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58 thoughts on “Simone Smith

  1. I love the smell of gaslighting in the morning.

    Remember when you find out otherwise to let everyone know.

    Good luck, and FYI…start wearing condoms.

  2. I’m just paranoid someone I know irl could piece together who I am if I have all my past posts up, very unlikely I know but it gives me peace of mind

  3. This is a MUCH better example than the one you posted. Saying you’ll call at a specific time and then being pretty late, I think she’s justified in being at least annoyed by that.

    But THIS? This is absurd. Ridiculous. She sounds awful.

  4. I wouldn’t want to force that on her either, but sometimes we’ll be out doing something really fun and just like that she gets tired and is ready to “go home and sit.” I’ve never met anyone like this before so I suppose i’m not used to it? Idk i’m just afraid that it’s going to bother me even more in the future.

  5. I think for the most part you are going to have to compromise more by either letting it be or by doing more of the work yourself. If you are passionate about being spotless then that's your choice.

  6. Ask him to move out until the baby is here and he is ready to be less disgusting. Tell him all his drinking makes you want to throw up.

  7. Hey. For what it's worth, my kid never met their bio dad either, he disappeared from my life when I was pregnant and declined to be a father. What was important to me was that I always wanted know that I had done the right thing and done all I could. Act in the way that you are comfortable explaining to your kid in 5/10/18 years.

    Tell the father. What he chooses to do is his responsibility.

  8. Wow, all that over social media… Sounds like you'd probably benefit from deactivating yours and taking a break. It's controlling your life and will ruin your relationship.

  9. He not only had the kids lie to you but there’s deleted texts too???

    Yeah, no phone does that to messages. Not a one.

  10. OMFG first of all he saw the f*cking BLOOD abd did not wake you up?!!! For real? Huge red flag. This alone would make me breaking up with him. Second he did not support you, did not call you because the death of YOUR dog made HIM sad?! I mean sure, if he loved that dog it is sad, but he cant even see how it must hurt you?! Again: FOR REAL?! and then having the audacity to blame you for getting help in this hot time? Oh this makes me so second hand angry you cant immagine. Your guy is the Audacity in person!

    Dumb him. Preferably yesterday!0

  11. I didn't even have to read this whole thing to know moving in is a bad idea. If you want to move out, find a roommate

  12. You lied to your girlfriend and now she’s upset, and your conclusion is “guess I was right” lol? Honey… You’re too immature to be in a relationship.

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  14. I’m scared. I haven’t been alone in 11 years. I still love him so much. I have tried to do everything to help him trust me. I’ve always just wanted him to be happy. I always feel sick. My physical health has deteriorated. Thank you for your strength.

  15. Which happens how often? While your wife is doing all the daily “female” tasks? Why are you even gendering chores omg

  16. It's better not to have friends at all than to have people close to you, who have no hesitation in looking straight into your eyes and lie naturally.

    Besides, the only way to get new friends is to get rid of the fake ones. Only when you make room for something, it finally comes.

  17. Fair question.

    Feeling a lot of pressure, I don't know. I've sat and thought about this a lot the past 48 hours, emotions aside. And it's like I was so caught up in the fact that everything needs to be lined up to propose but in reality things are never going to be all lined up and sometimes it takes a leap like you said.

    Your question hit me like a truck and I appreciate it

  18. I don't believe most posts actually… I'm here for the comments. And pick me is one of the dumbest insults I've ever read. i thought it was finny when i heatd a 10 yeat old boy say it though. Aunt Lydia is a fictional character. Do you have children? When mine were young I didn't have time to argue live!.

  19. I thought this then realized I was spending $150-200/month on coffee alone. The little things definitely have an effect on finances.

  20. 'A thief is a man who thinks that everyone steals.' Everybody wants to think that they're a good and normal person, so your ex has two choices: either stop cheating or convince himself that everyone else cheats too, so he's normal and doesn't need to change.

    He's not normal. Lots of guys out there are loving and faithful. Now you have the time and energy to go find one.

  21. The time to reveal a workplace relationship is when you're inviting coworkers to the wedding. There's just no other way/time to do this that makes sense. Besides, you're only six months into this so there's no telling how enduring it'll be. Just request the time off you both want and let the rumor mill go off if it's going to. Your task is to deflect and neither conform nor deny coworker suspicions. There may be no formal non fraternization policy at your workplace. But that doesn't mean this relationship won't end with one or both of you losing your job(s). Discretion is the most important thing when dating a professional colleague.

