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  1. Well if he married her and moved to America, he should start learning how to actually have open communication. It's kind of crucial for a marriage to work

  2. The problem is he hasn't said it again since and I'm afraid to bring it up again. If you're a guy what would you want the girl you said it too, to do? Confront you or just ignore?

  3. “Your girlfriend is really lucky that ______” insert whatever strikes you as attractive or funny or special about him. Let him acknowledge or deny that he has a girlfriend.

  4. No, I accused him over him telling me that what I thought was a strand of hair was a lamppost. The hair itself was not that suspicious to me, so much as his saying it was a lamppost

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  6. If she has no issues with you having a female friend and it’s just about the holiday. Can you see where she’s coming from? I don’t know how comfortable I’d be with my partner going away for a one on one holiday with his best friend. We’ve all read enough Reddit posts. Women can feel quite insecure about this kind of thing.

  7. I understand that but then again he was the one who wanted to be in a relationship from the get go. Before we started anything romantic I pointed out our differences especially about religion but he still wanted to be in a relationship I wasn't ready for a relationship if I am being honest but as months went on I accepted the fact that I was now in a relationship and I started falling in love with him the more we spent time together. And now I feel like I have put in too much to just let the relationship go because I didn't even want it to begin with.

  8. All right, and so what does that change about OPs feelings on it? He should accept it cause ballet dancers do? Come on.

    With that logic he should be okay with her swinging because “some couples do it”.

  9. And I know off the top of my head like 6 people who would have a problem with it… and we're 21-22, all liberal, not religious, open with our sexuality etc

    I sleep around alot and am the farthest thing from a religious extremist and I would not be ok with this.

  10. Yes. It’s honestly great. The schools are fantastic. It’s 10 minutes away from anything you could want. Perfection to me.

  11. Sorry, I was not clear. I would not give him my car! No way.

    What I intended to imply was that he could have got himself a very decent vehicle for much less money. A $700 car payment when you’re making $22 an hour with a kid to support is wildly irresponsible IMO.

    Thank for your your advice, I appreciate it

  12. He's nearly 40 he's not gonna change his mind unless somthing changes. Could you stop living togeether and go back to dating? Sounds drastic but currently there is no incentive for him to make any changes. If the alternative is breaking up this is a gentler route to ending the relationship/making him decide he is ready to commit.

  13. You feeling insecure is something you need to work on. You can communicate your insecurities with your gf and hopefully she can offer you some reassurance. What i would not advise is asking her to limit her friends or not go bowling with this guy. How you’re feeling is valid as long as you don’t use it as an excuse to try to make her change her behaviour

  14. I think a lot of women know that if they give ea vague answer, the men will harp on it and obsess over the unknown. IF they say “Youre the best I ever had,” they'll be accused of lying. Being blunt is sort of a litmus test–can you handle that I have a past that I do not regret? Are you gonna be jealous over this? Do you want pointers to BECOMe the best I ever had?

    But I think once a man asks this type of shit, most women should realize it's just a red flag being shovedinto the dirt. There's no winning.

  15. You're just going to completely ignore all the instances where she crosses boundaries huh?

  16. When I read the headlines I thought:

    “Ough, a girl met a weirdo with a nasty fetish.”

    Now it appears that he had a health accident at her place. He stayed 30 minutes in her bathroom, so this might have been painful also.

    He didn't do it on purpose, so there is no grudge to hold.

    If you like him… pass the sponge and extend a hand. Ask him, if he is better.

    Maybe ask him for a date to go sheet shopping as someone higher up suggested.

  17. She offered to pay rent and they said no. It’s selfish of her parents to ask for money when they’re the reason they’re in financial trouble.

  18. My husband said that women want to talk stuff out and be commiserated with or given compassion. He says men don’t do that, they want solutions when they seek out someone’s opinion and they want to give you solutions when you come to them. Sometimes that’s just not helpful. Sometimes we just need to talk things out and sometimes they really don’t get it.

    Makes it hard to communicate, because if i have an incident with the local tree wizard homeless man I just need to hear something like: “you’re right, that was weird and crazy of that guy to say to you, maybe he’s off his meds or something”


    “ there’s nothing you can do about it – forget it”

    To me that’s not even conversation worthy. I know I could just forget about it, I’m talking to you because something was bothering me and I wanted to talk it out. Never friggin mind though if your advice is shortsighted and unsatisfying.

    My husband is a thoughtful person so we don’t run into that issue but I have in the years before I dated him. Maybe your boyfriend is looking for easy solutions to things that you’re not looking to solve, just talk through.

