has been preserved below.

    We have been married for two years. First of all, I know this may sound like a total crap but I am really not a jealous person…My husband has lovely friends with who he has coffees and sometimes go out. One time he went out and got back home with lipstick stain on his cheek and it was one of his friends and it was totally ok with me…This is just an example to how cool I am with certain situation and how I have trust in him and his female friends…Of course, he goes out with his female coworkers as well but this one hit different. He went out to have coffee with his coworker from another town (she dm him and said she is there to visit her friend and asked him if he is available to grab a coffee). He worked as a doctor and had a shift but had time and he went with her in front of the hospital….She is a very attractive girl and then the rumors started that he is cheating me with her…He didn't tell me about that coffee until I said I heard rumors and he said it is because the girl is 10/10 (he once rated me 7/10 and I hate rating ppl) and people are mean and they picked up wrong vibe…He said it didn't mean anything and that he didn't do anything wrong. I believe him but my gut says he is attracted to her and I am not ok with him having coffee with girl who he was in a gray zone with (he admitted to having crush on her before and he has complimented her to me )…Am I asking to much and being dramatic? I tried to talk to him but he gets really upset and doesn't understand where I am coming from. What would you suggest ?

  20. Just as leaving is “not an option” for you, her leaving her parents entirely at just 19 is “not an option” for her. It might be by the time she's your age and is financially independent of her family. But until that time comes this is what life will be life for you. Unless she failed to tell you before you agreed to start dating her that religion would be a problem it's not like any of this should come as a surprise. She just needs to start her life and establish herself to where she can risk telling her family she's going to date (and potentially in the future marry) outside the faith.

  21. I also kind of see it like this, i know if i was in his shoes i’d want my kid to tell me, but at the same time i’d feel selfish for saying it now, it is affecting me mentally though by keeping it a secret, that’s the issue

  22. You are proud of yourself that you “stopped immediately” – it smacks of self-righteousness. Yet, you also know that pride in such behavior is misplaced.

    This is it. I realize it's very minor. I just didn't like that in the moment I had it in me. I wouldn't ever cheat. It was an episode of 5 seconds. Just the fact that it was seeking someone elses attention at all.

    Alternatively, you have extremely low self-esteem and your past behavior confirms that you are worthless. You believe that you deserve to be punished and are punishing yourself. You've inflated this situation into a crime against humanity. Some people revel in being the “worst person in the world” because their low self-esteem twists perspective on what things they should take pride in.

    This too. I have previously had a very minor case of anxiety (who doesn't). Always beat myself up pretty bad.

    I see it as a flaw in my character from the past and I can't shake it.


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