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  2. It’s nice to take suggestions for gifts. Gifts are just that their gift tokens of affection. I would never tell anybody I didn’t like their gift.

  3. You have not been living together for long. Moving in with someone is whole other deal than dating. You quickly pick up on each other's habits that you don't like. You get to know more about each other than you would particularly like to know. Not sleeping or sitting together may feel like the problem for you. Men feel that attachment through the physical. You want to cuddle. If she wanted to cuddle, you would be cuddling. Women get some of that through the physical, but it is more of an emotional connection for them. Are you talking to each other like you used to? Are you still going out on dates? If you aren't, then maybe you should. A theater has some nice seats to be close. Dancing usually doesn't require a bed or a couch. You need to keep going out with her. Just because you 'got the girl' doesn't mean you should ever stop trying to win her over.

  4. Honestly adding that information doesn’t make the situation any better or worse. They left for 15 mins because she asked for a smoke, which both could have done where we were. He kept saying she was a friend and that he would be fine with me doing the same so he doesn’t see the big deal. He really was not budging from the “I’m sorry you feel that way” apology. I’m going to figure out my change in living arrangements tomorrow and move out immediately.

  5. I mean, if you’re as serious as her and are in a situation to do so, make a time or a fancy day out and propose out of the blue, keep it shocking, and marry the women you want to marry, assure her that she is that women. I know I’ve only been with my partner for roughly 3 years, and now that we’ve been talking about potential marriage, I’m kinda gonna be weary for the next couple years, if it were to just not happen, I’d be feeling pretty lost too ? if I can be completely honest and I don’t want to assume or make narratives, but it seems a little counter productive to not want to propose because she wants you to. Not to compare a full grown women to a child, but if you told a child they were going to get the newest gaming console, you wouldn’t stop hearing about it until A.) they got the console OR B.) you told them “haha jk I was playin” and made it obvious it wasn’t in the realm of possibilities anytime soon. point being, she has the impression you want to marry her and she’s just eagerly waiting in angst for when, you’ve already let her know, now it’s all that’s on her mind.

  6. Pick up the slack or move out

    They're taking the piss, you're helping them out and this is what they do

    , [25f] says demanding work schedule means no time for chores. yes, her work schedule is insane

    She's working long hours and he works too, then how come they can't support themselves?

  7. Time is one of those funny things and after 23 years, to you he is just a name and a genetic link to the past. Aside from that and knowing a few things about him he is effectively a stranger.

    Whether you want to see if there is scope to rebuild a relationship with him is up to you. The thing to possibly look at though is that the state of your life with him is as a result of your parents and especially your mother.

    At some stage, she has to stop having an influence on your lives and the way I see it, the estrangement of you and your brother is just another thing your mother managed to accomplish.

    She is gone, so how much longer should she influence your lives?

  8. I introduced my partner to my family pretty quick. I knew she was the one so why not? Plus I want my loved ones to meet each other.

    Like… It's been a year. You can do much better than someone who isn't fully opening up to you. Whatever their issues, it's something they have never sat and addressed it with you knowing you have an issue with it. You can choose to wait or realize both your values don't align.

  9. Lmao just saw that.. sooo OP are u married or not?

    If u are im saying go dump the poopster for the ex! He's closer to ur age anyway!

    Wtf is wrong with ppl ??‍♀️

  10. It seems like both of you are a little immature in your career direction and financial planning. Not a condemnation of your personality, but both of you have taken a turn being unemployed and leaning on the other partner. Mature people don't “quit” a job without having another one lined up.

    Maybe you both need to talk things over more carefully about (a) smart career moves, and (b) having a “rainy day fund” to pay expenses if you do find yourself unemployed for a period. I'm not saying just you or just her. You both need to participate.

  11. I'll try, but I'm getting really self-conscious about it. I've never had a black eye like this before and it, of course, came at the worst time possible.

  12. I'm hoping this is fake.

    If it's not she needs help. Life happens. Injuries, work trips, etc you're not always going to be able to give her the D.

  13. This is so textbook that it could be rage bait, but sadly I fear it’s true. If so OP, please follow the advice here and run.

  14. Run dude. She's immature and insecure. She's punishing you for having a sexual past. Red flag flying and sirens blaring.

  15. What's his name maybe I can hook him up with a girl, cooks, and cleans, sounds way better then most of the man children that dating apps turn into. He didn't like that specific guy you forced him into it, sucks to suck but hey now you can enjoy the wonderful experience of dating in your 20's.


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