  22. so when women say no, i’m seeing someone exclusively, that’s a challenge for the person asking them out. but when men say exactly the same thing it means something different?

    what are you even trying to say here because all i’m reading is misogyny

  23. I mean if you put on a lot of weight maybe it would be harder to spot it, but in the average person you can definitely see it sticking out a little. It's implanted under the skin rather than into muscle

  24. You're right, you don't deserve this relationship.

    And neither does he. Fuck your own sense of self worth must be something

  25. You act like she had no choice in dating him, like he manipulated her into dating him. She admitted she knew he didn't want to get married and chose to date or continue to date him when he told her he doesn't want to get married. His actions backed up his words.

    She could have walked away at any time. She held on hoping he'd change his mind and want to marry her. Now she's decided his reasons for not wanting to get married aren't good enough. She doesn't get to decide that. I'd say the same thing if this was they other way around and he wanted to get married and she didn't.

  26. I was going to say maybe she needs medication but some of the stuff she’s saying to you is downright foul and unforgiving. Just break up with her. Nothing else to say.

  27. Did you get him into therapy after the divorce? Did you continue his therapy after you got a replacement family? You said you “tried” therapy, but when, for how long, what kind, and if it wasn't a good fit did you try a different therapist?

    Because with you mentioning he only started acting out after your knocked your new wife up, talking about him like he's just a toaster you got as a wedding gift for the first marriage and want to give back to your ex, and mentioning buying him a laptop like a gift is some sort of fix for whatever emotional or mental issues he's having, I highly suspect that he sees your wife and new kid as exactly that. Your replacement family. A lot happened in a short span of time, and he probably feels like an afterthought to you. He wants his dad. Not dad's money. Not dad to throw him away like so much trash. You've had less and less and less time to devote to him. First dating. Then marriage. Now a new kid. And you talk about him like he's just your teenage baggage.

    Get him a therapist. And get yourself and him into family therapy. The therapist can advise whether or not, and when, to involve your wife in that process.

    In the meantime, tell your wife to stop acting like a mother who can tell him what to do. She's not and never will be his mother or seen as a mother figure, he's far too old for that shit. If he wants to walk in the rain instead of getting in a car with her, she should let him. He's 15, not 5.

  28. Here is what I get from your post: you had issues with hiding things and you feeling lonely. You decided to work in issues in your relationship. He ghosted you, hided things again, called you abusive with no reason so far, as a cherry on the top of the cake.

    Why to stay with him?

  29. u/LordZeppy hey kid it’s not a fucking reach its my boyfriend making fun of me about constantly and thinking it’s not a big deal when it literally is. Not even the sensitive snowflake type I’m just tired man

  30. Sorry, but I think you move on. Why on earth is she picking up a $1000 bill if she can’t afford it? And did she not know her card was maxed out? Sounds like someone who is financially irresponsible and who also cares more about showing off to friends than dealing with reality. I can’t imagine why she would think you would cover that bill – unless you routinely pay for these types of dinners yourself. Her request is unreasonable, her continuing to “punish” you for it by not talking to you is childish and i would not see a long term future with someone with those personality traits.

  31. I had a friend talk about ketamine therapy as a treatment for trauma and I was curious about it too.

  32. It seems she got a car out of this dumpster fire of a relationship. This is the real her, honeymoon is over.

  33. It’s like an earworm, I just can’t get the thought of her with this other guy out of my head. Then I start getting annoyed with myself for letting it happen in the first place. Whenever I’m doing nothing it’s the first things that pops into my head and I don’t know how to stop it.

    Thank you for your response though. It’s kind of what I need to be hear

  34. She can try to explain that, BUT have you ever tried to wear the particularity sexy lingerie (not just panties and bras)? If you have, you would understand why the sexy lingerie is not something you would put on just for wearing confidence. Us women wear that stuff expecting it not to stay very long on our bodies. The explanation won’t fly at all. Had it just been sexy panties and bra sets I would agree, but OP made it a point to emphasize it was the other type of sexy stuff.

  35. I just want to draw attention to the fact that you are certain she would immediately deny it and gaslight you. I think this relationship has been over for a hot second. I’m sorry about this

  36. Do not wait another year. Especially if your parents are abusive. And brace yourself for everything they will throw at you.

  37. Go no contact with bf's sister. Block her on everything.

    Also Stay out of bf's fight with family. He wants to blow up his sister, stay out of it. If anything let him know what he decides to do with them you support.

  38. If it actually comes to that point they're being selfish and unreasonable. No reasonable person would hide the attendance of a person you're uncomfortable around – it's petty, immature, and manipulative. In that extreme I hate to say it but I'd go limited contact.

  39. She sound infuriating and I only read the half of your post damn she need to grow up! If you can’t even say no and do things you want to do I don’t see the point to be with her,for God sake she is not the center of the world and your desires matters too.

  40. I'm sorry. But people can be quite finicky (I mean no offense) when they describe what they think is inappropriate. Forgive me for asking, what were the snaps she was sending him?


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