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weekend fun….let s cum…control the toy for snapchat…XOXOXO

12 thoughts on “sexxykimm

  1. Your depression is not necessarily the same as everybody else. Please don’t judge how others cope with their depression. It’s already too much to deal with

  2. Breaking up over the holidays sucks, but someone that say they're not interested and has no interest in making it work isn't someone to waste your time on. Don't try and squeeze blood from this turnip and let him go.

  3. I totally get I'm not morally in the right for having pictures of my ex but they never said it was an issue when we broke up and I doubt they would have an issue if I asked but I just feel like it's nothing compared to him going on my tablet to pleasure himself to me and my friends without permission

  4. Psst, bud, there’s a reason she was comfortable with it, and his demeanor shifted when he saw you.

    That’s what they’ll do in your house, where you might see. They’re probably doing more in private.

  5. Thanks brother. What crushes me even more, is that she still loves me. And i love her. But we can't be together. Thanks for your kind words.

  6. This may sound extreme but I think you need to get a restraining order against her. She seems wayyyy too obsessed with him, and typically these things only spiral worse out of control.

  7. Honestly- you are a team as partners. You figure out a way that makes the household run the smoothest. If that means husband needs to check his pockets, he checks them. If that means you check them- then you check them.

    My husband checks his pockets AND he turns his clothes inside out when he puts them in the laundry basket, because I asked him to start doing that. Clothes usually go in the bin when we go to bed, so really it doesn’t take that much effort. The whole family does it, so that I can put in a load much quicker allowing me to more easily put in a load when I have some spare time.

  8. I like how it was HER idea even though she doesn't actually have the money for it. Just go with a friend or on your own. This girl is just going to continually drain you.

  9. Y’all are not in a relationship, you don’t expect her to be chaste, then why are you acting like the jealous boyfriend?

    She says she sees a future with you, okay, she’s going to live her life while in college & you should do the same.

    Later on, either y’all will have found other people y’all like more or y’all will realise you’re best with each other.

    Stop acting like her boyfriend. You’re not. You’re her friend. Let her on-line her life. You online yours.


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