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  1. I do agree but At the is point is it even worth fighting back? If she’s that controlling he needs to see their relationship for what it really is- the beginning of what will be a mum utterly miserable marriage. OP needs to leave and stop thinking her behaviour is excusable in anyway. It’s beyond ridiculous that this woman has him afraid to pee.

  2. He's 23 and I'm 20. Yeah I thought so too. He recently said sorry and said he loves me. Everything's okay now I suppose but I'm just tired of stuff like this happening. I agree a lot with the other commenter that said he's emotionally immature because he really can be sometimes.

  3. I’m so sorry this happened to you. I say be glad it was only 3 months and cut your losses. I was in a relationship for 15 months with an Indian man and the entire time he didn’t tell his parents about me. At the start he assured me they would be accepting. At 6 months I asked him if we should meet each other’s families and he said in a few months. I let that “few months” keep being pushed out until 15 months in when I finally told him if we couldn’t commit to a date that his family would know, we’d have to break up. He claimed he loved me more than any previous ex but didn’t even consider fighting for the relationship. He just told me he couldn’t commit to a time and let me break up with him. I learned his mother wanted an area he’d marriage for him. No idea if he’s in one now but I would assume so. Heartbreaking but I’m so glad you didn’t sink as much time into him as I did.

  4. My sister’s bf literally shot himself in front of her after he threatened his life to make her stay with him. That’s a year of emotional and mental abuse for her only for it to completely traumatize her in the end. He obviously didn’t make it. Don’t let it happen to you. Don’t be, “It’s harder to leave than it seems.” Nah nah nah nah! You block, don’t answer calls or text, and you walk away. You tell your parents, tell his parents, you tell the cops. If you don’t, good luck honey. Make sure you start saving money for therapy.

  5. Honestly just ask him, you’ll never know unless you ask, or bring it up as something you’re worried about. If there’s no other signs that he only loves you because of how you make him feel then I wouldn’t worry, it’s always best to talk about things like this.

    I experienced this kind of anxiety with my partner but I’ve learnt just asking is the best choice, if he does love you then im sure he wouldn’t mind you asking one question or bringing up a worry.

  6. People raised kids without having cell phones, at all. Doesn't mean you shouldn't use them just because others didn't.

    When my kids ask where mommy is, or when she should be home…it's nice to be able answer. “See kids? Mommy is right here and it'll take her this long once she starts driving”

    It's a HUGE life saver. If we're out we can go separate ways and always find each other again.

    Also…when we want privacy, we just turn the location off. Most people probably couldn't deal with that part. It helps when you trust your partner (or are in an open relationship so there isn't any 'cheating' to begin with)

  7. If your GF slept with some dude who wanted OF content, is that cheating?

    You gen z’s are dumb as shit, sorry but what the fuck

  8. Ok, so this post coitus love goes both ways. How is she showing love? By talking about her saggy breasts then getting mad that he nodded? Should he have probably offered some other form of assurance like “I still think you are beautiful” or something, but if it wasn’t a serious relationship yet, this type of crap would be making me want to leave anyways. If you want reassurance then ask a question like “what do you find attractive about me” not “do you think this thing that is obviously true, is actually true”. I and most men in general do not play that game well, and that’s exactly what it is a game.

  9. I guess you need to think about WHY it’s bothering you. It seems to me that you’re less about the lie and stuck on the fact that you’re “dating an older woman “. Do you think you’ll be embarrassed if your friends find out? When you compare her to your friends younger gf’s what differences do you see? Why didn’t you see these differences before? It seems that you always knew she older (8 months) but now it’s 1.8 years…

    Do I think marrying her will stop it from bothering you? No. Saying “I do” means nothing if there is something unsettled in your relationship or how you look at your partner.

    Like you’ve used the word “disgust” many times ashen you describe the way you feel. Why disgust? Why no sadness confusion, anger, disbelief or shock? Why do you feel disgusting sleeping with someone that’s 2 years older that you.

    Disgusting to name is 10-20 years older than me

  10. Good going.

    But meanwhile, you seem to be pretty good at introspection, so don't forget to take help from yourself.

    Also, therapy is a bit like dating – things will work only if you 2 have chemistry.

  11. He said that they each have money to use however they want and she is using that. So now you want him to say that she cannot use that to go to France?

  12. sure her reasoning makes sense. Just not to you..out of curiosity what are you doing on a Friday night, out with friends, till one am? it matters, so how about some extra info…are you at a charity hospital cheering up the terminally ill patients? late night softball league?

  13. Threesomes can be fun, but I don't suggest doing it with her best friend. This is something that needs to be talked about beforehand, not “happy birthday, we're having a threesome!”

  14. Okay maybe it was a bad choice of words but he does make bad decisions and he's making a bad decision now hanging out with someone doing cocaine. He did cocaine himself and at his age there's no reason to believe he isn't going to do it again or other drugs. If she's out with him she will surely want him to do Coke with her. It was crazy they did Coke and smoked on the boat on your birthday. Unless you want to join them in doing that it's not going to work. They make bad decisions!

  15. I would only say, ask yourself which of these two possibilities is more likely, and make your decisions about next steps accordingly.

  16. As someone who works at a hotel sometimes the price changes for multiple people/we have to update the room chart with who’s in the room, and some companies don’t want to pay for someone else being in it. Could totally see it causing a headache tbh

  17. If that’s the case then the biggest hurdle now is telling her that I changed my mind. That I made a mistake in telling her I was leaning towards going with her.

  18. Wow!! Thank you!! Your comment truly, truly means a lot. In a lot of ways our stories are similar and it seems like you are a strong person who survived and went through a lot in life. Please keep on fighting and stay strong. We can survive anything and everything!!

  19. It's very telling that this group of people is still reeling about this over a decade later. You removing yourself from this situation has probably helped you heal in a more productive way than the rest of them.

  20. I tried to imply that even if something was said, I’d like for him to try again, but he said I was selfish for wanting him to be in a situation where he’s uncomfortable.

    It doesn’t matter how much it would mean to me, I guess.

  21. Yes, he did it comments. Says he hasnt shown anyone any pics of her, not even regular ones. Theyre usually good at what they do. Go into the fb sub, u will see almost every post about how their acct got hacked & some say that theyre very hot pics sent in messenger were posted in stories or porn was posted & tagged their friends.


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