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  1. Just to clarify, I've been to a brothel before. I have been dragged by friends and I have paid for them if they've forgotten cash. I have even told my girlfriend about visits before. I usually just sit and have a beer in the lounge. I don't even usually look at the women there, I feel uncomfortable looking at almost nude women whilst in a relationship. I'm just saying it could be plausible, but honestly I may be an exception I'm usually texting my girlfriend too

  2. Absolutely sounds like horse crap.

    Your text is a perfect one to send. She has a right to know.

    Im sorry your wedding is tainted with something like this.

  3. Ugh op I hate this for you. I want through something similar when I was around your age and man I wish I “end up in jail” like you did lol. But seriously I’m proud of you, most people say to be the bigger person but honestly being the bigger person doesn’t always get the point across. I hate that you had to find out this way tho. How I found out was my friend calling me panicked bc I didn’t pick up my phone the first time saying “hey I thought you were mad at me bc ____ is spreading a rumor that we had sex so if you hear it don’t believe it” just know now that the rat is out in the trash like it belongs you won’t have anyone giving your ex anymore updates on your wellbeing. Keep your head up bc these thing that hurt are the ones that help us grow into stronger people(at least that how I like to look at it)

  4. That’s called negging and there is zero excuse for it. Even under the guise of an apology he is discreetly placing blame on you and insulting you further by implying you are somehow difficult to put up with and be patient with. The aim is to lower your self confidence and make you feel lesser than him so that you become attached and unlikely to leave or see faults in his own character.

  5. Yeah, I have a husband and kids too.. But you came here asking for advice and you get angry when you don’t like what’s given. You don’t want advice you want someone to tell you, you did the right thing and it’s ok to be selfish and destroy your own family. Do you think people want advice from people with poor relationships? No, that’s why married people are on this sub too. You could’ve used some basic thinking skills to figure that out. You sound like a spoiled rotten child. My 2 year old has better coping skills.

  6. (I also want to say that knowing I owed what I did and thinking about the impact it might have on our future plans felt like a brick in my stomach, constantly, for weeks. I can't begin to comprehend how your husband isn't scrambling to fix this one for himself, but mostly for the both of you.)

  7. Have you ever thought she “acknowledges” this imbalance in birthday and valentines cards because she’s trying to acknowledge what you do and thank you for them? Instead of write a whole list of the things she does do and that you admit she does do more of?

    Do you EVER acknowledge the things she does for you and your family? Cause I’d be upset too if I lived with someone who says I never do anything while nursing a 6 month old and watching over a 2 year old all day.

    Also stop playing devils advocate some people just want to vent.

  8. Good call to check your meds at the pharmacy. All people should do that when they are prescribed Adderall, Vyvyanse, etc. One of my friends discovered this way that she was getting shorted 1 pill each time she filled. 29 pills, two months in a row. You were smart to rule that out as I think it probably happens more than it's discussed.

    It sucks you're going through this. He needs rehab or he needs to GTFO.

  9. Yes, it was miscellaneous talk. Honestly think it could have waited till the following morning. It was industry/work related.

  10. You are worried that she’ll cheat. This has nothing to do with him. His actions are irrelevant if you trust her. Should she be talking to someone who is interested in her? Probably not. But. She definitely makes it clear that she is with you. You don’t trust her.

  11. I have a friend who used to have a bf she didn’t really seem to like all that much. They were together 5 years. In that time, there were several instances when she would get drunk and make out with someone at a bar. Then tell her bf. And then he would do something to retaliate – this included hitting on and GRABBING multiple of her friends’ (including my own) breasts. And when this was brought up with her, she would try to explain that he was getting back at her as though this was okay because she started it. Your situation doesn’t parallel one to one, but it reminded me of it. It sounds super unhealthy all around, honestly (though she definitely crossed the line with the slap and the cheating, and you did not with the pictures/maybe flirting with the single girls – I can’t tell how much you actually were flirting but it sounds like maybe you were – absolutely does not warrant her reaction). What worked for my friend is that they finally broke up. She’s been with her current husband for the last seven years and has never once been involved in a similar situation with him – no cheating, no retaliation, very healthy communication and relationships between him and her friends.

  12. No, you didn't need anything. You WANTED his company. You asked him. But he had responsibilities that were more important than babysitting you.

  13. Trying to understand your husband's thought process.

    You had trauma from a previous relationship where your ex assaulted you anally. Your husband knows how much anguish and pain this cause you, it even brought you to tears. Yet instead of consoling you, he decided to share with you that the anal sex he and his ex-wife had was amazing. Like what is he trying to imply here? Is he trying to make you feel low and bad about yourself, so that you will be even more anxious and upset, unable to get in the mood?

    In the first place, if you are not comfortable, then you shouldn't even be doing it.

  14. You saying you feel guilty leaving her is one of two things, it’s you using it as an excuse to not actually go to the gym and exercise or it’s her being unintentionally toxic because she’s making you feel as if you spending time at the gym is a bad thing which it in no way is. Being healthy and staying in shape is in my opinion a priority. So I would say just go, be the leader here and take initiative, show her change and maybe inspire her to take action herself, if she doesn’t she doesn’t??‍♂️ At the end of the day some people whether they wanna here it or not are just lazy and have no discipline. A lot of people wanna be motivated and do things when they feel like it but that always runs out at some point, you need to be able to get off your ass when you don’t wanna and do what you gotta do.

    Also a lot of gyms like LA fitness have daycare centers so no excuses

  15. You are the rebound, just step out of that. You are also only 7 months in and already dealing with this?!?! This is the honeymoon stage, the best it will be!



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