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  1. The Red Pill folks will probably downvote you (and me too) but this is the correct approach. People can and do change… WHEN THEY WANT TO, and after getting the help they need to make the changes last. It’s rare but the times it works are worth celebrating. Be ready to discover that even if she changes, you’re better off with a different partner and that’s ok. Just because something gets better doesn’t mean it’s what’s best for YOU, OP. Only you can decide, whether she gets help and changes, or not, that she’s worth your time. It’s YOUR life too. Might be life is too short to be saddled with the “maybe but probably not” prospect that she becomes trustworthy.

  2. First of all OP throw that pussy of yours on your husband because he deserves it. Most men in that scenario wouldn’t have the self control to not jump on her. He deserves a reward of some kind and I’m truly happy to hear that real love does exist out there in this world.

    Second you’re husband has mentioned to her he isn’t interested and has blocked her. Despite what the rest of these people say in the comments he’s done everything he can and at the end of the day its not his fault.

    It’s your alleged friend meaning the rest is on you. You can call her, message her or do it face to face but you tell this fake bitch that she violated your friendship from time she made moves on your husband and you cut her off completely.

    You see her in the street you look straight through her. Block and delete her on everything. And kill her with silence.

    (Side note) I can’t believe some of you. You’re first response is he should deal with it when it’s OP’s friend.

    Good luck OP I hope this comment helps.


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