  19. I truly hope her mom puts her first and chose someone who is good to her child if remarried too.

  20. (I keep repeating myself . . .)

    Wanna know why a 45-year old man is dating you?

    Because women his age won’t put up with his bullshit.

    That’s all I got.

  21. Run. You don’t deserve this. No amount of physical assault is okay. I swear on everything I love I would have rather lived in a shelter then watch my mom get I more abused day by day. You owe it to your kids to not let them see that. Go to counseling if you want to but you’re NOT doing this for the kids. Know that. I repeat YOU ARE NOT DOING THIS FOR THE KIDS. Don’t tell yourself that because I guarantee these will be LASTING memories.

    These are the most solid memories of my childhood and up until I was 26 I LIED and said all I remembered were the positives. It was a lie. I remember every drop of blood more than I do my own birthdays.

  22. He's using you as The Help. There's a reason a 36 year old man targeted a 20 year old young woman, fresh out of her teens. He's preying on your inexperience and naïvety in relationships. Women his age don't want him because he's shit and they can tell! Also, he LIED/HID three kids from you until the last moment! Nothing but red flags.

  23. The correct response is to say

    “You are free to flirt with whoever you want, but don’t worry about shutting down the responses as you’ll be needing a new boyfriend anyway.”

  24. I would start w a very very tiny “pill”. When that can be handled, gradually increase.

    This one hits home… I have a strong gag reflex and would prefer an injection. I will only take one pill at a time, placing it in back if tongue followed immediately by drinking. It works well enough so I’m not motivated to increase to multiple pills.

  25. Bro she tried to kick you out so she can shack up with her best friend and she only wants you back cause he rejected her. Why are you even thinking about this. Find a new place and leave her behind she's no good.

  26. It is your life, and you get to set boundaries. I cut off contact with my mother when I was 27. I will be 31 soon and I do not regret it at all. Her abusive behavior has never changed.

    Has your dad’s behavior changed? You could consider low contact, such as letting him come see you and the baby a few times a year. Or if you truly want to you can go no contact. Just tell him what your boundaries are and that you wish he would respect them.

    My mom threw a fit and did all kinds of things to get attention when I went no contact. Be ready for that- just don’t react or respond to anything. She hasn’t reached out to me in over a year now.

  27. I don’t know I just hate hurting feelings and sometimes I just lack the courage to do anything. Currently I’m afraid that he’s gonna do something drastic to try and keep me.

  28. I just don't know if I am willing to change my mind. I'm willing to try for a little longer but I feel like I've already given these chances in the past. Our lease just ended too so it's either sign a new one or tell him I can't do another year. And I almost feel like he has reached that mopy stage, after our talk, where I said we might sperate and it's all up to him if he wants real change since I've already tried and given chances. He just sits alone in the other room, we don't spend time together anymore, his words and “intentions” don't match his actions at all and I feel almost manipulated by his reassurance. I dont know how long would be a good “period of time” to give him for this change. Have I already given it? Or do I need to be more clear on the consequences of this “surface change” and deflecting before giving more time for change?

  29. Your post sounds a lot like when my fiance and I first started out. A country boy who was homeschooled til college, an overbearing mother who treats him like a husband she birthed but that she really just tolerates, father long time divorced, and not wanting to leave. Like in your situation, his mom also started out nice acting, then my cat gets loose and she was behind it. Never took responsibility and never apologized. Never really acknowledged my presence unless we absolutely had to communicate like when I helped her sell a van and we had to drive back together. They'd always fight over something seemingly out of nowhere. I hated it, never felt comfortable living there after the cat incident, and was pushed more and more toward that feeling the more we disagreed or the more fights I'd hear. She had two of her kids there, one being him and the other his younger sibling, yet whenever she wanted something or other, she always went to him. Home from work (where they worked together) and it's hard outside? Well I'm gonna need you to go out there til whatever o clock to work the fields for me. Got it done but not in a specific way that I didn't say aloud? Fuck you we're fighting now, and so so many more issues that could be mentioned if there wasn't a word count. The only thing that got his head out of his ass was having to make a choice for college. Which he explicitly told me, told me if it weren't for college we wouldn't have moved. After the move things got better, he finally saw the treatment for what it was. Hopefully yours does too, but he most likely won't. Run.

  30. You’re 26, unemployed and you decided to have unprotected sex with a man who won’t call you his girlfriend, and you’re drinking while pregnant? Some people should not reproduce… Decide if you’re stable enough to keep this baby.


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