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  1. I think you should stop bothering this man. His penis is almost 60 years of age! He probably needs to save his erections for you!

  2. Please get into therapy. You desperately need help finding self worth and stopping the self destructiveness that would keep you with him. You need help

  3. Bad vibes about this one. Brothels are in business to make money. Drinks are watered down and expensive, so unless you are sure your partnet is not tempted, get him to take a STD test before continuing relations, just in case. one of my daughters had a husband like that who infected her.

  4. That’s fair. Text or phone call is fine for this type of situation considering she lied the whole time and it’s been less than six months. No reason to do face to face if you know it’s over

  5. So he’s upset you won’t sleep with him until he gets rid of the parasites he’s continuously had and that he also knowingly gave you? The bar is in the lowest level of hell.

  6. Can I have some eye bleach please. Also a time machine to before I clicked on this. Real note, wtf. Dude is extremely delusional

  7. I saw this over on r/AITA and I have the same thought. You are not obligated to invite anyone to your party. There were consequences for them not inviting you to their wedding, and there will be consequences to not inviting them to your gathering. Are those consequences worth it? That's what you need to ask yourself. You may be justified in not inviting them, as it seems that you thought you all were a bit closer, but now your partner and some friends (iirc) think you're petty.

    By the same token, these friends didn't owe you an invitation, and the time to discuss that would have been well ahead of this Christmas party. At the end of the day, these are both just parties. If you care more about the parties than the friendship, then I think that says a lot.

  8. Tell her how beautiful she is. While you’re kissing and touching her, tell her how amazing her body is. Go down on her until she tells you she wants you inside her, tell her she feels so good when you’re doing it. I hope it’s a wonderful experience for both of you.

  9. Why do you think the answer might be, “You should stay with him even though you want to break up with him”? How could there be anything more important to consider than you wanting to break up?

    Your family aren't the ones dating him. You are. When you're making decisions about your life, you don't have to put what anyone else wants above what you want.

  10. She doesn’t have depression dude. She’s literally living her best life. She went on four vacations this year alone and had an all expenses trip with her best friend. She is not depressed.

    You are depressed. Your father is sick and possibly dying. Your body is suffering. You’re working yourself to death and still can’t keep up financially. Your life is a complete lie and you’ve decided all of it is worth it if you can just keep this relationship.

    You should feel angry. You should feel resentful. You should feel angry at her for sitting back and watching you destroy yourself while she reaps all the benefits, and you should be angry at yourself for allowing it to get this bad.

    But your self-worth is so in the gutter you feel nothing but the gradual overwhelming pressure that your life is a catastrophe and your relationship is a lie and you’ve done all this work for nothing.

    You should be feeling a lot of things right now. But your coping mechanism for your depression is to redirect the effort you should be putting into yourself into her. The metric of your self-worth is how much you do for her. “I can’t be a flawed person, look how well I treat my girlfriend.”

    You have some severe co-dependent and abandonment issues. Deep down you know the truth. She doesn’t love you and she’s not depressed. You know she’s taking advantage of you.

    If you got injured and couldn’t work for six months do you seriously believe she’d go out next week and work two jobs 12 hours a day, pay all the bills, come home and cook for you and clean the house and be happy to not even get any gratitude, affection, or appreciation? You know she wouldn’t do any of that. She’d leave you in a heartbeat. She wouldn’t say that’s why, she’d come up with some BS reason she thinks you’d believe — but she would never do any of this for you.

    That’s why you’re so afraid of confronting her. If she leaves that means all of this was for nothing and the only person you’re left with is yourself.

    You need to start focusing on you. Quit the second job. Flat out. There is absolutely zero reason why she can’t work at least part time. Stop cooking for her. Stop paying for her vacations. When was the last time she paid for a vacation for you? In five years she couldn’t have scraped some money together here and there and surprised you with a nice vacation?

    Start putting some of that energy into yourself. Chip away at your denial. Start seeing the truth for what it is and stop allowing her to use her mental health as an excuse to not contribute. Depression doesn’t prevent people from being grateful. She’s not.

  11. . She usually replies that she didn't do a master's degree to do a trade job

    That attitude won't get her very far in CH. 80% of young adults here start out with an apprenticeship, and many outearn their peers who went to uni for a BA/MA over the years.

    But still, she's constantly worried about her future. She seems fine most of the time, but then one day, without us having a prior argument or anything, she will start freaking out about how she would be completely helpless if something ever happened to me or if we divorced. I

    The longer this goes on, the worse it'll get. What sort of jobs does your wife do?

    Then, yesterday, she was in one of those moods again and straight up told me she would start looking for jobs as a French teacher in China. I wouldn't realistically be able to go there, as I said earlier, I online in Switzerland but am not a national. As such, I would lose my settlement permit if I left the country for more than 6 months. Even if I could, while East Asia has some very interesting countries to visit, the working conditions there are, to put it mildly, suboptimal.

    I struggle to understand some couples….how comes this was never seriously discussed when you were still dating? These sort of “worst-case-scenarios” are VERY common here in CH. I know a few couples who went through it.

  12. You're bad at reasoning.

    Someone who wants to fuck other people above all else will simply go do that: because that's most important, and because our society has atrocious sexual norms (I mean that literally – I think our sexual norms qualify as an actual crime against humanity) that make a no answer all but certain, there's no real benefit to asking.

    Someone who values the existing relationship at least as much as or more than fucking other people is the person who will ask: that petson is checking before acting in order to avoid damaging the existing relationship, prioritizing it above fucking other people.

  13. Same ethnicity and idk I actually found out one of them asulted him when I looked them up. I get not wanting to bring up bad things until your ready

  14. Because I don’t think DNA tests are bad due to watching my sons girlfriend lie about having his baby AND she named the child after MY best friend who died of Lupus??

  15. Oh but to answer your question you should talk to him about the way you're feeling. Sounds like you're currently prioritizing potentially hurting his feelings over your sexual autonomy. Your feelings and comfort should matter to him and any loving partner should take these sorts of concerns seriously.

  16. No, my ex didn't want me and gave someone new everything!! So I tried to move on. The new guy didn't want me once he knew I was pregnant. So I was going to be a single mum.

  17. I’m not sure this is real, but really it’s a surprise to you? You have an open marriage, and you were ok with them doing drugs alone together, yeah that’s not going to lead to something happening ??‍♀️. I’m thinking something more than cuddling happened, and maybe someone in your friend group was going to tell you what they know, so your wife decided to tell the “truth”.Plus it sounds like you want out of the marriage anyway. You care more about the friend group, then your marriage, so just end it and move on. You might end up losing some, or all of the friend group in the progress, but thats just how it goes sometimes. I feel bad for J’s new wife, she’s recently married and her husband is already cheating. And she’s mixed up in this friend group, that doesn’t seem to have much respect for her.

  18. Update: this morning we had a really long talk after he tried kissing up on me even tried getting intimate with me. I told him no and he respected that. He does have a lot of internal issues that he needs to work on and he fully acknowledged what he did was wrong and promised he would never do it again. I told him he pretty much pole vaulted over my boundaries and betraying my trust he acknowledged that and showed remorse but it almost felt like it came down to him and he doesn’t know why he “self sabotages” himself. He goes on to say he doesn’t feel like he deserves anything he has in life and I guess he reverted back to when he was single?? Because that was his first form of interactions with female attention when he was in college. It’s just hurtful because he didn’t take me into consideration at all…and i was literally gone for a full day!!! Sigh I feel for him in the moments that we share and i do want to believe him but then I’m on the fence when I read the comments on here.


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